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I’ve discovered Lost!

Posted on: June 18, 2016

I’m terrible at watching TV.   I can barely remember what day of the week it is, let alone what time I’m supposed to turn on a specific channel.   Anyways, now that I watch a lot of shows streaming, I can watch them whenever I want, watch a few episodes in a row, watch favorite episodes over again. I feel like a commercial for Netflix.


Netflix doesn’t get a ton of brand new stuff, but they get a lot of good older stuff and  I recently discovered the TV show Lost.  This show ran from 2004 to 2010, and I remember hearing about it and people going crazy for it, but I never watched it when it was new. I still don’t know much about it.  I’m reluctant to look up information about the show online because I don’t want spoilers. LOL, I’m Mark Oshiro-ing Lost!


I’m about 10 episodes in, and I really dig this show!  For those of you who don’t know this show, it follows the survivors of a plane crash on a deserted island. They need to survive, find food, deal with medical crises, and deal with each other. Among our survivors is Charlie the drug addicted rock star, Jack the doctor, a woman named Kate who won’t tell anyone about her background, Sawyer the grifter, Claire the pregnant single mother, Sayid the Iraqi ex-military officer, a Korean couple who doesn’t speak English, and Mr. Locke, who appears to be a big game hunter.  The show has a huge cast, so the characters are introduced very slowly, often with long flashback scenes to tell viewers more about them. What’s neat is that nearly everyone is using this horrible event to start over in their lives. No one knows what the criminal did earlier in their life, so why should they tell anyone their secrets? No one knows that the guitar player is a depressed drug addict. No one knows that Locke the game hunter spent 4 years in a wheelchair.  Another survivor asks you what your name is, are you required to be truthful? No, you are not. Is this an island of liars? Maybe.

Jack, Kate, and Sawyer

Jack, Kate, and Sawyer

Lost is a  show of secrets.  And the deserted island has secrets of its own.  A huge terrible creature clomps it’s way across the island, terrorizing and sometimes killing people. Us viewers in our living rooms never see the creature, we only see how the characters on the show react to it.  They mostly run, screaming.  Is it Godzilla? Or a big bear? Or maybe some throwback dinosaur type thing?  Based on how Locke responds when he sees it, I have my guesses.  And that’s not the only secret this island is hiding.  There is at least one other person on the island, someone who doesn’t seem all there.


It’s a fun, compelling, well written show. I usually watch two, sometimes three episodes in a row. TV is so much more fun when there isn’t any commercials!


J.J. Abrams was the co-creator and executive producer of the show, and what’s really funny to me is how many J.J.-isms the show has. Super attractive main characters (no ugly people survived the plane crash, apparently),   disparate personalities that have to get past their distrust of each other and work as a team,  an awkward love triangle between two men and one woman,   the “what’s in the box” idea (what is the monster? What’s really going on here?), and a strong motivated female lead character but only one strong motivated woman surrounded by plenty of motivated guys.  I’m not knocking the show, really, I’m not. I’m just very amused at how noticeable the JJ Abrams style is.


So far Lost fits the bill for exactly the type of I show I’m currently enjoying – a show with some plot complications that I can binge watch through a few seasons.  And it’s really neat to see a show from earlier in Abrams’ career, before the world knew him as the guy who did the new Star Trek and Star Wars movies.


Maybe I’ll blog some more about Lost.  and if I do, there will be spoilers ahead!
(By the way, the other shows I’m currently  watching are Archer and Jane the Virgin.  Watching Jane, Archer, and Lost back to back is the weirdest thing!)

16 Responses to "I’ve discovered Lost!"

Great to hear you’re enjoying the show! I really need to start watching it–everyone I know has practically watched it, haha. Happy TV watching!


same here! I remember EVERYONE was talking about this show, and I was like “what?”


Uh oh.
Books are shoved aside as she settles into a trance in front of the TV screen…
Say it ain’t so.


A handful of hours of TV each week lets my brain relax and let go of dumb day-job stuff that I can’t seem to stop thinking about. notice I said a handful of hours a week, not a handful of hours a day. 😉


🙂 back at ‘cha


Oh, and I’m going to assume you picked upon this when easing The Wertzone blog.


Amazing that you have just discovered Lost. That is a astonishing show when it first came out – For me maybe around the second season I stopped watching the t.v. so I could do other things because that is all I’ll ever do….Anyway one day at the library I took out the last season of Lost -No spoilers- All I have is antenna to watch t.v. so on a windy day, car driving past of plane it doesn’t work for a few seconds….I’m not totally sure if I should go back and get cable….


For what it’s worth, Netflix + Roku box was worth every penny.


I watched Lost from the beginning when it aired and loved it. It went from a good show to a “holy cow I must see every episode” with the first Locke flash-back episode (the one where we find that he was in a wheelchair before his arrival on the island).

I liked it all the way through it’s run though I’ll admit there are some patches that weren’t as great as others. I would recommend not finding out too much about how things unfold. It’s more fun to find out what they answer and why as it unfolds.


I love Locke and his flashback episode!!! wait, the “first Locke flash-back”? are you implying I’ll get to see more of his backstory? YAY!!!!! I hope we get more of Sun’s backstory, and more of Sawyer’s too.


I loved that show. I thought season three slowed down a bit, but the last few seasons and the end were wonderful.


Okay, so LOST is my FAVORITE TV SHOW OF ALL-TIME!!!! If you check out my book haul post from yesterday (Saturday), I picked up two copies of a LOST Official Compendium book for season 1 (with DVD) – one for me and one my my dad for father’s Dad. I got my other gifts too, but all he cared about was the book, because he loved the show so much.

So, it is totally okay, 100%, with me if you want to do more post about LOST. I’d love to hear what crazy theories you come up with!!! 😀

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one of my guesses was already wrong. ok, LOTS of my guesses are already wrong. 😉


Oh boy, just wait, this show is CRAZY. I admit I watched religiously for the first few seasons but then it got SO weird that I stopped watching. But I’d love to go back and do a rewatch, it’s such a unique TV experience.


Loved this show! I’ve been mourning it since it ended!


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