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Behind the Scenes of Do Not Go Quietly: An Anthology of Victory in Defiance

Posted on: August 20, 2018

You like anthologies of all original fiction, yes?

You think Kickstarter is cool, Yes?

Oh, are you going to love this!

My most excellent friends at Apex Book Company, Jason Sizemore and Lesley Conner, have launched their Kickstarter for a new anthology of original fiction about resistance and revolution. Called “Do Not Go Quietly”, the anthology is already nearly 50% funded!


This is an all or nothing deal, which means when the funding is reached, the anthology happens with a table of contents that includes Seanan McGuire, Catherynne M. Valente, Rebecca Roanhorse, Sheree Renee Thomas, A. Merc Rustad, Maurice Broaddus, Cassandra Khaw, Laird Barron, Karin Lowachee, Rich Larson, Fran Wilde, and more.  For those of you keeping count,  I’ve just listed authors who have won the Hugo, Nebula, Locus, World Fantasy, Prix Aurora, Mythopeoic, Andre Norton,  and Shirley Jackson awards, and I’ve not even gotten through the entire Table of Contents yet.


Click here to visit the Do Not Go Quietly Kickstarter page to learn more about the project and all the amazing authors who are involved so far. Even if you have no intention of supporting this project, click on the link anyways, just to watch the kick ass video.


Lesley and Jason were kind enough to take me behind the scenes of this project, and if I’m really lucky, they’ll let me ask them another set of questions! What questions do you have?  Leave ’em in the comments, maybe you’ll see the answer posted later this month!

Not interested in kickstarter, but interested in some of the essays that are being published around this anthology? No problem, there is a Do Not Go Quietly Blog with everything you’re looking for, including information on voting.



Andrea: What made you decide to create this anthology? I imagine it took a while to get this group of authors together, explain to them what you were doing. Had you already been working on this for a while before you started the Kickstarter?

Lesley: Jason and I have known that we wanted to edit another anthology together, but coming up with just the right theme took a while. After the last presidential election we saw a lot of people we care about feeling scared and unsure about the world around them. Things … have not gotten better since then. That’s where the initial inspiration for Do Not Go Quietly came from. We want to put together an anthology that will energize people, that will lift them up and encourage them to stand up for their rights and fight back against those trying to take them away.


Coming up with the list of contributors who we would solicit stories from wasn’t as hard as you might think! Separately, Jason and I made lists of authors we felt would be a good fit – authors we know are not only amazing writers, but who we felt would have a unique voice and standpoint on the theme. Resistance, revolution. This isn’t a single-sided issue. There are a lot things going on not only here in the United States, but around the world. We aren’t looking to put together an anthology that only represents one issue or one viewpoint. Resistance is complex and nuanced, and we’re hoping that once the anthology is complete, it will be represent that complexity.


So we started with two lists and then put them together so we had one GIGANTIC list of fantastic writers we would love to have on board. From there we had to narrow it down, try to put together a mix that was diverse in viewpoints and voice, but that would fit well together to become a cohesive whole. After that, we sent out invites, explaining the project. Not everyone we approached said yes, but I’m incredibly proud of the list of contributors we have onboard for the project.


Andrea: What are some of the stretch goals in the kickstarter? I heard a rumor that there are . . . patches?


Lesley: There are patches! But you don’t have to wait for the stretch goals to get one! We’re sending out “I Will Not Go Quietly” patches to every backer who backs at the $15 trade paperback level and above! I know, I’m awfully excited about patches, but I’m a Girl Scout leader! Patches go along with a lot of things that I do. So that was one of the very first things that I wanted to make sure we got when coming up with goodies to pack into the reward tiers.

As for stretch goals, we’re still a ways out from that, but you can look forward to adding interior illustrations by our wonderful cover artist Marcela Bolivar, unlocking additional stories from the slush pile, and increasing author rates with stretch goals.


Andrea: That is a super intense video on the Kickstarter page. How did that come about?


Lesley: Haha! Honestly, I didn’t think we needed a video for the Kickstarter page. I’ve never really understood why people have them. They’re basically book trailers and as much as I love books, that still seems strange to me. But Jason was insistent. “We’re having a book trailer. You need to write the script.” Then he went to GenCon and I had no idea what I was supposed to be writing.


I let the idea percolate while he was gone, and then when he asked me about it the Monday he got back, I said, “Just a moment,” and got to work. I needed to boil down all the intense and complex issues we’re attempting to tackle with this book into a 90 second sound bite. I wrote, took it apart, wrote it again, and sent it to Jason, certain he was going to send it back with a big NO on it. To my surprise, he thought it was good, and sent it to Dave Robinson (who was recommended to us by K.T. Bryski, the Apex Magazine podcast producer). Dave took my script that I was so unsure of and transformed it into something powerful! He’s like a wizard! Seriously, it was magical! If you haven’t watching the video for Do Not Go Quietly yet, do so now. Dave really captured the intensity of the subject matter, and made it both dark and inspirational!


Jason: The power of any movie begins and ends with the script. I insisted that Lesley write one for our Kickstarter video. So she locked herself up in a sweat box for three days and would not come out until she had 90 seconds of narrator script. Speakers blared Fox News all three days and she was only allowed to listen to Alex Jones on the radio.

Naturally, all that is nonsense. Except for the part about Lesley’s video script. She did write up some knockout copy and Dave Robinson used his big scary voice to make something that would make the creator of the “It’s 3 a.m.” pro-Hillary ad blush with alarmist impotence.

Andrea: I am super excited about this series of essays by Sarah Waites that are being published on the Do No Go Quietly blog. How did Sarah get involved in this project? What are you hoping readers will get out of her essays?

Lesley: Sarah has been our wonderful Apex intern over the summer. She has gotten to see the ins and outs of publishing, and has done everything from help with marketing (she created a lot of the graphics we’re using on social media to promote the Kickstarter), reading magazine submissions, copy editing, and write up this series of essays. Our goal with the essays is show people that resistance in literature isn’t a new concept. Words move people. They have power. And writing, in itself, can be an act of resistance!

Sarah’s internship has officially ended and she’s on her way back to college, but she was a wonderful asset to the Apex team. I wish her all the luck in her college career and life.

Jason: Sarah, as Lesley said, is (was) our summer intern. She’s a skilled writer, editor, and graphic designer. She also shares our belief in the power of diversity, the written word, and fairness. With that in mind, I set a challenge for her to write four essays showing how literature can affect change.

As it turns out, she is kind of an expert in the field. And all her essays are great.


Andrea: Thanks!  and now I have some more questions  . . .

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Awesome! I backed it! I’m super excited about it and hope they reach their goal, because I want this.


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