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Five for Friday!

Posted on: July 12, 2019

Welcome to  Five for Friday! The concept is simple – it’s a Friday, and I post a photo of 5 books, and then we chat about them in the comments.

The only things these books have in common are:
– they were on my bookshelf
– I’m interested in your thoughts on them.

have you read any of these? if yes, did you like them? If you’ve not read them, does the cover make you interested in learning more about the book?


Want to join in? Post a picture of 5 random books you own, with the tag #5ForFriday and get your friends talking.

Agatha H and the Airship City by Phil and Kaja Foglio (2011) – raise you hand if you remember the Girl Genius webcomic that became a graphic novel?  There are novels toooo!!!!   less artwork but more exposition, world building, and characterization.  if you miss the madcap adventures of Agatha Clay. . .   this is for you!  Published by Nightshade Books in the beforetime, so, most likely out of print.


Ivory Apples by Lisa Goldstein (2019) – this ARC arrived today, and YOU GUYS I AM SO EXCITED TO READ THIS BOOK!!!!   it sounds quiet and mysterious and compelling, and everything Andrea’s love.  if I disappear off the face of the Earth, it’s because i started reading this book!


A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan (2014) – I was thinking about this series the other day, and how I really need to finish it. I stopped reading it because some of the stuff that happened to the main character was hitting to close to home for me (does that happen to other people, or just me?). The main character is an evolutionary biologist who studies. . .  dragons!!   Written as a memoir,  now she’s older, and is out of F’s to give, but still has some secrets she’d prefer not to talk about.


Household Gods by Judith Tarr and Harry Turtledove  (1999) – do you like portal fantasies? do you like well researched time travel stories?  yes? this is for you!  A modern woman wakes up in a Roman frontier town.  She needs to get home!!  But if she’s gonna be stuck in the past for a while, she might as well get used to it.  The past is disease ridden, stinky, and filthy, but at least she doesn’t have to deal with loud neighbors and a job she hates. right?


Man of Two Worlds by Frank Herbert and Brian Herbert (1986) – i’m pretty sure this is the only work that father and son worked on together. It was published the year Frank Herbert died.  I read this like 10 years ago and remember enjoying it. Something about how a human and an alien are forced to share one body due to a gruesome accident.  But the alien homeworld is under threat, and if the human guy in the body interferes, the alien world could be destroyed for good. I don’t remember the details, but I remember liking it.  Would like to reread it sometime.

5 Responses to "Five for Friday!"

I only read the first book of Brennan’s series, but remember really liking it. The way it handled sexism, naturalism, and how science may have been conducted during that time period was marvelous. I should return to that series… though your warning makes me nervous. Even the first book was marred was tragedy.


I’ve seen that Agatha H book at a bookstore a few times a while back and thought it looked cool. Never sprung for it. May ILL it at some point. Loved Natural History of Dragons. Read the second as well and waiting on third. Some really excellent reading there.


I’ve read the Agatha H book, liked it a lot, and the Brennan, the entire series, and just loved those books. I was sorry to see that series end. I’ll probably reread them some day.


I LOVE those Lady Trent books, they’re so much fun. I admit that the first book didn’t hook me but after book 2 I was fully on board.

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Stuff happening to characters hitting too close to home for the reader? Yeah, that’s a big thing for me too sometimes. I’ve yet to start reading the Lady Trent books (story of my life), but it’s awesome to keep hearing that they’re good books – I picked up the first four from a charity shop and I’d hate to find they were no good. 😀


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