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A Stack of Vonneguts

Posted on: March 11, 2020

My copy of Cat’s Cradle didn’t make it into this picture.  So it goes.



I’d taken this photo a week or so ago, didn’t realize I owned so many Vonneguts!   And yes, I realize that “The Last Interview” and “Venus on the Halfshell” are not actual Vonnegut novels, and yes, I know there are two copies of Galapagos in this photo.


I’ve not read every book that is in this photo.


There are some Vonnegut’s I’ve read that I got from the library, so they aren’t in this photo.


I think I was in my early 20s,  I read every Vonnegut in the local library.  Looking at what was nearby, is probably where I discovered Vandermeer.


Have you read any Kurt Vonnegut?  Cat’s Cradle is my favorite, followed by his short story Harrison Bergeron.  What of his have you enjoyed? or hated?


and remember, always wear sunscreen.


12 Responses to "A Stack of Vonneguts"

Vonnegut is one of my favorites!


same here! and I think I’m gonna need some comfort reads in these next few months. Something that is just enjoyable to read, no kicks in the feels. Galapagos has been a long time favorite of mine.

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Vonnegut’s excellent, but he’s no Kilgore Trout




Well, if I was forced to chose — god forbid — between Vonnegut and Philip Jose Farmer, I’d chose Farmer


Vonnegut is another author on my INTIMIDATING list … I’m worried he’ll be too smart for me.
What did you read first of his? And was it good place to start?


His stuff is easy to read. He’s very straight forward, no ambiguous metaphors, no crimes against adjectives, novels are fairly short, and everything he writes is to the point. Nothing to be intimidated by!

hmmm . . . Slaughterhouse Five is his famous one, but I’m not sure that’s the best place to start, and a lot people don’t like that one. I recommend starting at Cat’s Cradle – the plot gets going right away, there is some fun slang terms in the book, there are some fun obnoxious characters, and many plot points are very surface. Cat’s Cradle is my fave! Also, there’s a metal band out there called Ice Nine Kills!


Thank you for the reassurance! 🙂 I’ll give Cat’s Cradle a go and see how I get on. Pretty sure I’ve seen it at the library.
Thanks again!


I’ve only read a short story by him but I can’t remember the title, I think it was something about time travel, I remember liking it though! I do need to read more of his work.


I’ve read just 4 of those you show, plus a couple you don’t. I think he may be an acquired taste for some “modern” readers.


SH5 is brilliant, one of my favorite books. Slowly working my way through his other books. I should read him soon again.


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