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We momentarily interrupt Vintage Scifi Month. . .

Posted on: January 19, 2017

well, you’re month doesn’t need to be interrupted, but mine is going to be!

As I always do in mid January, this weekend I’m headed to ConFusion, a science fiction and fantasy convention held in the suburbs just outside Detroit.  If you find yourself over there, head on over to the Sheraton at 8 Mile and I-275 to hang with 900 (or more?) of your closest friends.   If your comment gets stuck in moderation, it’s because wifi will be iffy.

I’ve even got some panels!

Friday: 6pm – Panel on Alternate History

Sunday 10am:  Scifi Fantasy All Stars! Draft a team and beat the existential crisis!

Sunday 11am: How the F*** do I make this?  Answering your cosplay prop questions!

For a few hours on Saturday, I will be walking around the hotel cosplaying a My Little Pony.   Making papercraft ears is fun!


Lessons I’ve learned from attending previous conventions:

dress in layers. one panel room will be freezing, the next will be boiling.

haven’t worn high heels in a year? Probably not a good idea to wear them to a convention.

drink as much water as you can. the humidity in convention hotels is approximately minus a million percent.

bring snacks to stash in your hotel room, and to have in your tote bag. snacks are your friend.

People watching is THE BEST.




12 Responses to "We momentarily interrupt Vintage Scifi Month. . ."

Watching cosplayers is the best!

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Your panel of Alternate History sounds awesome and if I could get to Detroit I would check out that panel….. I just got a this new book called “Napoleon in America”. I haven’t read it yet. I’m about to crack it open. Have fun at your convention…

P.s. I love History and Alternate History especially if its in my range of knowledge.


for what it’s worth, my fave Alt-hist authors are Ian Tregillis and Tim Powers. really good stuff, if you’re looking for some new-to-you authors to check out.


Not Turtledove? Well, I can agree with you on Powers.


I did bring up Turtledove’s Between the Rivers in the panel. There was so much to discuss, it was the fastest 45 minutes ever!


Woo hoo! I hope you have a great weekend. I wish I could go. Hope to catch you there next time.


I owe you an e-mail! 😀


I am going to my first con this year, thanks to a Christmas present from the wife. I can barely contain myself, and may hit you up for more tips later. (No heels for me tho.)


Friday, January 20, Portland OR.
I am so sad today.

But your news that you’re going to the con makes me happy for you. Have a great time! I’m dying to know who you pick for your Scifi Fantasy All Stars team and who others come up with. Now that’s a panel I’ wish I could attend.

Hoping for a tell-all followup later.


This was the perfect weekend to be away from it all.

My fantasy all-stars team was for pure entertainment purposes. I don’t know if this crew could save the world from anything.

Dr Rusty Venture (from the Venture Brothers)
Breq from Ancillary Justice
Sigrud from Robert Jackson Bennett’s City of Stairs
Captain Jack Harkness from Torchwood/Doctor Who
Bob Howard from Charles Stross’s Laundry series (although in hindsight, his wife Mo might have been a better choice)


Hoping for a con report soon.


I wish there were more awesome sci-fi cons near me. I live near NY, so there are a few there, but it’s annoying going into the city. Best get over those feelings, but…blah.


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