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Blind date with a Vintage Book giveaway

Posted on: January 14, 2017

It’s time for another Blind Date with a Book give away!  but this time, they are all Vintage science fiction books!

I’ll tell you a little about the book, but not the title or the author, and you get to decide if the book is worth a blind date! Here’s how the give away works:

  •  put in the comments what number book(s) you’re interested in. put #1, #2, etc. You can enter for more than one.
  • if WordPress doesn’t prompt you to enter your e-mail address, please give me some way to get a hold of you, such as twitter, e-mail, facebook, or to use  a contact page on your website
  • Give away ends on Friday Jan 27th, with winners being announced shortly thereafter
  • due to the costs of international shipping, unfortunately this is a US only give away. I love you everyone else, I just can’t afford to mail things to you!


Ermagerd I’m such a nerd, I typed up the descriptions on my circa 1940 typewriter.





22 Responses to "Blind date with a Vintage Book giveaway"

Ok I’m playing! Both #3 and #4 sound intriguing. And I’m glad we don’t have to guess because I have no idea:-/ Thanks Andrea!



“Bob, I’d like to see what’s behind Door Number 2!”
*audience goes wild with applause*

bookstooge atgmaildotcom


#1 & #4


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Thank you, no…but I’m dying to see what the books are!


I know I won’t win, but I would like to know the titles for later. Okay, Okay, #4 & #1


#3 and #4 both sound interesting


I was trying to guess what the books were but I failed miserably. Good luck to everyone.
Lynn 😀


Looks like so far #4 is the most wanted.


I expected #2 to be more popular , but #4 is good.


Oh, I’m sure they’re all good, whatever they are, or you wouldn’t be offering them!


#3 and this may be the coolest book contest I’ve ever seen!


#2-4 all sound pretty cool. I am very curious what they turn out to be. Also, I wonder if I have read #4 before – it sounds like something I would pick up.


2 and 3! Or any, really, but those sound intriguing. 🙂


I think I may have heard of #3. I’m guessing its name starts with W?

And maybe #1 is Burroughs?

#2 sounds like Foundation except that that’s a decade too early…


#3 or 4.


Oh shiiiii…! I’d do #’s 1, 3, or 4. I have a feeling I know and own #2 already, but perhaps I’ll be surprised when you reveal!


The problem with this is: you make them all sound good!

Even #3, which I’m afraid might be “Whipping Star”, one of my least favorite books!

I guess if I’d have to pick one, I’d go with #2, because I’m a short story guy.


I would be happy to win anything! I guess my druthers would be Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, in that order? I’m certainly curious….


Book 3 contest win arrived today!!! This was a seriously fun contest. Thanks Andrea!


Happy to hear the book arrived safely. 😀 These are my favorite kinds of give aways to do!

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[…] last month Andrea over at the Little Red Reviewer did a “Blind date with a Vintage Book giveaway.” I never win these things, but I threw my name in for three interesting-looking, eligible […]


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