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Books to Escape Into!

Posted on: March 25, 2020

Need some escapism?

Need some books shipped to your house?

Suddenly have a lot of time on your hands?

I’m over at Nerds of a Feather, talking about great series to escape into, including Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan Saga,  Derek Kunsken’s Quantum Magician and Quantum Garden, Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastard series, Mike Allen’s Clockwork Phoenix anthology series, and more!

While all of the books mentioned in that post are available as e-books, you should consider ordering them from your local independent bookstore!

Your local bookstore might be:

Closed:  but still selling gift cards on their website and possibly still taking orders online to ship to your house

Mostly Closed:  but will answer the phone, take your order over the phone or over email, and ship the books to your house.

Sort of Closed:  Customers aren’t allowed in the retail space, but they’ll take your order over the phone and bring your order to your car.  It’s like the McDonald’s drive through, except it’s at the bookstore, and you’ll feel much better afterwards!

Our family-run, independent bookstores are struggling like they have never struggled before. They have always been there for us. now it’s our turn.  If you see me tweeting hashtags like #SaveOurBookstores and #SaveOurIndies,  retweet and share widely.


My local indie, Kazoo Books, is somewhere between Mostly Closed and Sort of Closed.  If you’re spreading your book buying around,  give them a call.

changing gears, I finished Kage Baker’s 3rd Company novel, Mendoza in Hollywood last night.  This novel meanders all over the place, but I couldn’t put it down!   If you’ve ever lived in Los Angeles, or are interested in Hollywood history,  you’ll love this book.  Unlike the first two, Mendoza in Hollywood can not be read as a stand alone, you’ve got to read  books one and two first.  Don’t worry, you won’t be able to put those books down either!

The bigger, nastier plot really starts to get going in this book.  Based on what Joseph told us in Sky Coyote, and what Mendoza is starting to figure out,  something much bigger and much twistier is going on, the secret is way bigger than anyone expected. And no one will figure it out, because everyone is just “a good little machine”, right?


There’s this weird scene where Mendoza and Einar ride their horses into a particular canyon, a place where weird shit is known to happen. like, really weird, a rip in space-time shit.  Everyone knows you can’t go forward in your own timeline, and yet . . . Mendoza and Einar do?   Mendoza sees Lewis for a split second, and he freaks out, but she can’t hear what he’s saying. And all I could thing was:


also,  Juan and his birds,  more beef tacos than you can shake a stick at, and not enough hot water.

Everyone is ready for a vacation after spending nearly two years in Southern California in the 1860s!

Off to the bookshelves, to find book 4, The Graveyard Game!

6 Responses to "Books to Escape Into!"

If you really want a deep SF pool to dive into, go for The Liaden Universe series by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. Many fat novels and four, at least, short story collections.

I really like Michael Sullivan’s Riyria series! He is now wrapping up the 6 book Legends of the First Empire series, and already published are the Riyria Revelations and Riyria Chronicles.

The Expanse books are also excellent, high.y recommended.

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I read a Liaden book years ago, I should give that series another try.

I’m waiting for the Expanse books to be finished, and for the last one to be in paperback, those suckers are too heavy to read in hardback. I’ve read through book 4 or 5, really enjoyed what I’ve read, wanna be able to binge read the rest!

I’ve heard great things about the Riyria series, but I don’t think it’s for me.


I tried to pop over to Nerds of a Feather, but of course it’s on F-book, on which I don’t participate. So what were the top suggestions there?


the link in my post doesn’t go to Fbook. I actually have no idea if they are on Fbook or not, I don’t really use that site.

try this link, or paste it into your browser:


I know.. in this pandemic everyone is struggling. Best of luck for the bookstore and remember to stay safe and healthy yourself!❤


you stay safe and healthy as well!

I’ve barely left the house. We walked down the street last night to get take out from a local restaurant we like, it was nice to walk around outside. I’m slowly getting used to telecommuting.

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