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Trekkies at Ren Faire

Posted on: October 19, 2019

I stole this off Facebook. I’m sure it’s making the rounds on other social media platforms too. I have no idea who this is originally credited to, and I give credit to whoever that person/people is.



Because I feel like posting humor.


oh, what am I reading?

Death’s End by Cixin Liu – I’m about 3/4 of the way through.  We’re at Jupiter.  A whole ton of brilliant science and tech investment has happened.  love the ideas, I wish I cared about the characters. FYI – hardback is too heavy to read while laying in bed or in the tub.

And Machines Shall Surrender by Benjanun Sriduangkaew – LOVE IT.  great story, fascinating conversation about if awakened AI’s have any use for humans, and some insanely hot sex scenes. Also about 3/4 of the way through. Fucking LOVE the characters and everythign about this, can’t wait to read Sriduangkaew’s Mirrorstrike!

The Black Tides of Heaven by JY Yang – um, it’s OK?  Kinda cute how the one twin obviously has a crush on that hot guy, and their sibling is SUPER jealous.  English does a shitty job of singular “they”. nothing against using “them” as a pronoun, just English is a pretty shitty language sometimes.  I might end up DNFing this one.



What am I listening to?

Enjoying the Lexicon Valley podcast during my commute.   John McWarter is brilliant. And when he swears it is adorable.  I downloaded some other linguistics podcasts in the hopes that their hosts adorably swear too.


what am I cooking?

Making potato croquettes   and frittata   for dinner tonight,  home made gluten free pizza  tomorrow. Both will feature my husband’s home made sausage.  Yes, I entertain dinner guests. we only have 3 kitchen chairs and a tiny kitchen, so you may have to bring your own folding chair and we might eat in the living room.


my brain still isn’t interested in writing book reviews.  Am very interested in completely decluttering my apartment – giving tons of books away,  giving boxes of clothes and shoes to Good Will. The “stuff” just feels very heavy sometimes. Like an elephant on my chest.

10 Responses to "Trekkies at Ren Faire"

Agree re: Cixin Liu. His characters are as flat as a pancake.

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thank you for visiting my blog! I’m one of those readers who really needs a character driven story to engage with, so having this experience with Cixin Liu is a total bummer for me.

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I’ve often struggled to make characters in my own writing more believable and vulnerable, so I’ve come to recognize this about a lot of F&SF. I really wanted to like Liu’s stuff.

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Yeah, a lot of SF, especially older stuff, was designed to be ideas-driven, not so much happening in the character side of things. Some areas of SF have changed and becme more character driven, others not so much. Whichever a reader is looking for – idea-driven or character-driven, there is plenty of both. For what it’s worth, my fave authors for writing vulnerable characters whose motives I can believe in are Connie Willis, N.K. Jemisin, and Robert Jackson Bennett.

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Thanks for the laugh! I most definitely would not want to run afoul of those folks in Temporal Investigations.

Also, I totally agree on Death’s End!

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Now I want to hit up my local Ren Faire, just to try to find these guys!

I love your blog! Books and Brews are the perfect combination! I see you are in New England, I’m in Michigan, do you get much in the way of Michigan craft beers out there?


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I think I saw this picture on Twitter, but I hadn’t seen the bit of text alongside about the guy with the Starfleet badge in the inside of his costume – laughing my ass off at that!! Thank you! 😀

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isn’t it genius? This is my new go-to thing for when I need a laugh!

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Potato croquettes sound delicious. And I love that meme!

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they were delish! crispy on the outside and pillowy in the middle, def will be making them again soon!


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