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It’s Monday, what SciFi are your reading?

Posted on: November 7, 2016


Where do “it’s Monday what are you reading?” memes and Scifi Month intersect?  Right here, with this fun little questionnaire!


  1. What scifi book(s)  are you reading?
  2. What about this book is most enjoyable?
  3. what Scifi book(s) did you most recently finish reading?
  4. have you ever read anything by these authors before? Would you read more from them?


I’ll go first.


I’m currently reading The Narrator by Michael Cisco.  It’s very atmospheric and poetic, a joy to read.  It feels a little like Sofia Samatar meets Gene Wolfe by way of China Mieville. So yes, enjoying it very much!!  I recently finished Fix by Ferrett Steinmetz and Willful Child by Steven Erickson.   The Steinmetz is the final book in his ‘mancy trilogy, and I will happily read anything this man writes. Fix is more urban fantasy you say? Maybe, but it sure does have science fiction elements to it as well!  Willful Child was fun enough once I got into it, so I might read the sequel.




14 Responses to "It’s Monday, what SciFi are your reading?"

For the first time in months I am not reading a SF book, but I just finished Iain M Banks’s Against a dark background. I liked almost all of Banks’s books, but this one disappointed me a bit.


Arno Schmidt’s BIZARRE The Egghead Republic : a Short Novel From the Horse Latitudes (1957).


This month is SciFi month? I had no idea. I love SciFi. I thought the only thing this month is the nano write thing. Oh joy. “Willful child” sounds fun to get my hands on. Myself I’m just gathering books to read for the winter likea bear or squirl just before the their winter sleep. 😀


I just finished Emma Newman’s After Atlas, and LOVED it! I’m reading a thriller right now, but I’ll be back to SF after that. I have Everything Belongs to the Future and Rosewater coming up.


I’m “between” books at the moment, so not reading anything. But the last scifi book I read was A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers, which I loved.
It is a character centered & people driven sci-fi novel, all about what it is to be a person, or an AI, or a clone, and if those are different things at all.
I loved it because it is such a positive, optimistic read and I think we really need that sort of book at the moment 🙂


Just started Time Siege by Wesley Chu and recently finsihed Burning Midnight by Will McIntosh – a fun quick YA read!


So it’s The Month! I didn’t realize. And please, no discussion of the etiquette of SF vs. Sci-Fi or science fiction vs. the other two not to mention skiffy and all that. Thank you.

I just finished Darwinia which you set me up with (comments on my blog TiptheWink today). Now I’m reading a mystery, but plan to read Dream Park ny Niven and Barnes when it comes in the mail. I’m also beginning to work my way into Rogues edited by Dozois and Martin.


The 20 stories in Rogues are mostly long: 35 pages and up to 60. No wonder it’s so thick.


Love most of the stories in Rogues. Found Dream Park to be poorly written. A problem I have with Niven.


Glad you enjoyed Willful Child! Spoofy books aren’t generally my thing, but I read it because Star Trek. The sequel is even more over-the-top if you can believe it!


Just finished rereading Left Hand of God by Le Guin for at least the 3rd time. Holds up well. One of my top ten SF novels. Next up Hello Summer Goodbye by Michael Coney which I’ll start after I finish a long crime novel I just started. I read across genres. Everything but romance or westerns.


Well, I just read Station Eleven which was bloody brilliant and I just loved it. I’m hoping to read Illuminae or Leviathan Wakes – maybe even The Doomsday Book. Decisions, decisions.
And, agreed – love Ferret Steinmetz – will pick up (eagerly) anything that he writes.
Lynn 😀
by the way – I was already lining up some books for vintage sci fi – then thought I best check that’s still going ahead as usual -start of Jan??? Enquiring minds….


Yep! the usual in January! i just need to make the actual announcement one of these days . . .

Doomsday Book by Connie Willis? ooooh, read that, read that! SOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!!!


I really loved Station Eleven. Have not read any Steinmetz.


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