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It is sorta like Outlander meets Twilight, minus the werewolves

Posted on: March 18, 2020

As of Tuesday this week, I’m telecommuting until further notice.  I have a mini-desk set up in one corner of the living room,  and a huge thank you to IT for sending me home with an extra plug-bar!

I’m trying to keep to my normal schedule as much as possible, I’m the kind of person who really needs structure.  This means:  Up at 6am or earlier,  exercise,  have a shower, have a coffee. . .  and well,  I used to leave for work around 6:40am because I had an hour commute.  I used to get home from work around 6:30, because hour commute.

no more hour commute.

I’ve just bought myself 2 hours a day (or more!) to read!!!  I’m trying to read in the morning, instead of obsessing over reading the news.

I’m re-reading my way through Kage Baker’s Company series,  blew through In the Garden of Iden in a couple of days, and am now a few chapters in to Sky Coyote.

We picked up a few more Witcher books, so I have those two.


if you’ve just gained some time, due to #reasons,  what are you taking the time to finally read?



I’d forgotten how freakin’ smart In the Garden of Iden is,  now that I’ve read further into the series there is SO MUCH foreshadowing in this book that OF COURSE I wouldn’t/couldn’t have seen the first time I read it.  Also? The sex scenes are SO ADORABLE!

I was nervous getting up to the scene at the end. Iif you’ve read the book, you know the scene I’m talking about.  I was this close to DNFing it, and going right to Sky Coyote, so I  could skip that scene, because with all that’s going on, did I really need to torture myself with reading that scene?

Mendoza managed to survive it.  Baker managed to write it.  I needed to put on my big girl panties and read the fucking scene. I took a deep breath, and I read it.  I didn’t like it,  but I got through it. The actual scene? it was shorter than I remembered.  A little easier to survive than I expected.  Still, it was brutal.  Maybe next time, I’ll skip it.


ok, more random thoughts on this book:

(apologies in advance for crappy grammar, shouty caps, and crimes against italics. I’ve been drinking. it’s been a week, ok?)


for the uninitiated,  In the Garden of Iden has time travel, romance, teen angst, grown-up snark, and immortals. It is sorta like Outlander meets Twilight, minus the werewolves and with way better writing and humor?


Shit, the title!!!!   Excellent play on words on Garden of Eden.  Mendoza finds herself in a paradise, and is then thrust out, having had her eyes opened to so much awfulness.   And holy crap, she is SO seventeen years old!!  the teen angst is so adorable!    And what she knows now? the knowledge she has (about life, about mortals) she can’t unknow. I think I could play with this paragraph for about forever, so i’m just gonna shut up now.


I like that this book is written in past tense first person.  At least that means we know for a fact that Mendoza doesn’t die.


srsly, what the fuck are they teaching these kids in school?


Joseph rocks.  The first time I read this, I thought he was an asshole.  After re-reading Iden and a few chapters into Sky Coyote I don’t think he’s an asshole at all.  i mean, he’s a total jerk sometimes, but he’s not an asshole.


In the Garden of Iden came out in 1997.  for context, that was the year I graduated high shool, and at the time I wouldn’t have known quality science fiction if it bit me in the ass.  For folks who were actual grown-ups in the 90s,  did this book “break the internet”?  Were people all like “what the hell is this?”, or did this book come out, and no one knew what it was and it didn’t get any buzz?  I mean, the series doesn’t really get going big time for a few books or so, but Garden of Iden is SO FREAKING GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!   what was was the reaction when this book came out?


omfg time paradox!!!   Joseph, Nef, and Mendoza were sent to Walter Iden’s estate to (among other things) collect samples of certain plants that would shortly become extinct.  Some of these plants have medicinal extracts, etc.   avoiding spoilers:  if Joseph hadn’t given Iden __________,  maybe Iden wouldn’t have ______  ____   _______ , and maybe _____ ______  would never _______  ________ in the first place???  i freaking LOVE shit like this!!!


More in a couple days when I’m further into Sky Coyote.

13 Responses to "It is sorta like Outlander meets Twilight, minus the werewolves"

TBR just got longer … again. 😆


i wish i could say Sorry? but you know I’m not sorry.

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😆 Wouldn’t have it any other way! 😆

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Good on your to have gained your commute time!

Haven’t read Outlander, though I have the thick trade paper of it. Wouldn’t touch Twilight, as I don’t believe the author could write her way out of a wet paper bag. Still, I enjoyed the first two of Baker’s books in this series quite a bit. Been a long time since I read them.

Breathe clear


I really liked the 1st Outlander book (time travel! romance! intrigue! excellent historical research!) but I couldn’t get into the second one. I mention Twilight because In the Garden of Iden has immortals, a 17 year old who falls head over heels in love with someone she can’t have, and lots of teen angst.

You ok over there, yourselves?


Yep. I’m in (house and garden) for the duration, Barbara goes shopping on Tues. am when the grocery story has senior hours, 7-9. We didn’t hoard shop like so many, and it would be nice to get a few things that have been sold out for weeks, but we have enough. We’re both healthy, though I’m high risk.

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we’ve not hoard shopped either, just buying our normal weekly stuff. Purposely going to different stores than our usual local one, just for a change of scenery. I was talking to my sister earlier today, she said every store near her is sold out of eggs. . . I’ve seen eggs at every store I’ve been to!


The things we don’t see are hand sanitizer, toilet paper and rubbing alcohol (to make our own sanitizer). Not much cereal, pasta or rice, either. There seems to be no shortage of booze, though I’m not a drinker.


any bar soap at the stores? rice and pasta is all sold out here, a store I was at must have just gotten a shipment of cereal, they had plenty.

stay safe. try to eat as well as you can.


Okay, you have me REALLY intrigued by this. I mean you pretty much had me Outlander meets Twilight lol.


you will LOVE THIS. i finished the 2nd book, Sky Coyote, today, pulled the 3rd one, Mendoza in Hollywood, off the bookshelf to start in the morning. these titles!!

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The audiobook was only $2 more than the ebook so I picked up an audio copy, hope I get to it soon! I have Jade City up in queue next. 🙂

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