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Quick thoughts on Connie Willis’s All Clear

Posted on: August 25, 2019

It’s been a busy work week, and a slow-going reading week.  Yep, no five for Friday for you last week, I was exhausted. Don’t worry, the stuff I’ve been busy with has been all good stuff that is keeping me out of trouble!


I’ve been slowly making my way through All Clear by Connie Willis, and I finished it about an hour ago.


some thoughts:

OMFG was the never ending scene to get to St. Paul’s annoying!  If she had just told Binnie and Alf to bugger off, and ditched the doctor and the ambulance, maybe she’d have gotten to the church on time!   Those were seriously THE MOST annoying 50 pages I have ever read.  oh, it was only 5 pages? It felt like 50.  I very nearly DNFd this book because that scene was so annoying!


The short scenes with Ernest and Fortitude South. I am embarrassed that it took me a gazillion pages to figure out where everyone’s names were from.  come on, I haven’t read that play since high school!  and now I want to know everything about Fortitude South, because holy shit so brilliant!


It also took me FOREVER to figure out that people we meet in 1944 are people I’ve already met.  thanks for Agatha Christie’ing me, Willis!


Are Connie Willis and Ann Perry friends, or was that just a coincidence?


Connie Willis and Robin Hobb must be friends,  they both subscribe to the philosophy of “imagine the worst possible thing that could happen to your characters, and then do it”.


That’s who Colin is??  WHAHHHH?????


now that I’ve finished the duology, the only thing I want to do is reread them both, so I can pick up all the hints I missed the first time.  I have a feeling this duology is just like that painting that everyone in the book is always going on about – that you see something different every time you look at it.


Also, I suddenly feel really bad about  bitching about that interminable-seeming ambulance / chase scene / split up  / climb the rafters / everyone ends up at the hospital even though they are trying to get to St. Paul’s scene.  Every minute was important, and I was a whiny bitch about it.


maybe I should take a break from time travel books?  HAHAHAHA, no.


Oxford needs to do a “Connie Willis literary tour”.


this book was so fucking hopeful it makes me want to cry.  Everything I’ve read by Willis is so damn hopeful. It’s like she’s saying to me “People are capable of so much good. Here, let me show you”. I kinda need that right now.  Is this what hopepunk is?  Please say that it is.


that is all.


have a great week everyone.

9 Responses to "Quick thoughts on Connie Willis’s All Clear"

Is hopepunk a thing?? That ought to be a thing. I am all for it.


it is a thing! I just don’t quite know exactly what it is. i hope Connie Willis is what it is.

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I still need to read the Doomsday book after your glowing review – I need more time! Or to work on my priorities – a list. That’s what I need. I need to go through all my books and give my head a wobble.
Lynn 😀

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oh, Doomsday Book is SO GOOD! it’s no secret that I recommend it to everyone! i gave my last copy away, need to buy another one because it’s weird not to have a copy in my house.


Yes Oxford needs a Willis tour (man, I would be so up for that!), and London needs a Kate Griffin tour. Don’t you love it when a book is so good you want to go to the place it’s set and see it all for yourself?! 😀

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yes! i love it when a book is so immersive that I feel like i’m there, and then I want to go there, and be like “you know that scene where someone ran from one spot to another spot because they had to catch their friend and tell them something really important? but they tripped on the curb on the way, and someone stopped them for conversation and they couldn’t reach their friend in time? I ran from that one spot to the other spot today! and I didn’t expect it to be so easy to trip on that stupid curb!”

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TWO weeks of no Five for Friday? I cry.


I’m happy you have enjoyed Five for Friday! i think that feature has run its course for me. Maybe I’ll pick it up again later, maybe other bloggers will run with it. and to be honest, i’m struggling to come up with things to blog about, in general, right now. Busy with lots of other stuff that’s eating my energy and my creative energy.


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