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Counting down to the new year! Counting down to Vintage Month!

Posted on: December 21, 2019

I wish there was more snow on the ground, so it could actually look like winter out there.  I’m not minding this mild and sunny weather,  but it’s just brown out there. I want the sunlight to be able to glitter and glint off the icy layer on top of the snow, I want to hear the snow crunch under my feet, I want to see snowmen in people’s front yards, I want to see Christmas lights shine through snow on shrubs and roofs.


I don’t want polar vortex, I just want some snow.


At least I’ll get one thing I want – which is longer days!  Woohoo solstice!  The sun is setting as I type this blog post.  in the upcoming weeks and months, it is always heartening to watch the sun rise earlier and earlier on my commute to work, and to have a few more minutes of daylight on my commute home.

What’s exciting?

I’m working on a Best of Year blog post for you, which as usual will not be solely  books published this year! It will be my favorite stuff I consumed this year, regardless of when said stuff was created.

Vintage Science Fiction Month is nearly here!!

Feel free to use this Interstellar Patrol badge for any of your Vintage posts.

Need a bigger goal? here’s a Bingo Card if that’s your thing:



What have I been reading?

It’s been a slow reading month. I am reading Hild by Nicola Griffith. There’s nothing wrong with this book, and it has plenty of interesting moments, I’m just having trouble staying engaged with it.  Did you read this? did you like it? Gonna pick up A Conservation of Shadows, Yoon Ha Lee’s short story collection, with higher hopes. Short space opera stories with math, ghosts, and culture? YES PLEASE.


What have I been cooking?

everything!   I’ve never been a squash fan, but if you put enough butter and spices on anything, it’s good. Sliced acorn squash brushed with (lots of) butter, sage, and thyme, and then tossed with cooked sorghum. It’s like an earthy, buttery, herby, grain salad that tastes much better than it looks. Gonna make another batch.   Have been cooking  baked sweet potatoes covered in everything,  home made gluten free chicken tenders, gonna make some ricotta pancakes (latkes!) tomorrow.


What have I been watching?

Watched the first episode of The Witcher last night!  Enjoyed it and will be watching more!


it’s been 8 minutes since I started typing this blog post. . .  and the sun is down.

10 Responses to "Counting down to the new year! Counting down to Vintage Month!"

Ooooo, I look forward to your Best of Year post. And am glad to hear that Witcher looks to be good (I didn’t want to get excited to soon … I am now excited!!) 🙂
Finally, yes! Let’s here it for longer days! Woo!!

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I’m enjoying drafting up the Best of Year post, I’m really liking the mix of stuff that’s on it – books, TV shows, a larger variety than what I’ve had on my “fave of the year” lists in past years. variety is the spice of life, right?

there is a lot of polarizing review online for The Witcher, some people have legit complaints, some people are complaining just to complain. My advice? avoid the online commentary like the plague!

I was WAY too excited to leave work yesterday – I did leave about 15 minutes earlier than my usual time, and get this! The sun was still up! I was way too happy about that.

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I will absolutely NOT read anymore Witcher opinions until I’ve seen it for myself. Thank you for the advice. 😀

And the Best of Year post sounds cool – I love those posts where people talk about TV and movies and music and food and things of interest as well as the books they read. And really glad you’re enjoying doing it too. 🙂


We made a big deal out of a white Christmas when we insisted on hosting and now it seems like we will have a snow-free Christmas, although my wife’s family got to see some snow on the front-end of their visit and my mom should see some on the back-end. I also just walked out of the house to check the mail in a t-shirt and was basically comfortable (if only we could take advantage of the unseasonable weather with another trip to Arcadia!).

I am gearing up for Vintage SF Month. I will get out delayed reviews of L. Sprague de Camp’s Lest Darkness Fall and ERB’s first two Barsoom books. Just last night I just picked up Queen of the Martian Catacombs by Leigh Brackett. I already read and reviewed a closely-related later revision, but I will probably post on that as well. Plus, hopefully, one more vintage SF book.

I’m looking forward to The Witcher but may not get to it until our house clears out.

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I am SO DISAPPOINTED about the lack of snow! this is the lamest winter so far. So long as it is sunny and there is no wind, you barely need a coat to go outside some days.

If I’ve read any de Camp I don’t remember it, so I’m excited for you to post about him! I’ve only read the first Barsoom book and it was a lot of fun, so looking forward to talking about those too! I’m interested in your thoughts on originals vs re-edited / fix up versions, it’s always interesting to see what editing choices people made – did they just fix up sentence structure, or did they make large sweeping changes?

Put Netflix app on your phone. Then you can secretely watch The Witcher when no one else is watching.

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OK, I hereby declare that a Vintage Sci-Fi bingo card is necessary from now on. I’m gleefully looking over my little stack of tattered paperbacks, deciding which to read first….there are some authors I’ve never read.


Yeah! Bingo cards are a ton of fun! A bunch of my Vintage posts will be suggested titles and authors for people who are looking to do certain spots on the bingo card. I’ve got some Andre Norton’s here that I haven’t read yet, and some anthologies that focus on older stuff. I think this year Vintage Month is going to be a lot of short stories for me, I’ve been struggling with full novels lately.


That’s a great idea! I should put some Andre Norton on my pile, I have some somewhere around here but for some reason I missed Norton in my youth and have never read her. Which is so dumb — my sister was a huge fan and we had Norton books everywhere.

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Sounds like you need to raid your sister’s book collection!


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