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Posted on: September 9, 2016

I owe ya’ll reviews for Kevin Hearne’s The Purloined Poodle (it was so adorkable! I loved it!) and Greg Bear’s Darwin’s Children (what a disappointment!).  While I was finishing those books up,  the mail man and the UPS guy have been pretty busy bringing me goodies nearly every day this week.  And of course I bought some stuff too.

Currently reading: Territory by Emma Bull

so, what looks good?


Everfair by Nisi Shawl has been getting a lot of buzz, and Of Sand and Malice Made is a beautiful small format hardcover (this photo doesn’t do either of these books justice, they both have gorgeous cover art!) of prequel stories that take place before his Twelve Kings in Sharakhai.



These pretties from Subterranean Press are Penric the Shaman by Lois McMaster Bujold, and Coco Butternut by Joe R. Lansdale.  I’ve got the first novella in the Bujold series, and yes, Coco is a Hap and Leonard story!



I’m ridiculously excited about The Starlit Wood, and anthology of reimagined fairy tales. I seriously got shivers just looking at the table of contents. It’s like all my favorite authors and all their favorite friends got together to have a party full of awesome.  Retold fairy tales? YES PLEASE.  It’s gonna be tough to finish the Emma Bull with this sitting on the kitchen table . . .  and that’s saying something, since she’s a damn good writer.


I’m pretty ho-hum about this new Dune whatever book, but Forsaken Skies by D. Nolan Clark is getting a boatload of buzz and hype.  the ARC made that wonderful crackling sound when I zipped the pages, so that’s a good sign of something, right?


Feedback by Mira Grant takes place in the Newsflesh world, and the back cover copy says this is a fresh entry point to people new to the series. I’m not new to the series, but I wasn’t hot on it when I read it, so maybe all I need is a different set of characters? I know nothing about The Last Days of Jack Sparks, but some friends on twitter have been saying that it’s good.


And of course I picked up some goodies last time I was at the bookstore, because OF COURSE.  These Kevin Hearne Iron Druid books are fantastic, I devoured the first two. If you’re looking for a fun read, these are the books you want!  I never did see the I Am Legend movie with Will Smith, figured I should start with the book.

so, what looks good to you?

So much here….   might be time for another 5 books 50 pages weekend.  As soon as I finish Territory by Emma Bull. Which will be another review that I owe you….

11 Responses to "New arrivals"

Oh please please please review The Starlit Wood. Retold fairy tales are my favorite thing!


I am pretty sure that one is gonna get started this weekend, because fairy tales!! ❤


Forsaken Skies! Like you, I’ve been intrigued by the buzz!


Kevin Hearne is welcome at my house for tea or beer. The general consensus around here is that he must be a really witty chap. And we definitely appreciate wit.

I am relentlessly entertained by Dune – so I will cheer for the Navigator novel!

And yeah, you’re right, the Starlit Wood could be really great.


Lots of good looking books there. Enjoy them all!


Love Hap & Leonard


Probably OF SAND AND MALICE. The Matheson is old.


Of Sand and Malice is definitely a priority.

I *like* old books 😀

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I really enjoyed The Last Days of Jack Sparks! And Of Sand and Malice Made 🙂 Happy Reading!!

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I am a fan of Beaulieu, so that would be one to start on. Dunno about Forsaken Skies, but the cover looks like my thing. Beyond that, I’m not up on the latest (been too busy for that sort of thing), so your guess is as good as mine!


I look forward to seeing what you make of I am Legend. It’s a bleak book but an absolute classic – and then you should watch the film!
Can’t wait for the Beaulieu book! Loved Twelve Kings. And, fairytales. Me love fairytales! Can’t wait to see what you think of that.
Lynn 😀


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