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Five for Friday!

Posted on: May 17, 2019

Welcome to  Five for Friday. The concept is simple – it’s a Friday, and I post a photo of 5 books, and then we chat about them in the comments.

The only things these books have in common are:
– they were on my bookshelf
– I’m interested in your thoughts on them.

Want to join in? Post a picture of 5 random books you own, with the tag #5ForFriday and get your friends talking.

have you read any of these? if yes, did you like them? If you’ve not read them, does the cover make you interested in learning more about the book?


This week, a whole ton of stuff I haven’t read!  but a lot of stuff that I’m excited to read!


Exhalation by Ted Chiang (2019) – this is his newest short story collection. I’m not sure if everything in this volume has been printed elsewhere before, but I did recognize a few titles in the table of contents. the timing is uncanny,  a reread of his novella The Lifecycle of Software Objects has been itching the back of my mind for a few months now. . . and guess what is in this collection! I finished Lifecycle last night, it was even better than I remembered it. This book is my local book clubs book for this month.


The Gossamer Mage by Julie Czerneda (2019) – this book comes out later this summer, and HOLY COW would you look at that gorgeous artwork!!!!  like, i want a poster of that on my wall!  Also, the book look freakin’ awesome. lots of scriving type magic, forbidden stuff, maybe something about killing a god?  I can not wait to start reading this!!


The Wolf’s Call by Anthony Ryan (2019) – unsolicited ARC, this doesn’t seem like a book for me.  It looks like something my husband would like, so he’s gonna give it a try, and let me know what he thinks, and from his opinion I’ll see if it is something i want to try.   Anyone read this author? what do you think of his work?


I barcon’d at StokerCon in Grand Rapids Michigan last week, and snuck into their dealer room (the dealer room was 90% BOOKS by the way, which is what a con dealer room should be!!), and picked up these titles:


The Garden of Eldritch Delights by Lucy Snyder (2018) – this collection of short stories seems hella cool, I’ve been loving short stories lately, and how am I supposed to say no to something with a title like this? I’m not.


Indelible Ink by Matt Betts (2015) – I really did mean to buy this book a few years ago when it came out,  it’s got a criminal underground, a young magician, sorcery out of control, sisters who protect each other – sounds like a “shut up and take my money” kind of book!  this book is super high on my priority list!



9 Responses to "Five for Friday!"

Aargg. I waaaant that Ted Chiang book! It isn’t out yet in the Netherlands.


I hope you can get it soon! it is soooo beautiful. this matte black cover, i just want to pet it all day!


Love Ted Chiang. Gotta get that book.


yes! get it soon! it is just a damn beautiful book.


I just got approved for The Gossamer Mage on NetGalley, I’m pretty excited! I know lots of people who love Anthony Ryan, although I haven’t read him either.


I am super excited for the early reviews of Gossamer Mage! As soon as I finish the book i’m reading right now, I’m picking it up.


I haven’t read any of these ones but they sound good. I’ve wanted to read Anthony Ryan for ages though so this one certainly sounds awesome. Great post!


Lotta folks seem to be fans of Ryan’s work! makes me much more interested in giving him a read.


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