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Five for Friday!

Posted on: August 9, 2019

Welcome to  Five for Friday! The concept is simple – it’s a Friday, and I post a photo of 5 books, and then we chat about them in the comments.

The only things these books have in common are:
– they were on my bookshelf
– I’m interested in your thoughts on them.

have you read any of these? if yes, did you like them? If you’ve not read them, does the cover make you interested in learning more about the book?


Want to join in? Post a picture of 5 random books you own, with the tag #5ForFriday and get your friends talking.


BUT!!   before we get to this week’s five books, TWO COOL RANDOM THINGS!

This week marks the release of Julie Czerneda’s stand alone fantasy novel The Gossamer Mage!  Really cool magic system, wonderful world building, and other really cool stuff! You can read my review here!

And! my guest post about book mail was featured at Novels and & Waffles as part of their BiblioSmile Project!  check it out!


now let’s get to Five for Friday!


Dune by Frank Herbert (196-something) – this is one well loved paperback, pages are stained and dog eared, the pages are so soft they almost feel like fabric.  If you look closely, you’ll see this is the paperback that was printed for the 1984 movie.  I thought that movie was hella cool before I was old enough to read the book.   This books has been in my possession since I was around 14 years old, making it the book I have possessed for the longest time of my life.  This series has been my companion for over 20 years.  Oh, there’s a new Dune movie coming out?  you don’t say!


Griffin and Sabine by Nick Bantock (1991) – please tell me I’m not the only person who knows what these books are? I need to reread them, because I think I’ll appreciate them more now, than I did in the 90s.  I really hope they’ve aged well.   The twist that I remember from the end. . .   i hope I am remembering the right twist, or I’ll sure be in for a surprise when I read it!  y’all interested in me reviewing some random weirdo new-age-y trilogy from the early 90s?


Illusion by Paula Volsky (1992) – I don’t remember exactly what this book is about, but I remember enjoying it.


All Clear by Connie Willis (2010) – on loan from a friend of mine, and FINALLY i can find out what happens to Polly, Mike, Eileen, and that other guy!!   the first  book in this series, Blackout, ends on a serious cliffhanger, I can understand why fans were so pissed off when the first book came out!


Death’s End by Cixin Liu (2016) – on loan from my Dad.  I struggled to get through the 2nd book in this series, is this third one worth reading?  this tome looks like it is something like 800 pages long. is it worth my time?   (also, have you seen The Wandering Earth on Netflix? it was AWESOME! 13 out of 10, would watch again!)


24 Responses to "Five for Friday!"

Griffin and Sabine!!! I adore those books. Not that I understood everything that happened, but they are so unique, and I’ve never seen anything remotely like them since. I’m off to my shelves to pull find them, I literally haven’t thought about this book in years😁


did you find them? I did read the first book last night, it was just as good and weird and art-y as I remember! it was such a relaxing read, I’ll have to read the next two too!


Oh, I loved Griffin and Sabine back in the 90s!! I still have copies. A couple years back I found out that he’d done a second follow-up trilogy and got them from the library, but they were a bit disappointing: On the other hand, there turned out to ALSO be a fourth, wrap-up, G&S book called “The Pharos Gate” and THAT was pretty good.

I actually came to Dune very late, only 4-5 years ago. I spent my adolescence reading Bradbury and Asimov (and *way* too much Anne McCaffrey) but missed Dune. I liked it very much. I never read the follow-ups, since I heard they weren’t as good. You?

Because of your Blackout post, I have that and All Clear waiting on my shelf. This time I’m going to take notes on who’s who and I bet it will all be much easier to follow. I enjoyed them last time, but I was always muddled.

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I don’t think it’s possible to read too much McCaffrey.

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What he said!! 😀

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Hi – sorry I was lurking and just had to pipe up here – there’s no such thing as too much Anne McCaffrey!! 😀 xx


We had bought another Bantock book, The Venetian’s Wife. I’m not sure if it is connected to Griffin and Sabine? read it once, thought it was just so-so, but kept it.

the first three Dune books are worth the read, in my opinion. After that they get very weird and muddled. I’m a huge fan of book 4, but most people don’t care for it. I’ve only read one of the new “prequels”, and it didn’t do much for me.


I first read Dune when it was serialized in Astounding/Analog back when, then I read it again when it was published in paperback. It’s very good indeed. I dislike the film–intensely.


Were there any noticeable changes when it went from serialized to novel form? sometimes things will get edited or cleaned up a little in the process.

I was lucky, i saw the movie before I read the books. I was like twelve or thirteen years old – too young to understand anything that was happening in the movie but old enough to get a kick out of the visuals and the straight up weirdness of the whole thing.


I think the serialized version was expanded for the full novel, but I only say that because I read it straight through instead of over months.

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First of all, thank you for reminding me to watch The Wandering Earth. Just turned it on.

Second—what!? You didn’t adore “The Dark Forest”? I honesty thought it was one of the most shockingly awesome twists ever in a novel and I just can’t stop thinking about it more than a year after watching it. Legitimately top 3 novel for me. I absolutely loved Death’s End as well.


Okay that movie owned.


oh, so good! i want to watch it again!

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I enjoyed The Dark Forest, like I LOVED all the concepts in it, but I struggled to connect with any of the characters and I felt like it was 100 pages of fantastic writing weighed down by 400 more pages of slog. The middle book, it is a different translator, maybe their translation just didn’t work for me.

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Frank Herbert, Dune, classic, epic,
and a perennial title I maintain on
my science/fantasy bookshelf. I read
Dune as a middle-schooler and loved
it plus it had a “feudal” hierarchy I had
read in historical fiction / fantasy.

Nick Bantock, Griffin & Sabine interested
me for the illustrations. I was in the middle
of writing actual snail mail over-seas and
around North America.

Reading Bantock’s books felt a bit like
reading treasure books from a chest stored
in an interesting attic. Not to forget snooping
into someone’s mail.

Pick up Nick Bantock, “The Forgetting Room”
for a quick read and a good story relating to
families, a mystery, art, and the influences that sharpen our creativity.


the Bantock DOES feel like snooping in someone else’s mail! and I wonder how many people starting writing letters and snail mailing in earnest when those books came out.

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Oooo, I am here for a Griffin and Sabine post – I have no idea what these books are, but they look COOL. 😀
And woo!! the Dune movie was just. so. awesome. So glad I wasn’t the only one thinking so. 😀


The Griffin and Sabine books are weird and fun, and really unique.

There is a NEW Dune movie coming out! Directed by the same guy who did the recent Bladerunner movie (which I mostly loved). it’s supposed to come out next year! eeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A new Dune movie?! Squeeeeeee!!! And by the new Bladerunner movie guy? Even more promising!)

Have investigated the Griffin and Sabine books and added them to my wishlist – looks like something I want to discover. 😀


yeah!!! the new movie is supposed to come out next year, I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You’ve made my weekend! 😀

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