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Coming soon! reviews!

Posted on: April 22, 2017

Book Reviews coming soon to a review blog near you!

and by “a review blog near you”, I mean this one.

Some books I recently finished, and am working on reviews for:

The friendly folks at Subterranean Press sent me Final Girls by Mira Grand, and The Dispatcher by John Scalzi.  Both are novellas, and can be enjoyed over the course of an afternoon. Reviews coming soon!

I am ever so slowly working my way through Kage Baker’s company novels. Gods and Pawns is a collection of short stories. Lots of Lewis (Yay!!!), some Joseph, and a smidgen of Mendoza.  Every time I see Lewis, I can’t help but picture Cyril Figgis from Archer.  I’d had this book sitting on the kitchen table next to some cookbooks, and hubs said at first glance he thought it said “Gods and Prawns”.  that would be a weird but probably good cookbook?


My book I’m reading right now is Turbulence, by Samit Basu.  I’d been interested in his superhero novel since interviewing him for SFSignal way back when, so I was excited to come across a copy of this book. It’s hilarious! And engaging! And the characters snark at each other!  much fun is being had.  Husband said the cover art made him dizzy, I told him that’s what you get for wearing lineless trifocals. Looking at the cover art makes me think I need some red and blue 3-D glasses.


12 Responses to "Coming soon! reviews!"

I bought the expensive edition of Final Girls from Sub Press, and I have a NetGalley copy of The Dispatcher, so I’m going to be reading both of those soon too:-D


I saw the expensive edition of Final Girls out in the wild, and it looked beautiful!!!


It’s beautiful. Worth every penny:-)


I listened to the Scalzi in it’s Audible version. I’m most looking forward to your review of the Baker.


as expected, the Baker was fantastic. I’m fascinated that her Company short stories often have a light, humorous feel, while the novels are on the darker side. It’s like, she lured people in with laughy stuff, and then said “surprise! it’s a tragedy!”


Wow that cover of Gods & Pawns jumped out at me. Looks very intriguing and sci- fi ish. And I need to try Scalzi soon…


And the best? If you’ve not read any of the Company novels, you can start with Gods and Pawns. The novels, for the most part, follow Mendoza’s big story line, and these short stories follow other people who show up as minor-ish characters in the novels.


Looking forward to your thoughts on The Dispatcher, I had a really good time with that one. It’s short but I thought it was one of Scalzi’s best works!


agreed!! I’m so-so on his novels, but his short fiction is fantastic!


So-so on the Old Man’s War novels? Hmmm.


I’ve only tried the first one. Started it twice, never finished. But I hear the first one is the weakest?


I really enjoyed The Dispatcher. Hoping he explores that world/character more in the future.

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