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What have you been reading lately?

Posted on: May 21, 2020

What am I going to be doing this three day, holiday weekend?


and watching the French version of The Circle

and playing Stardew Valley.

but lots of reading, I promise!

I recently finished the amazing and enjoyable Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia, review hopefully coming soon!

On the tails of that book, I read the first volume of 20th Century Boys, a Japanese graphic novel by Naoki Urasawa. The story follows a group of friends, they are in their late 20s now and have drifted apart, but current events force them to reunite and remember what they did when they were kids. The art is fantastic, the characters have depth,  my husband and I enjoyed this story so much we bought the next few volumes!


I’m slowly making my way through an eArc that I am very excited for, and very passionate about! The book doesn’t come out till August, so maybe I could put that aside for a week or two to read one of these babies?


I’ve got an eArc of Benjanun’s Sriduangkaew’s Machine’s Last Testament as well,  it is set in the same world as And Shall Machines Surrender.  NICE!


and because I don’t have enough reading that I’m dreaming of, my copy of I Am Legend leapt of the shelf,  put itself on the coffee table, and is practically insisting on being read. What are you gonna do, you know?


So that’s it for me this week,  what have you been up to?  What have you been reading lately?

13 Responses to "What have you been reading lately?"

If you’ve been following my blog, and if not, why not, you know I’ve been reading science fiction anthologies. Last week it was Adventures On Other Worlds (1956) and tomorrow I follow that up with the mid-60s More Adventures On Other Worlds. Between the two 13 stories of their time by recognizable authors of the period. A lot of fun. Now I’m reading Contact (1963) with 12 stories about…you guessed it…first contact with aliens. That post will be up a week from tomorrow.

I got a bunch of old sf anthologies from eBay and am having fun reading them.


these old anthologies are the best, aren’t they? I’m excited to read your comments on the First Contact antho, that’s one of my favorite scifi ideas to read about!

ah, i had not thought about buying books on eBay, you are a genius!


Ooo, 20th Century Boys looks interesting, I’ll add that to my list.
Have a happy reading weekend! 😁


Our Amazon order arrived, with 3 more volumes of the series, and I’m writing a blog post right now about the first volume. Umm . . . you might want to kick this closer to the top of your TBR. . .

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Ooooooooo, I ‘m even more intrigued!! (Dagnabbit!) 😆


I definitely plan on doing some reading over the long weekend. I’m rereading Haunting of Hill House and am almost done with a book of essays, Upstream, by Mary Oliver. Not sure where I will go after that. I’m definitely getting the urge to pull up a Heinlein or Norton or Niven for the weekend.


Carl! HOW ARE YOU!!!!

this is a perfect weekend for a Norton adventure!


I am reading The Land Breakers, which I mentioned to you during our Zoom call. It is lovely, very literary, with lots of long, loving passages on the toil to settling wild land. It also has a snake scene that may be the single scariest thing I’ve ever read.


so, I was super interested in The Land Breakers, and then you had to mention some super terrifying snake scene.

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You know, I thought about watching The Circle France but haven’t yet…is it fun as the US version? I kind of want to check it out still….lol.


it’s got some twists that the US version didn’t have! it is definately as fun as the US version! i’m 5 or 6 episodes in, and there is more drama, more strategic players, some great twists and turns, and I love hearing everyone talk in another language. If I had to find a downside, so far I don’t find the people as endearing as I found some of the American people.

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Interesting, I’ll probably check it out then, thanks!

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