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Five for Friday!

Posted on: July 19, 2019

Welcome to  Five for Friday! The concept is simple – it’s a Friday, and I post a photo of 5 books, and then we chat about them in the comments.

The only things these books have in common are:
– they were on my bookshelf
– I’m interested in your thoughts on them.

have you read any of these? if yes, did you like them? If you’ve not read them, does the cover make you interested in learning more about the book?

Want to join in? Post a picture of 5 random books you own, with the tag #5ForFriday and get your friends talking.



I’m changing it up this week, and sharing five cookbooks!

My husband and I love cooking together, and tbh, my favorite thing about cooking is making meals with and for people I care about.  Dinners made with four hands just taste better.   Hubs and I have been cooking together for 20 years now.

French Food at Home – this is probably my most used cookbook. I call it my “cheater” French cookbook because French food should not be this straightforward!  Her recipes are easy to follow, flexible if you need to swap something, always delicious, and look really fancy.  Most of the recipes are 8 ingredients or less, and she has cute/funny intros for most of them.  Passover at our house is delicious because of this cookbook.


A Feast of Ice and Fire –  Before the tv show, there was this food blog called Inn at the Crossroads (and before that there was this unfinished series of books. . . ) where two cooks recreated the meals described in A Song of Ice and Fire and other fictional worlds.   If you are into food history, and what ingredients were available historically in what locations, this is the book for you!  The “old recipes” are fun to read, the food history is excellent, the pictures are gorgeous. The recipes tho? actually just so-so.  It’s just a hella cool cookbook to have on my shelf!


Japanese Soul Cooking – one of our newer cookbooks. A whole chapter on Japanese Curry! Okonomiyaki is now my fave dinner!  We’ve not even tried the fried stuff chapters yet.  Great photos and  easy to follow recipes that are designed for American eaters.  i do wish this book had a recipe for mochi, I’ve had to depend on youtube.


Regional Chinese Cooking – i picked this up years ago, it was a library discard.  This is from the 80s, I think, so the few photos that are in the book are terrible, and the salt content will probably kill you.  But every recipes works,  the sauces thicken exactly as they are supposed to, the instructions are perfect, and we just cut the salt in half. This is where I learned how to make pleated dumplings from scratch.


Bob’s Red Mill Everyday Gluten Free Cookbook – I don’t miss bread, I miss beer. a lot.   this book is everything you didn’t know you could do with quinoa, chia, buckwheat, amaranth, sorghum, oats, and a whole bunch of other gluten free grains that I’ve never heard of.  Quinoa chia crackers and oat pear scones are my new BFF.   Quinoa is great in the summer because it cooks fast on the stove,  Sorghum is freakin’ delicious, and someone please tell me how to make Amaranth not taste and smell disgusting.


do you like to cook?  what cookbooks on your shelf are your go-to’s?   or do you get your recipes off pinterest?


10 Responses to "Five for Friday!"

I’m very strange, I actually don’t like to cook that much, but I LOVE watch cooking shows and videos. Go figure! Maybe because when I watch I just know I’ll be able to cook that THING perfectly, but when I don’t, I remember why I don’t like to cook🤣🤣


Cooking shows are so relaxing to watch! the people are calm but excited for what they’re doing, and every episode has a happy ending. zero stress tv!

but oh yeah, what they said will take 30 minutes? only takes 30 minutes if you’ve made it a hundred times! cooking shows are a fantasy, in that way.


Ah, food! My second favourite topic in the world!! 😀 Both my Mom and Nana loved to cook and passed that right on down to me.
I have a Japanese street food cookbook that I bought last year and I can’t wait to start having a go at some of the recipes, but at the moment we are living without an oven or a hob because we’re just starting work on the kitchen. But it looks very similar to your Japanese Soul Food book there. Which makes me want to go dig it out and start drooling over the pictures …
Have your heard of Nigel Slater over there? He writes brilliantly about food. I don’t always like his recipes, but I just love to read him because he makes everything sound so good. 🙂


the best part about cookbooks can be drooling over the photos! Does your Japanese street food book have Okonomiyaki? You do need a skillet or griddle pan to make it, so it will have to wait till after your kitchen work is done. it’s a savory pancake that you top with all sorts of unusual toppings, and it ends up being salty/sweet/savory SO GOOD!

I’m not familiar with Nigel Slater, but I’m sure his stuff is available here. I’ll watch for him! 🙂

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Definitely! Yes, it does have Okonomiyaki – and now you’ve mentioned it it may have to be the first thing we get making when our kitchen is up and running again. 🙂

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Red, if you ever get out to Jersey City make sure you stop by Departed Soles Brewing. They make several different beers using sorghum and they even won a Bronze Medal at the 2016 World Beer Cup for “A Dark Night”, their Black IPA that is gluten-free. I’ll have a post on the brewery done by the end of the week on my tap handle blog:

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i want to try sorghum beer!!! link me to your post when it’s up? pretty please?


Here it is. I haven’t visited the brewery, but hope to check it out next summer…


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