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Everything you need to know to Vintage SciFi month

Posted on: January 1, 2017

Vintage SF badgeHappy New Year!


Ok, so this isn’t EVERYTHING you need to know about how to Vintage SciFi Month, but it’s a pretty good list. Got more tips or questions? Put ’em in the comments, we’ll get ’em answered.

How do I tell everyone about my Vintage book that I did a January blog post about?   Click on the Vintage SciFi not-a-challenge tab at the top of Little Red Reviewer, and in the comments leave a link to your blog post.  If you’re on twitter, tweet a link, and mention @VintageSciFi_ and #VintageScFi.  If you’re on other social media sites, go nuts there too!


I like graphics and badges and banners. Do you have any of that stuff?

Sure!  Grab that red and yellow Vintage image at the top of this blog post and use however you’d like.

What if I want to read reviews of Vintage books that have already been reviewed?  Have I got some resources for you! The Vintage SciFi not-a-challenge tab up top is a running list of a zillion reviews that have been posted in conjunction with Vintage SciFi Month since we started doing this project.

here are some more resources:

Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations – Joachim Boaz offers indepth reviews, commentary, and cover art galleries of everything science fiction you can imagine, focusing on 1930s-1970s. His site is truly incredible.

SF Mistressworks – managed by Ian Sales, SF Mistressworks features reviews of science fiction written by women. Not everything on here is Vintage, but a lot of it is.  Also just an incredible clearing house for book reviews.


Uggh, I bought this old paperback at the used book store, and it smells weird and how do I get this gross sticker off the front?

Not only is Jacob at Red Star Reviews my Vintage co-host, he’s also the master of cleaning up used books! Check out his post on how to safely remove stickers from paperbacks.

Also, if your paperback is kinda stinky, this blog post and the comments may help.


Forget tracking down paper copies and dealing with old musty books, I want to read all my Vintage books on my e-reader.

Technology meets history.  Open Road Media has been publishing a ton of older science fiction as e-books, here’s links to their Clifford Simak, Andre Norton, John Brunner,  and H.G. Wells.  Use their author index to find more.

Project Gutenberg offers a ton of free downloads for material that is no longer under copyright. Here’s a link to their Science Fiction bookshelf. My favorite thing about Project Gutenberg is all the old scifi short story magazines you can download.

I imagine has a bazillion vintage e-books available from other publishers. Many public libraries also have e-books available.


I don’t think I’ll have time to write a review, I don’t like writing reviews, I want to do blog posts that aren’t reviews. Can I still participate?

Of course you can, and we’re happy to have you!  do a blog post of Vintage books that look interesting to you. Do a post that’s nothing but cover art you think is cool.  Do a blog post that links to other people’s Vintage posts.  Comment on posts,  enter a give away, retweet some Vintage tweets, explore some reviews that were written in previous years to learn about new-to-you authors, lurk about as much as you want.  Don’t feel pressured to commit to more time or energy than you can realistically commit to.  Because I’ll tell you right now, January is going to be crazy at work for me, and I am already feeling over committed.





6 Responses to "Everything you need to know to Vintage SciFi month"

Hope you don’t burn out. Keep it nice and slow…


I’m finishing up a mystery anthology, but then on to SFF!

For de-stickering books, I use a product called Goo Gone. No hair dryer required.


Happy Vintage SciFi Month! So thankful you started it! One of my favorite reading months of the year. I’ll have a post up on the group read of DORSAI! shortly for all who want to join!


Cool challenge!! I’ve my tbr wasn’t so packed already for January, I’d join you.


Thanks for the kind words! As always, I look forward to any and all reviews of vintage SF. I hope some people step out of the standard group of authors and explore a little though!


I’ll be joining you. I already have a few in mind… uh… like the ones I picked out for last year but didn’t get around to.


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