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Getting further in Deep Space Nine, Season 3 . . .

Posted on: October 14, 2020

I watched these episodes more than a week ago, and it’s taken me forever to write something up about them. You forgive me, right?


Anyway, let’s get further into Season 3!


Episode 9,  Defiant, is about 3 movies worth of action and planning and subterfuge crammed into a 45 minute episode.  The episode starts off as this light hearted flirty thing, and then before you know it, Sisko is teaming up with the Cardassians and learning that Gul Dukat is a dad too, and I’m getting ahead of myself!


Kira is enjoying some time off the clock, when who should start flirting her up at Quarks, but Will Riker! (I can’t help but refer to him as the slut of the Alpha Quadrant). He’s stopped off at DS9 on his way to Risa, because of course he has. He flirts up Kira, and before you can say Gamma Quadrant, the two flirty birds are alone on the Defiant.  I kinda thought something fishy was going on, but I didn’t want to harsh on Kira’s squee, since for ONCE someone is giving her attention that isn’t work/career related. But, um, doesn’t she have a boyfriend on Bajor? And then before you know it, Riker has pulled a phaser on her, stunned her, and beamed his buddies on board to steal the Defiant.

What, what? Riker, a command officer, stealing the Defiant???  Ah, I knew something was fishy! This isn’t Riker, the slut of the galaxy, this is his transporter error twin, who he left behind!  This less-slutty Riker wants to make a name for himself, he want to be someone, damnit! So joined the Maquis and is going to give them the Defiant, the only Starfleet ship with a cloaking device.


And now it’s up to Sisko to tell the Cardassians “oh, so you know my super awesome ship that can cloak, and you can’t track us? Yeah, um, some asshole stole it, we’re pretty sure he’s on his way to your shipyards to blow them up. Let me  help you locate the Defiant, let’s try not to blow it up, m’kay?”  Ok, so it doesn’t go exactly like that, but the rest of the episode is a super tense showdown between Sisko, who doesn’t want to give up any more information than he has to,  Gul Dukat, who doesn’t want to give up any more information than he has to, and Korinas (an Obsidian Order agent), who doesn’t want to give up anything she knows. SO TENSE!!! Goes without saying one wrong move could start a whole new interstellar war!


The opening scenes of this episode were pretty cheesy, but those scenes with Sisko, Dukat, and Korinas were fantastic!  Apparently I wasn’t alone, there is some hollywood rumors that the only person who liked other-Riker was Jonathan Frakes. Everyone else had zero interest in ever hearing about other-Riker again.

In Episode 10 – Fascination, the Next Gen party continues, when Lwaxana Troi steps onto the station. She’s visiting to observe the Bajoran Gratitude Festival.  Ok, so I love Majel Barrett, but I find Lwaxana to be totally annoying.


Major Kira is thrilled that  Vedek Bareil (see? toldya she had a boyfriend!) is also coming to the station for the festival, and O’Brien has been waiting months for his wife Keiko and their daughter to come up from her Botany project on Bajor.  Aww, poor Odo. He has a major crush on the Major, and Kira only has eyes for Bareil.  And Lwaxana seems intent on spending as much time as possible with Odo during her visit. The look on his face!  Rene Auberjonois is AMAZING!


As the festival decorations start going up, people start acting really, REALLY weird.  Jake decides he’s in love with Kira, Bariel decides he’s in love with Dax,  Dax decides she wants to hop into bed with Sisko, Kira and Bashir have some G-rated sexy times, and while O’Brien and Keiko only have eyes for each other they are in the middle of an epic fight.

Hey Kira, wanna go out with me?

It ends up to be much a do about nothing, as Bashir finally twigs to the fact that this all started after Lwaxana shows up. She’s fine. . .  except for a minor illness that only effects older Betazoid women. And she is not old! Right? Ehhh. . .


Once Lwaxana is diagnosed, things go back to normal.  Except she still does truly have romantic feelings for Odo and he doesn’t feel the same way, and Odo does still have a crush on Kira and doesn’t know how to tell her.


This episode was a wacky romp! Was it filler? Yep. but so was Trouble with Tribbles.


And now we come to a two parter, Eps 11 and 12 – Past Tense Part I and II.  The lightheartedness of Fascination makes sense, knowing that these two heavy eps were coming up.


Sisko and the command crew are visiting Earth, for something I don’t remember what. Sisko, Dax, and Bashir beam down from The Defiant, and something goes horribly wrong!


They’ve beamed down to Earth, but it’s not the Earth of the 24th century. Sisko, Dax, and Bashir are in August 2024, in San Francisco, a few days before the riots.  Sisko and Bashir get picked up by some patrolling police, and since they have no ID, no money, no home address, and their fingerprints aren’t in the system, they are told to go to the “sanctuary”.   Meanwhile, Dax is found semi-conscious in a subway tunnel, and is helped by a well meaning rich guy. He likes her because she’s a babe. Dax might be gorgeous, but she’s not stupid. If someone is going to help her because she’s hot, she’ll take advantage and use him for all he’s worth!  Turns out the rich guy is a media magnate.

Sisko tries to fill Bashir in on what’s happening in this dark time in Earth’s history. The economy was in shambles, people didn’t know where to go or what to do. Cities set up sanctuary areas, places were you could go if you didn’t have a job or a home. They ended up being ghetto prisons, once in, you couldn’t leave, and there wasn’t enough social services to go around.  Gangs roamed, and people starved. (it’s family TV, so it was all very, very rated G.)


Sisko knows awful riots are coming in a few days. He knows because of those riots, and because of the heroic actions of Gabriel Bell, the lives of hostages were saved, and things got better. Bell lost his life in the riots, but he didn’t die in vain.   When Sisko and Bashir are attacked, a man comes to their rescue and is killed. Sisko takes the dead man’s ID card, it’s Gabriel Bell.  If the riots end badly, if society doesn’t change for the better, Starfleet may never happen. These riots is when humanity will decide if they want to be better people or not, if they can treat each other with equality and dignity.  This is a pivotal moment in Earth’s history, and the man who can make sure it doesn’t go worse, Gabriel Bell, is dead.  If we can’t get through this, we don’t deserve the Federation.

Bashir and Sisko do find themselves in the center of the riots. Dax manages to get in touch with them.  Kira and O’Brien, back on the Defiant, figure out what is going on as they watch the markers of the Federation blink out one by one.  The Defiant is literally what’s left of the Federation.  (See now, why we needed that light hearted Lwaxana episode?)


At the end of this episode, someone asks Sisko “why did they let things get so bad?” I was waiting for Sisko to look right at the camera, break the fourth wall and say “i don’t know. Why did you let it go so badly?”


Ok, so here’s a Next Gen/DS9 thing that I absorbed as a child, and it ended up getting into trouble as an adult.  These two episodes are NOT engineering episodes! BUT, the people I paid the most attention to on these shows were the engineers – O’Brien and LaForge. In this episode, right on cue, you’d see a lightbulb go off over O’Brien’s head, and he’d say something “you know, it could be the technobabble couplings!” he’d run some tests, and whatddya know, it was the technobabble couplings all this time! His first guess was right.  Because television, and we only have so many minutes, and these types of episodes aren’t about the engineers trying 10th things that don’t work and the 11th thing does work, I grew up with “hey, the engineer’s first guess is the right one!”  Assuming my first guess was right (because it worked for LaForge and O’Brien!) got me into so much trouble as an adult, I can’t even.


I was supposed to be paying attention to the plight of homeless and powerless people. What was I paying attention to?  The engineers.


Stay tuned, for more Deep Space Nine!


4 Responses to "Getting further in Deep Space Nine, Season 3 . . ."

Aaah, I remember that Lwaxana episode because she always annoyed me so much! 🤣
Odo and Kira were my dream come true when they finally got together.
And man, you are making me want to watch this so bad! 😁

Liked by 2 people

I’m watching it on borrowed DVDs, but i’m sure it’s streaming somewhere, if you want to watch along! i feel better that I’m not the only one who is annoyed by Lwanaxa. it looks like Majel Barrett had way too much fun playing her!

Liked by 2 people

I also used to be annoyed by Lwaxana, but honestly thought DS9 humanized her much more than TNG did. Got to the point where I actually enjoyed her character.

I love the Past Tense episodes, too. They’re so good and also so heavy. They feel especially poignant now.

Liked by 2 people

that is probably why she annoys me – i grew up on TNG, and then watched the reruns. DS9 came out when i was in high school and starting college, so I didn’t get to see as many episodes when i was at that impressionable age.

the Past Tense eps were wild, because i’d seen a handful of eps in row by that point that were very light and fun and not-at-all-serious.

Liked by 1 person

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