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is that. . . Lisa? (More Deep Space Nine)

Posted on: October 28, 2020

who writes 1900 words about a handful of Deep Space Nine episodes?  That would be me.

if you’re wondering where I’m getting these images and some trivia,  most of the pictures and all of the trivia comes from Memory Alpha Wiki.

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I think we’re now at the halfway point of this season!  These next few episodes balanced humor with seriousness, satisfied my need to hear Wallace Shawn’s voice,  gave me a 21 Pilots earworm, and made me gasp outloud “hey, she looks just like Lisa!”

This post is picture and link heavy.

She looks just like Lisa!

Life Support (ep 13) – See, I KNEW Kira had a boyfriend! What was up with her getting all blushy over creeper not-that-Riker? A Bajoran shuttle was on it’s way to the station for peace talks with the Cardassians, and there was an accident. A semi-conscience Vedek Bareil is taken straight to the infirmary.  Kira and Bareil are a casual item – they spent romantic time (aka sexy times) together when they’re in the same place at the same time, but Kira has never admitted her serious feelings for him. But the way she looks at him? The way her face lights up when he enters a room? It’s obvious to Odo that she’s smitten, even if Kira won’t admit it to herself.


The Kai needs Bareil awake and alive, she’s dependent on him to assist with the peace talks. No matter his injuries, she insists that Bashir do everything possible to keep Bareil awake, even as the long-term side effects of the treatments threaten long term damage.


Meanwhile, the fun part of the episode – Jake and Nog go on a double date, and it’s a hilarious disaster. Jake is a perfect (and adorable) gentleman to his date Leanne (holy shit, is that Lisa from Saved by the Bell? Omg, it is! Wait, were other Saved by the Bell actors on Star Trek too?), and he tries his best to make sure Leanne’s friend has a good time too.  Nog on the other hand. . . . we don’t have much experience with Ferengi romance and courting rituals, do we? Well, I don’t, and Jake didn’t.  Nog gets offended when Jake treats the ladies “like equals”. Nog tells his date to sit there and shut up, and to cut his meat for him.  The girls storm off in anger, and Nog can’t understand why Jake is mad at him.  The whole scene is hilarious! Nog was just treating the girls the same way he’d treat any Ferengi female, what’s the problem?

Back in the infirmary, Bareil’s condition is worsening, and the Kai keeps pushing for riskier treatments to keep him alive.  He experiences irreversible brain damage, and Bashir gives him a sort-of positronic implant to help that part of his brain that’s no longer worker. (I work in a health-care-adjacent industry, where is the next of kin? WHY is the Kai, who is effectively Bareil’s boss, allowed to make medical decisions for him? Does Bashir not understand how medical power of attorney works and doesn’t work?? Unless the Kai is Bareil’s mom, none of this is ok!!)

Spoiler: it really is super sad at the end. There’s an important conversation about how just because we can medically keep someone alive, that doesn’t mean we should. Kira realizes she took their relationship for granted. She gets a chance to tell Bareil how she really feels, even though he can’t hear her.


Wow, a lot more going on in that episode than I thought!


Heart of Stone (ep 14) – While returning from I don’t remember where, Kira and Odo’s shuttle gets a signal that a Maquis ship is nearby. They chase the ship and land on an unstable moonlet/something, and then chase the guy into a series of caves. They get separated, and Kira gets her foot stuck in a crystal-thing.


Random aside: the title of this episode gave me an earworm for 21 Pilots’ song “House of Gold”. Which, if you play fast and loose with the 4th line of each verse, makes for a very snappy and modern melody for Adon Olam.

Meanwhile, back on the station, Nog has reached the age where he needs an apprenticeship, and he’s decided he’s going to be a Star Fleet Officer, and that giving a bag of latinum to Sisko will make it happen.  Ok, a teenage Ferengi trying to bribe Sisko had me laughing so hard I nearly peed myself!  Nog can’t figure out why Sisko won’t accept the payment, for a fairly purchased title!  As much as Sisko tries to push him away, Nog seems insistent on getting into Starfleet Academy.   As a “test”,  Sisko has Nog inventory a cargo bay.  Nog might be annoying AF, but he’s not stupid, and he knows the importance of accurate inventories.


Back on the planet/moonlet/wherever, the crystal is growing! Everytime they try to break it, shoot it, do anything to free Kira’s leg, it grows! After a few hours, it’s up to her chest,  and there’s no one coming to the rescue.  Odo has a few ideas, and none of them seem to work.  He gets an itch that something isn’t quite right, but in this stressful situation, he needs to focus on saving Kira!  In a scene reminiscent of Kira’s scene with Bareil, Odo realizes he may not have much time left with her, and that he needs to tell her how he feels.

Odo finally confesses his feelings for Kira, knowing that she doesn’t feel the same way.  A few seconds later, Odo’s suspicions that all is not as it seems, is confirmed. Ultimately, Kira and Odo are able to escape the moonlet.


Ok, so here’s my question for Nog: Based on how he acted on the double date, how is he going to respond when his instructor at the Academy is a woman? What if there is a student who is senior to him, someone he has to listen to and respect, and that student is a woman? And if he ever acclimates himself to treating females as equals, how will he respond upon returning to his homeworld, to see how women are treated there?


Destiny (ep 15) – oh this is SUCH a good episode!! SO GOOD!  Some Cardassian scientists are on the way to the station, to help set up a transmitter on the other side of the wormhole. A Bajoran Vedek also arrives, preaching doom and gloom about an ancient prophecy that involves the Emissary.  Apparently, allowing these Cardassian scientists onto the station will cause something horrible to happen! The Vedek pressures Kira to push Sisko to cancel the science mission.  That was a dick move, in my opinion, using Kira’s faith to manipulate her. And if she says no, she’s basically saying she has no faith in her own religion, and she’s a very spiritual woman! I wanting to punch the Vedek, I felt like he was taking advantage of her and manipulating her.

Kira! don’t listen to him, he’s manipulating you! (but he’s a priest, so it’s ok????)

The science mission happens, the Cardassians arrive.  This is the first time we see Cardassians in a non-militaristic way. The two scientists are exactly that: scientists. They are personable, friendly, and warm towards Kira for allowing them to be on her station. It’s nice to see Cardassians can be regular people too!  I appreciated seeing normal Cardassian civilians doing normal things, such as being gourmands, shittalking people they work with, gossiping, and having crushes on people.  Props to the costume designer, for having a ton of fun with their hair-dos and costumes.

Once of the scientists, Gilora, is partnered with O’Brien to reconfigure some technbabble stuff to make their carrier wave work better. Gilora is cold towards him, and he assumes she doesn’t like humans. Nope, she thinks males are idiots, “which is why females dominate the sciences!”.  O’Brien proves that he knows his stuff, and from that moment on, Gilora can’t stop checking out his ass. A Cardassian woman having the hots for a human man?


I was laughing my ass off at O’Brien’s attempts to be a smart, professional engineer, and Gilora taking everything he was saying as that he was flirting with her, when that was not at all the case. She makes a move, he’s shocked, she’s embarrassed, he’s kinda flattered.  It was the absolute cutest thing. The actress who played Gilora totally hammed it up and had a blast playing a character who was basically a Cardassian who is serious worker by day, party girl by night.


And the prophecy ends up coming true, except Vedek interpreted it totally wrong.  Just goes to show, you can interpret a prophecy any which way you want. And people often do, as a way to manipulate other people.


Prophet Motive (ep 16) – not one of my favorite episodes. Except? YES, that IS WALLACE SHAWN playing the Grand Nagus!  He’s the best!  And yes, i was waiting for someone, anyone, to use the line “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.”. Alas, that easter egg was not to be.


Wallace Shawn’s awesomeness aside, this episode played like a one trick pony that got dragged out to a 45 minute episode.  Sorry, that was mean.  But they can’t all be the best ever eps, right?


The Grand Nagus comes to the station, and takes Quark’s quarters. After a few days of silence from the Nagus, Quark and Rom knock on his door to learn that a)he’s gotten rid of all of Quark’s furniture, b) he’s written a new book of the Rules of Acquisition, and c) he’s become a philanthropist.  They read the new book of the Rules of Acquisition, and become disgusted with the situation.  New rules include things along the lines of “family is more important than profit”, and “greed is dead”.  This stuff is anti-Ferengi! But the Nagus assures the brothers that the time has come for a new kind of Ferengi.


Quark is sure there is something very, very wrong with the Nagus.  This episode is all jokes and humor, which is nice from time to time, but there wasn’t enough variety in the jokes, for me, to carry the episode all the way.


Meanwhile, Doctor Bashir is up for some kind of lifetime achievement award, and he feels he is too young to be nominated, too young to get an award for a crowning glory of a medical achievement. Because it’s like, once you’ve won that award, what is there left to work towards? Everyone is excited for him to be nominated, and he’s trying to ignore the whole thing.  As Quark’s request, Bashir examines the Nagus, to find nothing wrong with him.


With help from the Nagus’s silent servant, Quark and Rom sneak onto the Nagus’s private shuttle, where they find the item he was going to “gift” to the Bajorans. It’s one their Orbs. When Quark opens the box to look at the Orb, he has a weird experience (the visual effects make it more awkward than weird, in my opinion), where he communicates with the creatures who live inside the wormhole.  And has he got a deal for them!


Also, Quark better be nice to Rom forever after this, because Rom embezzled a ton of money from the Nagus.  He’s got some lobes on him!


In closing, I’ll leave you with the 75th Rule of Acquisition: Home is where the heart is, but the stars are made of latinum.


see you next time!

5 Responses to "is that. . . Lisa? (More Deep Space Nine)"

Oooo, that Nog question … this would have been so interesting to see explored, but I don’t think it ever was. I remember these episodes mostly. I definitely remember Wallace Shawn! 😄

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i think eventually we see Nog in a Starfleet Academy uniform? maybe? I don’t think I ever saw Season 6 and 7, they ran on TV when i was in college.

but yeah. . . . when your worldview changes that much, what’s it like when you go home? (oh hi, Binti)

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Yes, not you say it, I DO remember Nog in a uniform.
And heck yeah, Binti!

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