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I’m not crafty but . . . .

Posted on: December 30, 2016

I’m the opposite of crafty, but I did grow up making paper snowflakes and loops of paper chains. All winter our house was covered in paper snowflakes.   As a kid, we’d cut paper into  a square, fold it diagonal, then fold it diagonal again, then start snipping.  get some cute 4 sided symmetrical snowflakes, and some fugly ones.  but wait, real snowflakes are 6 sided symmetry!!


Six sided symmetry didn’t defeat me for the gearflakes I made,  so it’s time to make some 6 sided symmetrical snowflakes.


I used silvery wrapping paper cuz it’s shiny.  I traced circles with a little plate, and cut them out.



Then I made a taco out of the circles, and then folded the tacos into thirds.  fold in half, then fold in thirds, that means now I have 6 wedges.  that’s the end of the math required, I promise.


Time to start drawing some patterns! I actually flipped the entire thing inside out, so I could draw on the backside of the wrapping paper.   I only drew on one half, because I’m actually going to fold this little guy in half again (you can see the crease) to cut it.  Use your super sharp scissors for this, not the “safe” ones you let your kids use, because you’re cutting through 12 layers of paper.


Cut on your lines, and carefully unfold!


Here they are up on the wall.  Wow, I should have traced the dinner plates, or made about a bazillion more.  I got two more days of vacation before I go back to work….  where did I put those scissors!



4 Responses to "I’m not crafty but . . . ."

Cute! I never thought about making them out of shiny paper.


the shiny paper is fun, because you put the snowflakes on your wall or on the window, and it reflects the light.


Very nice! 😀


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