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I’m elsewhere today

Posted on: June 8, 2016

I’ve been elsewhere!

I hosted my first roundtable at Semiotic Standard, about books we didn’t finish.  The roundtable features Lynn of Lynn’s Books, Lavie Tidhar, Jacob of Red Star Reviews, Teresa Frohock, Mark Lawrence, Charlotte Ashley, and more!  Come on over to see these folks and their peers didn’t finish books, and why I might not finish the book I’m reading right now.


I’m also over at Apex Magazine, interviewing the incredible Mary Pletsch.  In the interview we talk about the song and music in her short story Folk Hero.  but first, a quick aside.  Ya’ll know what iambic pentameter is, right?  the super simple definition of Iambic pentameter is that it is poetry (or song lyrics) written so that each line has 10 syllables, with every other syllable being stressed.  If you get the rhythms just right,  it fits perfectly into 4/4 rock and folk music.  So, I’m reading Pletsch’s story, and there are song lyrics embedded in the story.  And my brain doesn’t come up with a melody, but it does come up with a rhythm. A rhythm that matches the hauntingly beautiful Age of Aggression, as covered by Malukah.  Yes, that is a video game song, and YES, you should listen to it while you are reading Pletsch’s Folk Hero. here, I’ll help:

Folk Hero, by Mary Pletsch

Age of Aggression cover, by Malukah

I read that story, and I hear her sandstone voice singing that song, and it’s beautiful and fitting, and perfect.

oh, you liked that Malukah song?  this one is better.


so, that should keep you out of trouble for a few days.  I’ve got a review of Lavie Tidhar’s Central Station publishing in a few days, so stay tuned (btw, it was AWESOME)


5 Responses to "I’m elsewhere today"

I don’t know what to say about the visit to the other blog, or the music, because I haven’t seen/heard them yet. I just pulled in to the parking lot here and walked in the door. But just reading the post, w/o clicking anything, I want to say this: you are really a terrific blogger. When I come to Little Red Reviewer I can count on interesting, informative, enjoyable, fun posts. You and Black Gate are my two daily “musts”. Thanks for being here, Red.


“When I come to Little Red Reviewer I can count on interesting, informative, enjoyable, fun posts. You and Black Gate are my two daily “musts”. Thanks for being here, Red.”

That means so much to me, Richard, I can’t even put it into words.


Thanks so much for inviting me to take part – I had fun and I think it’s a great post.
Also – ditto Richard’s comments.
Lynn 😀


I had never ever head of Semiotic Standard before! Just added it to my feedly though 🙂


they’re pretty new. if you like what you see, tweet a link. You know a website lives and dies through word of mouth. 😉


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