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It’s almost Vintage Month!

Posted on: December 14, 2020

Omgosh, it’s nearly January!!  that means there is still plenty of time to put up your holiday decorations, plenty of time all winter to make cookies and pies and breads, AND that means it’s almost Vintage Science Fiction Month!


What have I got on my TBR for January? I’m happy you asked. 🙂

so far:

R.U.R., a science fiction play by Czech writer Karel Capek (thanks!)

Robinson Crusoe on Mars, a 1964 movie

At least one vintage scifi magazine from the Luminist Archive

I’ll probably reread Clifford Simak’s Way Station because I just love it so darn much

I might cram a Vonnegut in there, because he’s so enjoyable to read

And there’s a good chance I’ll flip through the beginning of the Big Book of Science Fiction and the Big Book of Fantasy, edited by the Vandermeers, to see what catches my eye.


“scientifically authentic!”



Wondering where to link your reviews to? There is a big ‘ole chaotically beautiful comments section on my Vintage SciFi Not-A-Challenge tab. Just leave your link in the comments and everyone will be able to find it (and I’ll easily be able to tweet it to the masses!)


Looking for my previous Vintage Scifi blog posts and reviews? on the word cloud over to the right, click “Vintage Scifi” and get ready to have your TBR explode.


Want to hear me and Red Star Reviews talk about Vintage Science Fiction month? We did a podcast!

Are you interested in hosting guest posts, or writing a guest post for another blogger? uhh. . . couple options here, since I’m not quite that organized. Leave a comment in this post that you’re interested in hosting a guest post and/or writing one, and if you’re on twitter, tweet with #VintageSciFiMonth that you’re interested in hosting a guest post and/or writing one, and we’ll cross our fingers that writers can connect w/hosts and vice versa.  We’re on twitter as @VintageSciFi_ (underscore at the end)

are you here to have fun and talk about science fiction and fantasy that’s older than we are? HELL YES.

(yes, fantasy counts. Yes audio books, plays, radio plays, movies, TV shows, e-books, and any other media count)


The only rule of Vintage Month is it’s gotta be older than me (written in 1979 or earlier), or older than you. You choose which.


looking for a badge or an image you can use in your Vintage Scifi Month posts?  Scroll back to the top of this post and grab that beautiful red and yellow “Red Alert for the Interstellar Patrol!” badge.


See you soon!



16 Responses to "It’s almost Vintage Month!"

I also love “Way Station.” I’m a big fan of Simak, though he wrote so so many books and I definitely think some of them are deeply flawed. “Way Station” is so good, though. Have you read “Project Pope”? Another fabulous book from him.

As for myself–continuing my award winner/nominees read through, and throwing in some Robert Silverberg because I love his stuff. Hoping to read more of Saberhagen’s Berserker series as well.

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did you see that Open Road has published 6 (or more by now!) collections of Simak’s short stories? I have one of the volumes, and enjoy dipping into it. I’m not familier with “Project Pope”, tell me about it! 🙂

I read Berserker ages ago, and enjoyed it. Was thinking of picking up Silverberg’s Dying Inside as a reread one of these days, but likely won’t get to it in January.

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I still don’t understand what The Luminist Archive even is — it contains scans of some really bizarre texts… I, of course, use the scanned SF magazines all the time.

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to be completely honest, i’m not really sure what it is either. but I do enjoying browsing their old SF Magazine section!


I had this “vintage sci-fi & fantasy” book covers calendar one year…and the artwork is actually posters you can hang up (I did!).


I love those calendars where you can keep the artwork! I had a few of those over the years, and always loved framing the artwork afterwards.

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Oh yeah, I have one unicorn photo from a calendar when I was a kid…wish I had kept the rest…! I did save my Propaganda Magazine calendar pics (from my goth days)…

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I’m planning to read The Left Hand of Darkness for Vintage Month! I have read The Dispossessed a few months ago, it was my first UKLG and it was even better than I expected it it be so I’m very excited to read more. 😀

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I’m a big fan of WAY STATION, too. I have a copy of PROJECT POPE but haven’t read it yet (the story of my Life). I’ve read several volumes of the Berserker series with several to go. Maybe in 2021…

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my friend just lent me a copy of Project Pope! it looks like a lot of fun.


Oh, RUR is so interesting! And of course, foundational to the genre. What a great choice.

I have a very tall pile now, enough for several Januaries. I had forgotten that my mom has a collection of old Best of F and SF Magazine collections hidden away, and she lent me a few.

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Yay!! Am so excited for Vintage SciFi Month! I’ve got some Ballard, some Wells and some Heinlein to read. And a book called The Man with Six Senses by Muriel Jagger from 1927 which I’m very interested to try. Squee!

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Oh my gosh Robinson Crusoe on Mars! I just did a Movies That Suck post on this earlier in the month (not trying to shamelessly plug, haha, but it’s a nostalgic favorite of mine from when I was a kid- even if I did skewer it gently) and I’m always curious to see what others think of it. Looking forward to Vintage!!!!

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oh, i got such a kick out of your Movies that Suck post! i was laughing my head off! Now I just need to decide if I should watch Robinson Crusoe on Mars sober, or drinking. 😉


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