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Binge watching some ST: DS9, Season 3

Posted on: September 12, 2020

I had plans to talk about more Vandana Singh short stories, I swear.  There’s also a Sam Fleming short story that I really need to blog my way through my feelings about.


But? DVDs.


One of my BFFs lent me all of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 on DVD, and I can’t not watch it. First of all, this is the perfect comfort TV to watch during *gestures at everything* and second off all, I’m pretty sure I never saw the end of this series, and third of all, Avery Brooks is freaking amazing.   The last few seasons ran from 1997 – 1999, and those were my first years in college, which mean: School, really good libraries, jobs with weird hours, college parties, and worst of all, for the first time in years I had access to cable TV.   why watch DS9 when I could watch MTV?  Also, pretty sure I was too broke in 1999 to even own a TV. So yep, pretty sure I never saw the last seasons.


I wasn’t sure where to start, in this cornucopia of ALL THE SEASONS, so I started at season three.  There’s 4 episodes to a disc, so yep, I’mma blog about the first four episodes of season three.  And who knows? Maybe this is the start of a series of blog posts about Way. Too. Much. Deep Space. Nine.


You’re welcome.


And no, I don’t feel bad about spoiling a show that ran on TV 20 years ago.  Stuff I say in these blog posts? I might be remembering stuff not-exactly from the episode. oops.


And as per my usual, it’s the throw away lines that make the biggest impression on me. And a few other things that made me chuckle.


The first two episodes of season three are a two parter, “The Search Part I”, and “The Search, Part II”.  There is an obvious threat on the other side of the wormhole, the Dominion.  It’s decided that the best way to avoid all out war with The Dominion is to locate the founders of that civilization, and convince them that The Federation isn’t a threat. We’re friendly! We like to trade! We just want to be friends! We come in peace!


At the opening of the episode, Sisko introduces around a new Federation security officer, to the bristleling of Odo. He feels he’s being pushed out, fired, betrayed, and he is mad AF. That isn’t exactly what’s happening? But? The Federation likes team players, they like people who “think like them”, and well, Odo isn’t, and doesn’t. It’s a very subtle “fit in or fuck off”. And boy is Odo pissed off!!  I’m on his side here, especially when the new Federation security officer starts flirting with Odo’s BFF Kira.  You know, it’s not like Odo had much of a choice. The Federation showed up, took over his space station, offered him a job one day, and he said “ok”. Sisko treats Odo with respect, but the rest of the Federation doesn’t. Those jerks.


Because Quark has previously done some profitable trade with a few Gamma Quandrant families, he’s brought along on the Gamma Quandrant “Find the Founders!” mission as a sort-of-trade-negotiator.  So, it’s Sisko, Dax, Odo, Kira, Quark, and maybe Bashir goes too? I don’t remember, it’s been a few days since I watched the episodes.   It’s sort of “who cares” who goes on the away mission, because apparently everything in the Gamma Quandrant is only 3 hours away from the wormhole, and the really important thing is that Odo feels drawn towards a certain nebula.


Odo ends up stealing a shuttle (dude. That “not a team player thing”? You just proved the Federation’s point!), and he and Kira explore the nebula and find a rogue planet, and land the shuttle.  Of course they can breathe the air on some rando planet! Where do you think this is, southern California?    They are able to land on the planet, and come across an ocean of . . .  goo?

This planet!  It’s Odo’s home world!  That goo? It’s his people! He is welcomed home with open arms, and the woman he meets tries to tell him of his people.  She says that his people became distrustful of outsiders, so they sent one hundred children away, hoping these children would learn about the galaxy and return home with their knowledge.  He is the first one to return, and she didn’t expect him to return for at least another few hundred years.

Ok, so that was a total throw away line, about how she didn’t expect him to return for another few hundred years. . . but it really struck me.  What were they expecting to happen, or not happen, that their children wouldn’t return for a few hundred years? Did the discovery of how to open the wormhole happen too soon? Was the Alpha Quandrant not supposed to have contact with the Gamma Quandrant yet?  What was the long term plans here?

is this Odo’s mom??

And it’s important, because SPOILER!  Odo’s people? They basically ARE the leadership of the Dominion.  His parents? Them’s the bad guys.  Odo feels as orphaned as ever, because he can’t relate to his own people.  Kira tries to cheer him up.  Sisko has the best ever, most subtle ever, conversation with the Tailor.   For the time that this ran on TV, these two episodes have some pretty good CGI.


Next up, we have “The House of Quark”.  For a filler episode, this was 45 minutes of pure heartwarming-ness.  Armin Shimmerman is criminally under-rated! Can you imagine if he’d been cast as a Lieutenant Commander?  Srsly, he’s a fantastic actor, it kills me that he puts metric shit-tons of work into developing Quark, and the Ferengi are always seen as a race that everyone laughs at.  Quark and his brother are sitting in the bar, it’s late, and nearly empty.  Business is in the toilet because everyone is afraid of the Dominion and possible war.  Even O’Brien’s wife Keiko has lost her job because there aren’t enough kids on the station for her to keep the school open.  The only person left in the bar is a super drunk Klingon, and when Quark tries to figure out what to do with this guy, he drunkenly stumbles, and falls on his own dagger, and dies.


Quark, wanting attention for himself and the bar, tells everyone, including Odo, that he killed the Klingon in self defense, in hand to hand combat!


The dead Klingon’s brother (who just happens to be in the neighborhood?) pays Quark a visit, and Quark reiterates that it was an honorable death,  the Klingon died honorably in hand to hand combat!


Then, the dead Klingon’s widowed wife pays Quark a visit.  And drags him back to Kronos, the Kingon homeworld, where  her house is in shambles after the death of her husband, who had wracked up a lot of debts.  She just wants to lead her house, she just wants to for her house to not lose status, is that too much to want?


In a ceremony full of words he doesn’t understand, Quark suddenly finds himself married to a Klingon woman that he’s known for all of ten minutes.

Yes, I know this was a filler episode, but it was so damn adorable and heartwarming!  Like, the two of them sniping at each other, and then looking at each other with warmth could have been it’s own spin off series of odd couple/romance!

I’d watch the shit out of these two.

The two of them have to learn to work together to uncover the source of her dead husbands debts, figure out what the asshole brother is up to, and figure out a way for her (sorry I forgot her name) to be allowed to be the leader of her house.  Quark really does want to help her, he helps her and he doesn’t even know her!  He literally puts his life on the line for a woman he barely knows, because it is the right thing to do.


At the end,  she asks how she can ever repay him.  And he says something along the lines of “can I have a divorce?”   Seriously, these two need their own odd couple spin off.


The fourth episode is “Equilibrium”, and something is seriously wrong with Dax.  She’s moody, angry, and not herself.  She’s also hallucinating.  Doctor Bashir realizes he’s over his head (he’s not an expert in Trill and Symbiont physiology) and decides the best choice to for Dax to see the medical expert on the Trill homeworld.


Can you imagine if Bashir had access to Trill/WebMD? Or Reddit/r/trillsymbiont? Or TrillTwitter?  Google barely existed when this show was written!  (and TrillWebMD I’m sure would give the results of you are pregnant or you have cancer, no matter what your initial medical concern was.  The reddit/r/trillsymbiont community has got to be WILD).


So Dax, Bashir, and Sisko head to the Trill Homeworld, which is of course, only like 5 minutes away from the station.   Dax isn’t thrilled about it, doctors and medical tests made her nervous.


After a few days of Dax doing medical tests, they meet the guardians of the symbionts, and later use the Trill version of GoogleChat VoiceOverIP to call  a random yet helpful stranger.


(ok, so DS9 was the only reason I knew what the word “symbiont” and “symbiosis” meant when we got to that topic in my high school science class. Boy was I disappointed to learn that symbiosis doesn’t typically involve aliens who can talk to us)


After about two days of research,  Sisko and  Bashir have enough information to expose a major conspiracy about how symbiont hosts are chosen.  When Dax recovers from her illness, are they going to tell her, that so much of what she went through when she was younger was a lie? Do you keep the truth from someone, because of how painful that knowledge could be for them?  What if the original person lied for what they believe was a really good reason?


Yes, this felt like a filler episode, but there’s some nice bits in the episode about lying about the value of something, so that it doesn’t become a cheap commodity, so that it doesn’t become cheapened.


Also, a funny.  So Dax spends much of the episode lying on a bed in a medical lab.  This made me laugh: Do her boobs ignore gravity? How much boning is in whatever she’s wearing under that uniform?  I didn’t realize steel boned corsets were part of the Starfleet women’s uniform!  It makes me laugh, because when I lie on my back (sorry, TMI!!)  my boobs fall into my armpits, they do not point towards the sky.   Does Starfleet not recognize that a woman’s breasts change shape if she’s lying down? Was that too grown up for an early evening TV show?  Anyways, it made me laugh.

Lol, they were wondering that too?


More to come!  (maybe. Unless I get distracted by something else.  And I’ve never, ever been distracted, as we all know!)



16 Responses to "Binge watching some ST: DS9, Season 3"

Love DS9! The picture quality looks great. What are you watching it on?


lol, an LG tv that is a few years old. if you look closely, you can see the reflection of our blinds and some artwork that’s on the opposite wall.

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Most definitely this: ” this is the perfect comfort TV to watch during *gestures at everything*” – I have to tell you, I felt the same thing. I have been watching this during *gestures at everything, too* and its a great escape/release/cooldown.

Also, yes, I feel DS9 is so underwatched and underrated and I remember when it first aired and I ate it up then, too. Because it was so different from being on a spaceship (e.g. STNG and STOS). I am so glad you are enjoying your watch/re-watch.

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Yes!!! it was so novel when it came out – instead of being on a spaceship that would visit a different planet or different space station each week, this show was “stuck” somewhere, the action/adventure/drama/story had to come to them! and it is an excellent comfort watch.

waiting while hubs to watch his shows, so I can start on the next DVD!

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The future has some awesome genetic improvements for us, or is it that sexy Dax‘s people just are alien? I wonder how those boobs would feel. Ahem, I‘m getting carried away, but I remember a fancrush and maybe a boner or two for that girl back in the 90s. I didn’t watch the series systematically and totally have missed the thing with Oro‘s people as leaders of the dominion. That was a time when I haven’t got so much free time anymore (post university, starting career, first kids etc). Star Trek for me is Captain Picard first of all.


Terry Farrell (who played Dax) is very pretty! Frizzy haired and pimply teen me very much wanted to look like her. She was tall, graceful, clear skinned, beautiful eyes, nice hair, to me she looked perfect. I looked her up on Wikipedia, to see what else she’s been in. . . to learn that that she is married to Adam Nimoy!

I had the same thing – didn’t watch systematically after around season 4, I was in the thick of university. Picard was my childhood hero! I’ve been trying to find more TS novels about him.

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No one can beat your beautiful red hair and accompanying smile! And there can be only one Nimoy of importance and that’s Spock.
Did you read the prequel novel to ST:Picard? I liked that one.


ooh, no, i want to read that novel! what’s the title/author, so I can look for it?

That’s probably way I tried so hard as a teen to make Major Kira my fave character – she had red hair, was shorter, and seemed bewildered by the strangeness of people. As an adult I’m just not that into her.

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More DS9 posts? Bring it on!! My brother bought the complete DS9 on dvd a while back and I asked to borrow it a month or so ago, only to find out that he’s sold it!!! So enjoying it vicariously here! 😊😁


he sold it? and not to you???
(I do understand though, it is a giant set, and my pandemic coping mechanism has been to de-clutter as much as possible)

fast forwarding through the credits, the episodes are around 40 minutes each, so it’s a breeze to binge them. And so far, the pacing of the writing is better than I remember, or maybe it’s just that everything is better without commercials!

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I know right?! I was indignant! 😀

And now that you mention it … I don’t think I can even imagine a DS9 episode without the adverts … wow! That’s kind of blown my mind! 😀

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Ok, the boob thing was funny. I have to confess though that DS9 never did much for me. I watched when it ran for the first time, but I never really bonded with any of the characters and I am pretty close to actively disliking Sisko. I only did marginally better with Janeway and her crew, although I did like the characters a lot better. Deep down I am an old school trekkie. Give me Kirk and Spock any day. Yes, and Picard. Obviously.

PS: I hate Earl Grey. Why can‘t the man have a fixation on wine, like a proper Frenchman?


I saw the boob thing and I couldn’t stop laughing!

Sisko is very, very different from Kirk and Picard, I remembering being a teen, and going right from Picard to Sisko, and my brain had a tough time with “these guys are both Star Trek officers? they are so different, how is that possible?”

After watching TNG, my sister and I became obsessed with Earl Grey and nagged my mom to buy some, and she did. The vast quantities of honey and milk I had to put in that stuff to make it drinkable! Yuck! I liked Janeway, her crew was all alone out there, I ended up see her very much as a mother figure. I keep trying to re-watch Voyager, but keep falling out of it – I like the characters but couldn’t get into a lot of the story arcs.

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I was happy to meet Seven-of-nine again in the new Picard series.

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TNG is “my” Trek but I like DS9 quite a lot. Jadzia Dax is one of my favorite characters ever. I also like Kira a lot but I didn’t like the way the poor woman was constantly saddled with horrible things from her past (like her mom and Dukat). The shapeshifters were very interesting but the show focused too much on war.

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