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New books bought in February!

Posted on: February 5, 2020

I  dropped 3 bags of books off as donations for the Friends of the Library bookstore, I therefore feel ZERO guild about buying a short stack of boks.   I ordered some of these in January, but by the time I was able to make it to the bookstore to pick them up, it was February.


help, I don’t know where to start!!

(actually, I do)


I’ve been slowly and repeatedly making my way through Yoon Ha Lee’s short story collection Conservation of Shadows,  and Hexarcate Stories has been on my list for a while.  I thought this was only going to be maybe eight or so stories? the TOC is hella long, I am in heaven just having this baby in my hands!  This collections feels like a bottomless bag of candy. or maybe more like a coral reef that is too big to ever fully explore, even though I visit it every day.



The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury – I really enjoyed Heather’s review of this,  so when I saw a nice paperback copy of it, I decided to buy it.


Some short novels by Richard Brautigan.  This hideous book wins every possible award for worst ever cover art.  there is technicolor cover art of In Watermelon Sugar on Amazon, what is this stupid cover art??   ANYWAY,  one of my favorite memories of this year’s ConFusion, was a bunch of us were hanging out in the lobby, we are (or at least I am) incredibly drunk. Someone asks the group what books we read that completely blew our minds.  This guy starts talking about this book called In Watermelon Sugar, I’m watching him talk and loving the words that are coming out of his mouth to the point where I want to collect them in a lightning bottle, and I’m watching as his conversation partner’s mouth falls open, and a look of pure rapture settles in on his face.  This Watermelon book sounds like if Jeff Vandermeer dropped the world’s best acid. I simply HAVE to read it.   and now I can. and some other stuff by the same author


A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World is the next book for my local book club. Have you read it? is it good?  It wasn’t on my radar until now.


Where to start?   I’m starting with the Brautigan.



9 Responses to "New books bought in February!"

You should just drop everything and read A Boy and his Dog, it was my favorite book of 2019😁


well, ok then! consider it popped to the top of the “next read” list!

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Yay! I’m an enabler! Heh.

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this is my fave part of the book blog-o-sphere!

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I have read all of Richard Brautigan’s books, and at the time they blew me away. That time was not too long after they had been published, and I was in a different place, as they say. I haven’t done any rereading of his stuff, and will be interested in your take.

The cover was right on for the time.


I’ve started reading In Watermelon Sugar, my friend specifically recommended it. So far, it is my flavor of weird.

but omg, the cover art, it is so awful!


I’ve also read the Bradbury, of course, and there are some good stories there.


I do want to read this, but i think it will wait a while.


A Boy and His Dog was my absolute favorite book from last year, I hope you enjoy it!


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