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Apex Magazine Surprise Subscription Drive!

Posted on: February 9, 2019

If you’ve not heard already, Jason Sizemore, Editor in Chief of Apex Magazine went in for some pretty major surgery earlier this week.  He’s recovering and doing fine, but poor dude has another few days before they’ll release him from the hospital.  He goes into more detail in his Words from the Editor in Chief introduction to the February issue of Apex Magazine.


Because it’s fun to surprise Jason (seriously. he startles very easily.  surprising him at events is way. too. much. fun), his managing editor Lesley Conner (Hi Lesley!!!) is running a surprise subscription drive (twitter link)  (buy it here link)


And this got me thinking: how many of my blog readers know about my connection with Apex Magazine?


I’m the author interviewer at Apex.  Every month, for nearly 5 years, I’ve interviewed an author who is being featured in Apex Magazine.  It’s been an amazing experience, and I have Jason to thank for it.

Who have I interviewed?  oh, just some people. maybe you’ve heard of them?

Kameron Hurley

Lila Bowen

Benjanun Sriduangkaew

Sheree Renee Thomas

Cassandra Khaw

Ursula Vernon

Adam R Shannon (read his story if you want to cry forever)

Robert Sawyer (!!   I am STILL star struck!)

Nisi Shawl

John Hornor Jacobs

and somehow I got lucky enough to interview Seth Dickinson??  how did that happen?

and dozens more.  And my interviews? I’m proud of them, but seriously, they are the most boring part of Apex Magazine. Do yourself a solid and check out Apex. The fiction is weird, surreal, off kilter. It makes you think.  You can read all their old stuff for free on the website. like what you see?  Get a subscription. buy a single issue. they might even have some print issues still floating around.


Magazines not your thing, but SFF in Translation is?  here.  you’re welcome. oh, that’s volume 5, which means there are four more.


Jason took a chance on me.  I was a total stranger who had nothing but enthusiasm. And now my buddy who has opened so many doors for me and spoiled me and is just the world’s super nicest guy is in the hospital. His doctors say he’s recovering exactly as he should, but I am still worried. He’ll be fine, and in 5 years we’ll be laughing about this.  I’ve got my resting bitch face on, but inside I’m freaking out.

4 Responses to "Apex Magazine Surprise Subscription Drive!"

I’ve only read a few issues of Apex but I loved them. It’s where I discovered Rebecca Roanhorse and Alix Harrow. Boating on my Twitter feed.

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Roanhorse and Harrow are both amazing! If you enjoyed Roanhorse’s Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience, have you seen (heard) this?

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Looks like you’ve had some fantastic opportunities.


I’ve been very spoiled.

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