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DS9, towards the end of S3

Posted on: December 8, 2020

How many weeks now have I been saying I owe you a DS9 blog post? yeah, it’s been more weeks can I care to admit.  wanna see my previous DS9 posts? here you go.

I watched these episodes at least a week ago. Why did it take me so long to blog about them? It’s weird, while I was watching 3 out of 4 of these episodes, they felt like filler. (Why couldn’t it just have been four hours of Sisko and Jennifer??) And then as time passed, I was like “hey, those were pretty okay, if not actually pretty decent episodes!” yeah, some of them were total filler, but that doesn’t mean they sucked. And not every episode of Deep Space Nine is a gem you know.

Visionary (ep 17) – yay, an O’Brien episode! He’s just a ton of fun! Due to technobabble that caused minor radiation poisoning, O’Brien finds himself randomly jumping 6 hours into the future, and once he figures out what’s happening, he realizes he can jump to the future, talk to his future self, and jump back to the past and remember the conversation. The b-plot is that there are Romulan negotiators on board, to get records from the Defiant, since they gave us the cloaking device for that ship. Something fishy is going on with them, and Kira really should never be left alone with Romulans. best line of the episode is Kira screeching “I’m always diplomatic!”. There’s a c-plot line about someone who has really excellent transporter skills transporting a device behind a panel in the wall. I want to know more about THAT! Imagine the hijinks! Quark could transport drinks away from people’s tables, Odo could transport wayward teenagers directly to the holding cells, no one would have to walk to someone else’s quarters for a tryst, you could just transport there. . . there’s so much potential here! Oh, anyway.

When will then be now? Soon.

There is a TON going on in this episode, what with Romulans and Kira looking like an idiot (poor Kira, always the bridesmaid), and Klingons in the brig, and games of darts, and Odo being his wonderfully paranoid self. O’Brien jumps into the future to see that the station explodes, and he figures out what needs to be done to save the station. Have you ever played Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time? This felt a little like that – go into the future to see what’s going to happen, then come back to the present to change the future to have a better outcome. To save the station, he has to take a potentially fatal dose of radiation, and jump to the future. He does, and does, and it was very creepy to see him showing the signs of radiation poisoning. I won’t spoil the end, but the station doesn’t blow up, O’Brien lives to be awesome another day, there is a ton of technobabble and “maybe if we connect this thing to that other thing and throw some stuff-waves through it . . . it just might work!” and of course it does, and the episode comes to a neat close. Pretty intense for a filler episode, actually!

That last time that O’Brien goes into the future, he sees something come through the wormhole, and the look on his face is mixed shock/terror. What did he see????

Distant Voices (ep 18) – Bashir is turning 30, and he’s more than a little cranky about the inevitable march towards middle age. OK, so when do we find out (or is it in an earlier season that I skipped) why a 20-something doctor who could have any job he wanted, asked to be sent out to the frontier? What was he running away from? Anyway, a just-as-cranky alien approaches Bashir and demands to buy bio-mimetic gel, which is a super controlled medical substance, because you can do all sorts of creepy genetic shit with it, like cloning and make bio-explosives (bio-explosives sounds like something out of a Kameron Hurley book. When she does it, it’s cool. When Star Trek does it, it’s illegal) Of course, Bashir says no, so the alien tries to steal some from the infirmary and when caught by Bashir, the alien taser’s him. Bashir wakes up on the floor, to find the station nearly empty, save for Quark, Garak, Dax, Kira, O’Brien and Odo, an the creepy alien who says he’s trying to kill Bashir and everyone else. Nearly everyone is acting incredibly strange, and Bashir’s hair keeps turning greyer, and then silver. He’s aging at a rapid rate.

Bashir finally figures out he’s in a coma, and his friends are parts of his psyche, and all of this is happening in his mind. The alien tells Bashir he is slowly going to kill him, slowly rip away every part of him. In the moments I was watching this, it came off as cheesy tv on a low budget, but the more I think about this episode, the more I like it. What it comes down to, is that Bashir needs to save himself. He needs to figure out away to get this toxin out of his body, so he can wake up from the coma, before the toxin kills him. Talk about a locked room puzzle that is literally a matter of life and death! As Bashir ages, he struggles to even walk around the station. How can he even use the computer in the infirmary, if he has cararacts and can’t see it???

Happy Birthday Dr. Bashir! 30 doesn’t seem so bad all of a sudden, does it?

And of course, there is a nice gentle moral lesson – that turning 30 isn’t so bad after all, and that you can make your own happiness, no matter your age. The limitations of TV made this episode feel cheesy and filler-ish, but I bet someone could do a dynamite novelization of it.

Through the Looking Glass (ep 19) – it’s a Mirror Universe episode! If you love mirror universe, I’m not going to harsh your squee, but i’m typically not a fan of mirror universe episodes. BUT? We get Jennifer! And Sisko being AWESOME.

I knew something was up right away when the episode opens with Sisko in Ops, and he’s talking to people, and I don’t recognize a single one of these people. O’Brien shows up, and he’s nervous and dressed funny. He pulls a phaser on Sisko and basically kidnaps him and beams him to a shuttle, where Sisko twigs to what’s going on and asks if he’s been taken to the Mirror universe. Yup, he sure has! Because the rebellion needs him! The Mirror Sisko is a total jerk (and also dead), who wrecked his marriage with Jennifer, who is a brilliant scientist. Jennifer is working for the Bajorans who run Tarok Nor (there was never an occupation. It was never renamed Deep Space Nine) with the Cardassians acting as their servants. Ok, you’re right, the upside-downness of the mirror universe really is very fun! Mirror Sisko is an absolute dickhead, Mirror Bashir has a backbone, Mirror Kira bosses around Garak, and real Sisko finds out his Mirror version is having a long-term affair with Dax.


Best part of this episode was getting to see Sisko meet Jennifer. She’s emotionally isolated, and he’s so happy to be in the same room with her but he has to act the part. Really, I just want 4 hours of Sisko and Jennifer. Someone please write a series of novels of them being happily married so I can give you all my money.

Worst part of this episode and what made me think I don’t like mirror universe eps? Nana Visitor chewing the scenery. I’m sure she had a ton of fun, but it was super cringey to watch.

chew that scenery girl!

Improbable Cause (ep 20) – Finally, an episode where I feel like the big plot is moving forward, and characters are getting to further their own story lines! There was three eps in a row there that felt like filler! The episodes weren’t bad. . .they just felt, well, rather random and episodic.

Crash BOOM there’s an explosion in Garak’s shop! Luckily his injuries are minor, but Odo still tries to get intel out of him, and Garak is his wonderfully unforthcoming, claiming the only reason he can’t go back home is because of tax evasion, and the Cardassian version of the IRS doesn’t get arrest warrants for people, no matter how many spam messages they leave you, and they sure won’t be bothered to try to kill Garak for unpaid taxes. Odo investigates a visiting merchant, and determines the merchant was a hired assassin. . . and then the Romulans kill the merchant. (is this the episode where random Romulan lady looks like the not-Rachel killer replicant from Bladerunner 2049?) And from here, it’s off to the races in a super fast paced action packed episode!

Odo gets some intel and learns that the attempt on Garak’s life is part of something much larger, and that a bunch of assassination attemps on other Cardassians were successful. After hearing the names of people who were assassinated by natural causes and accidents, Garak admits to having been a high ranking member of the Obsidian Order, and that those dead guys were his fellow operatives. Remaining still alive is Ebabran Tain, the retired head of the Obsidian Order (there are DS9 Novels about the Obsidian Order, right? And they don’t suck . . right? Someone rec me some titles PLEASE). Odo and Garak take a shuttle to Tain’s safehouse, and enroute they are attacked by a Romulan warbird and boarded, and taken to the warbird. Turns out the Romulans are in league with the Cardassians, but not just any Cardassians. They’ve teamed up with Tain, (don’t say Tain Hu, don’t say Tain Hu!) to form a joint fleet with the goal of going through the wormhole and destroying the Founders, thus destroying the power of the Dominion.

In JamesBondVillain style, Tain explains to Garak that he had the other operatives killed because they knew too much, and oh by the way would Garak like his old job back?

those guys competing for your old job? I killed ’em.

TO BE CONTINUED! Literally, this was a surprise two parter!

Apparently when they wrote and started filming this episode, they hadn’t planned for it to be a two parter. . . but that’s what happened! And that’s why it isn’t “episode title part 1” and “episode title part 2”, the two eps have two different titles. And this episode was directed by Avery Brooks! Yeah!

And we find out Garak’s first name is Elim. That’s actually kinda adorable.

We’re coming to the end of Season 3, and I promise to try to be more forgiving of episodes that feel like filler eps.  If Avery Brooks can have more screen time, that would make me happy too.

2 Responses to "DS9, towards the end of S3"

Imagine watching Improbable Cause back when it first aired and having to wait a week to see where it all goes next. Cause I did.

DS9 was so good when it was on its game.

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depending on the year it came out, I may have had to wait a week! Ugh, do you remember all those ST:TNG cliffhangers? two parters, or the season ended on a cliffhanger and you had to wait a WHOLE SUMMER to see what happened next?

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