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More Deep Space Nine, season 3!

Posted on: September 20, 2020

And my Deep Space Nine watch-a-thon continues!  Such comfort TV!


I’m even having fun with the filler episodes. Because me, I’m reading way, way too much into the throw away scenes.  Who knew that Deep Space Nine was such a cornucopia of writing prompts, and so many filler scenes that actually have buckets of depth?


Here’s the next four episodes of Season 3. I didn’t think to snap some pictures while I was watching, so all photos were stolen of the Memory Alpha Wiki for Deep Space Nine.


Second Skin (S3 Ep5) – If you really love Nana Visitor, this is the episode for you!   Kira gets some confusing communications, someone wants to talk to her about a prison that she was never at, but the records clearly show she was there. How could she be at the prison, but also with her rebellion friends at the same time?   Kira gets kidnapped, and wakes up in a strange room, surrounded by Cardassians.


When she looks in the mirror, she sees an impossibility – that she now a Cardassian.  Is it a trick? A hallucination?  I’m sure her cosmetics are supposed to be the height of Cardassian fashion, but wow, not a good look. Her captors explain that she was a Cardassian special agent, who volunteered to undergo some kind of memory technobabble to infiltrate the Bajoran rebellion. And isn’t it wonderful, that they’ve retrieved her and brought her home? Her memories of her Cardassian life should resurface anytime now!  Kira has become something she abhors.  There are tons of psychological tricks played on Kira to get her to doubt that she is Bajoran.  This could be a Black Mirror episode?!

Kira and her “dad”

She’s is stuck in this Cardassian house, with her “dad”.  He tries to comfort her because that’s what dad’s do, but he also respects her enough to give her space and time, because that’s also what dad’s do.  It’s got to be weird for Kira, to have faith in the “the only good Cardassian is a dead Cardassian”, but then she meets this middle aged guy who is a dad. Who cares about his daughter.  This guy, who knows that his daughter doesn’t have to agree with him on everything, and that he loves her, so it doesn’t matter that they have disagreements. Basically, he’s the perfect dad. Kira’s got to reconcile the fact that Cardassians have fathers, and those fathers are sometimes okay people.    The whole big thing that’s going on?  Yeah, it’s not about Kira, it’s about the dad.  I feel so bad for dad!


And then . . .   Garak to the rescue!


The Abandoned (S3 Ep6) – 16 year old Jake is dating a 20 year old Dabo girl, and since Sisko isn’t sure how he feels about that, so he hosts the two lovebirds for dinner. It’s funny, me calling them “love birds”, because they never do anything more than hold hands and kiss with their noses (nose kisses are THE cutest).  Sisko can’t believe his son is growing up so quickly, he misses taking care of a child.


Meanwhile,  Quark purchased some salvage sight unseen.  The salvage is mostly junk, except for an incubator thing with a baby inside it!!  Uh, so it’s a good thing he bought this salvage, otherwise the baby might have died!


The humanoid baby goes to sickbay, where no one can figure out it’s race or planet or origin. The child very, very quickly grows into an adolescent, and my first thought was “hey, when this kid grows into a teenager next week, he can be a new friend for Jake!”.   Well, he does grow into a teenager a few days later, and now it’s obvious where he’s from – this is a young Gem Hadar, the Gamma Quandrant soldiers of the Dominion! And now he’s loose on the station! And oh by the way, the Gem Hadar are enslaved by the Dominion through a genetic modification causing an addiction to a enzyme only the Dominion can supply. The Dominion created biological slaves who could never rebel.

this kid has some hella awesome hair!

Odo offers to look after the boy,  they are after all, two Gamma Quandrant orphans who found themselves stuck in the Alpha Quandrant. Oh, and the Gem Hadar are biologically inclined to show deference to Odo’s people, so that helps, some.  Eh, I think Sisko is a better father figure than Odo? Or at least enjoys it more?


The episode asks some interesting questions about free will, and can we choose to go against our natural inclinations.  And what if we want to take the expected, traditional route in our life, what if we’re ok not going against the grain, what then?  How can you ever convince someone you are doing something of your own free will, when they’ve already convinced themselves that you’ve been programmed or brain washed to do that thing?


Civil Defense (S3 Ep7) – What a great episode! This should have been a 2 parter! Chief O’Brien and Jake are working in a part of the station that was once an ore-processing room. Sisko comes to pick up Jake just as they accidentally trigger an old Cardassian counter-insurgency program, setting into motion a locked door mystery. The old program would have only been triggered if it thought that Bajorans were trying to take over the Cardassian station, and as O’Brien, Jake, and Sisko manage to break out of the ore processing room, the unstoppable program loads up more and more security barriers to everyone on the station, from threats of poison gas to force fields, to just plan obnoxious calls for the revolting Bajorans to just surrender already.


Spoiler: Garak to the rescue!  Ok, not really, but maybe?  He’s able to bypass the force fields for a few seconds at time, and manages to get to Ops, where Kira, Dax, and Bashir ask him to try to trick the program into stopping. It really was a very tense 40 minutes of “If you don’t surrender to your Cardassian overlords, something terrible will happen in 2 hours!  Did I say 2 hours? Oops, I meant 30 minutes!”.  There’s no one to surrender to, the Cardassians aren’t in power anymore, but the program doesn’t know that.


And then, to everyone’s surprise, Gul Dukat beams aboard.  He’s pretty sure he can shut down the program.  But not before he tries to extort a ridiculous promise from Kira.


See, this is where I’m not sure if Garak saved the day or not.  He’d been messing with the computer, and no one knows the full extent of his knowledge (and he’s not stupid enough to tell anyone!), and even Gul Dukat seemed surprised at that last sequence of programmed videos that trapped Dukat with the rest of the station, in an unstoppable self-destruct sequence. Did Garak make those as a “fuck you” to Dukat, and maybe nothing is going to happen when the clock hits zero?


This episode really, really needed to be a 2-parter, because there was a TON going on! The end got wrapped up in about 15 seconds, and I wanted more concluding scenes.  Dukat just beams away, and that’s it?  No one asks Garak if he was responsible for those last few videos? I was annoyed this episode wrapped up so quickly because it was such a fun episode, but hey, that’s TV for you.

what an f’ing creeper!

(and is it just me, or was Dukat self-parody-ing himself in this episode?  And is he flirting with Kira? seriously?)(and wait, thinking about that Second Skin episode. . . . if in some mirror universe, Kira had actually been a deep cover Cardassian agent, then could there have been some kind of legit romance between her and Dukat?) (see? Here I am way, really way, WAY too much into this! again!)


Such a fun episode!


Meridian (S3 Ep8) – This is mostly a super cheesy episode. The Dax bits I was supposed to be paying attention to were super cheesy, but the subplot with Quark, Kira, and that other guy were really entertaining.     Lots of doomed romances, that’s for sure!


Exploring in the Gamma Quandrant, the Defiant gets strange readings from a star that has no planets. As they approach the star, a planet “magically” appears. It’s not magic, it’s a dimensional shift! And Sisko promises to help the small tribe of humanoids who live on the planet figure out a way to stabilize their shifts, so they can spend more time in our dimension. For Dax, it’s love at first sight, with one of the scientists on the planet. After knowing each other for about 5 minutes, they get to canoodling, and Dax is drafting up her “60 year leave of absence” form for Sisko to send to Starfleet. They barely know each other!!!


But?  Jadzia grew up with the life goal of “being joined”.  Being joined to a symbiont is how her people show their worth and dedication. Does that make her more susceptible to wanting to be in any type of relationship?  I dunno, I just couldn’t buy it with her and that guy. She just didn’t seem the “ditch everything I know and care about, because I met a cute guy!” kind of person.

I’ve known you for 10 minutes! Let me throw my Starfleet career in the trash, because I love you!

Meanwhile, on the station, Tiron (do we ever see him again?) has the major hots for Major Kira. in an attempt to get rid of him, Kira introduces Odo as her lover, and tries to get Odo to play along.  Tiron might not be able to have the real Kira, but he can have a fake one, and he convinces Quark to write him a holo-suite program where he better “Believe it’s the real thing”. Not so easy, since Kira won’t allow a holo-image to be taken of her.


Either the director told the guy who plays Tiron to imitate Bill Nighy, or that actor said “I do a great Bill Nighy! Wanna see?”.  I hope Tiron becomes a recurring character, whoever played him had a great time just chewing up the scenery!

this dude does a freakin’ amazing Bill Nighy impression.

I was so hoping that Quark would come clean with Kira, and that the two of them would play a stunt that went something like this – it would be the real Kira in the holosuite, and instead of kissing Tiron, she punches him in the face, and he responds “Yep, I believe this is the real Kira!”. Instead, a totally different stunt gets played for laughs.


Maybe the reason I couldn’t buy into Dax running away to another dimension with her insta-boyfriend is because I know she shows up in later episodes?  I felt only a little bad when her body couldn’t quite take the dimensional shift, and she ends up, heartbroken, back on the Defiant.  But? This is a fairly episodic show, so she probably won’t remember what happened, when we get to the next episode.


Just like Quark probably won’t remember the stunt that Kira and Odo played on him, and just like how Sisko probably doesn’t remember his 16 year old son is dating a 20 year old dabo girl who works at Quark’s bar.


Stay tuned for more Deep Space Nine!  More adventures in the Gamma quadrant, more of Garak’s secrets,  we’ll see if Dax gets over losing the man of her dreams (whose name I can’t remember), more of pranks played on Quark, more of what the hell is up with Dukat having the hots for Kira,  and more of me reading way too much into throw away scenes.

8 Responses to "More Deep Space Nine, season 3!"

Thanks for this fun review! I love all four of these episodes. I forgot how fun the last one was. Yes it’s cheesy but I’m a sucker for these bubble world type scenarios.

I also adored Second Skin. It is so so heart rending and good. I love it.

Liked by 1 person

I know! I feel like Second Skin would make an excellent novel, with tons of extra characterization! It could have been it’s own mini-series!

Liked by 1 person

Agreed. I think DS9 has several episodes like that. So many side characters and stories that are one-offs but are super good. Love the show.


DS9 is such a great show. I need to rewatch it sometime.


If you have Netflix Streaming, I think it might all be on Netflix? I know it used to be.


Aaah, I remember the second skin episode! I practically worshipped Nana Visitor! 😍

Liked by 1 person

She’s so spunky! I loved watching her when I was younger. It was so nice to see someone on the bridge (ok, Ops, but it functions as the bridge!) who would tell it like it was, and sometimes tell people to go to hell.

Liked by 1 person

Yes! It was so cool to have this non-academy type, who wasn’t afraid of anything. 😁

Liked by 1 person

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