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The Children of the Company, Poor timing, Passover planning, etc.

Posted on: April 4, 2020

I ever so slowly getting through The Children of the Company, Kage Baker’s 6th Company book.   The horrid cover art continues.    Much of this novel started out as short stories that were published in Asimov‘s,  which is very cool because it means Baker wrote these parts first.  She backwards engineered the whole thing!!   but wait a minute, does that mean this book is a fix-up novel??


This is the first book in the series that has felt like a slog.  Labienus is my least favorite character, so watching him go through his files and remember people and places doesn’t sound like my idea of a good time. Also? no Mendoza or Joseph, so far.


The biggest benefit of this book, is that it’s everyone’s origin stories.  I love how much we get of Budu.  Victor’s origin story!  the truth behind his childhood memory that he “was saved from a bear”, or something.  That immortals felt sadness in the minutes leading up to the 1906 San Francisco earthquake!  That they did truly care for their mortal friends.


and OMG, the line about how “recorded history can not be changed”, but who is doing the recording? what if they lied?  what an oh shit moment!


I meant for this blog post to be a ton of fun links for you,  neat stuff you can check out.   I do not have the mental energy for that today.  I’ve re-written this post now three times,  trying to keep it positive, because reasons.  Anyway.


You don’t need me to post a bunch of links of things that I think are worthy. You know what you’re interested in, you know what is worthy of your time.  Go buy a bunch of e-books from an independent bookstore or a humble bundle or a small press.  Learn how to bake bread. Can’t find any yeast? there is suddenly tons of helpful info online on how to do sourdough if you don’t have any yeast. Don’t like bread? Make pasta or cookies or mashed potatoes or whatever it is that you enjoy eating.  Watch some movies.  Watch everything on Netflix.


I started watching Community last night, and oh hello to my crush on Joel McHale, you tall sarcastic cutie! I may have to watch that Halloween episode from the first season, oh, I dunno, ten more times.  And Donald Glover, he is SO ADORABLE!  I need a supercut of just Donald Glover being cute in that show.  I first saw Alison Brie in GLOW,  does she have any acting abilities other than chewing the scenery?      Oh shit,  now I’m not sure who I have more of a crush on, Joel McHale or Donald Glover!  can I have both of them?  (lolz, where is that Road to El Dorado “both. both is good” gif when you need it?)

Tell me the fun things you’ve found online!  Even if you didn’t make any bread or try to make a sour dough starter, tell me some cool bread/sourdough/other websites or videos you’ve been enjoying!


Tell me what TV shows and movies you’ve been enjoying Netflix/Disney+/Hulu, etc!


Tell me good stuff! positive stuff!


But back to The Children of the Company for a sec.   I got to Kalugin’s story.  He’s in a pinch, and to stave off the anxiety, he’s just talking to himself to pass the time. He is afraid he is going to die. He’s immortal, he can’t die!  But he can run out of oxygen and go into fugue. if his body isn’t eventually rescued, he will never wake up. And he’s managed to end up somewhere that he may not get saved. Am I going to cry at the end of this story because other operatives are able to save him??? Or am I going to cry because they don’t ever find him, and his wife (she’s also an immortal) has to live the rest of forever not knowing what happened to him?


So Kalugin is talking about why he was hungover on that fateful morning – it is because his friends died. Of a plague.  That swept the Earth. governments shut schools down, instituted a version of social distancing, tried to keep people away from each other so the illness wouldn’t spread.     yeah, too close.    Me reading this book during social distancing due to illness, is that poor timing or what?


I”m gonna go watch either more Community or one of the new Jumanji movies.   Can I skip the rest of this novel and just start reading the next one, in hopes I’ll get some Joseph humor or some Mendoza tragic romance?


It’s Passover next week.   Seder will over Zoom, so that part is sorted.


The local grocery stores have announced they are limiting the number of shoppers they will allow in the store, a “one out, one in” type of thing, they’ve also cut their hours.   Certain cuts of meat can not be found for love or money.   I can’t go to the grocery store every day because I’ve run out of garlic or green onions, or whatever, and even if I do drive to the grocery store, how long will I have to wait in line to get in?    My logistics just got a lot more complicated.


Enjoying Passover is 100% about the food.  a week of the best food of your life means Passover is something to look forward to.  a week of matzoh pizza and gummy potatoes means Passover becomes something to avoid at all costs.  I think for any dishes that I can’t make for whatever reason, I will just replace them with chocolate truffles and almond cookies.


Passover, meet MacGuyver. I think you two are gonna get along famously.





13 Responses to "The Children of the Company, Poor timing, Passover planning, etc."

I love Donald Glover. He’s my husband in my head. Hahaha! Community is a great show. Troy and Abed in the mooooorning!

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WordPress sucks, it will only let me hit the Like button once for this comment! I need to Like this a thousand times!

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I too love Donald Glover and Joel McHale. 😀 And Kalugin makes me cry.

I am surviving this by watching a lot of MST3K. And while I spent much of March taking refuge in Diana Wynne Jones, I have now regressed all the way back to binge-reading the Three Investigators. I love them but I should probably read something besides that…


I got to the end of Kalugin’s story, shit, that was rough to read.

The Three Investigators? I know I should know what that is, but I don’t. help me out?


Community is one of my all-time favourite sitcoms! It is so funny and well written.

Since you like it so much, you might also enjoy the similar humour of Schitt’s Creek and Kim’s Convenience. All three of these shows made/make me laugh so much.


I LOVE Kim’s Convenience so much!!! there is a new-ish season on Netflix and I don’t want to binge it too quickly, because then I’ll have to wait forever for more. it is such a great show!!

I need to give Schitt’s Creek another chance. I watched a couple of episodes, at the time i wasn’t able to get into it.


Yes, it’s a fix up novel, and I think one of, maybe the weakest one of the series.


It’s definitely the weakest one I’ve read so far. Good thing I’ve started the next one, and It’s back to the Mendoza/Nicholas show!


Donald Glover and Danny Pudi are the absolute BEST thing about Community! Such a fun show! Aaaah, now I need to dig that out for a rewatch! 😄


Yes! Why is this show not just the two of them sitting on the couch doing silly things for 22 minutes straight???

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Continuing to love your reviews of these. I picked up the first one and hope to get to it later this month. 🙂

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I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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