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The Flux, by Ferrett Steinmetz

Posted on: March 27, 2016

the flux steinmetzThe Flux by Ferrett Steinmetz

published in 2015

where I got it: purchased new


A few days after writing an emotionally fraught and migraine fueled review, I finished Ferrett Steinmetz’s The Flux, which although isn’t a heavy book, deals with a boatload of heavy shit.  I found myself laughing and smiling at all the videogame and pop culture references as huge lumps developed in my throat from #allthefeels. I kept running across things that transcended the page right to “this is super important to me on a very personal level” territory, and that list of things kept getting heavier and longer.  And all of that was all happening at the same time!  The closer I got to the end of the book, the slower I read. Because I didn’t want it to end. If you aren’t reading Ferrett Steinmetz, you really need to start.


You know how the middle book in a trilogy too often suffers from “middle book syndrome”, where that book is just a way to get to the 3rd book? The Flux is a middle book that reads like a first book. What I mean by that is the characters grow even more in this book than they did in the first, the stakes get higher, and the reader gets even more invested in what’s going on. Also? Steinmetz wisely includes just enough background so you can successfully enter the series here, and be hungry to go back and read Flex.


I really want to tell you all the everything in this book, but sorry peeps, I just don’t have the spoons to write the full on review that even comes close to doing this book justice.  Thus, the list.  The list of things in The Flux that were super important to me, the things that took this book from fun urban fantasy to self help book:


  • You do not get to dictate what makes someone happy. Sure, you can suggest, but if your suggestions don’t work, don’t take it personally. Your friend loves you because you care enough to be there for them. But when they respond with “thanks, but this didn’t work for me”, don’t fuck it up by telling them they just aren’t trying hard enough. You don’t get to dictate or control what makes them happy. But being there for them and asking them what makes them happy? That is a huge step in the right direction. Expect to be on both sides of this conversation many times in your life.


  • Know the difference between “safe” and “healthy”.  If someone says they are keeping you safe, are you safe? Or are you unhealthily isolated?   Are you Safe? Are you Healthy?  Can you answer “yes” to both of those questions? Think hard and be honest.


  • Your real friends are the ones you can be yourself around, the ones who don’t judge you. I know that sounds obvious, but we all have “friends” we have police ourselves around, and friends who we can be ourselves around.


  • Have you seen the movie Fight Club? No? You’ll want to watch it before reading The Flux. trust me.


  • Magic is expensive. So is passion. So is love.  This is as it should be. And maybe magic, passion, and love are just different words for the same thing.


  • This line: “Stop trying to control everything and just let go.” I need that tattooed on my arm so I can look at it every day at work.


  • Dear parents of the world: you’d move heaven and earth for your child, right? You’d tell the laws of physics to fuck off if your child was in danger, right?  Hmmm… you might have a bit of ‘mancy in you.


  • I don’t always read urban fantasy books that are end up being self help books, but when I do, I prefer Ferrett Steinmetz.




9 Responses to "The Flux, by Ferrett Steinmetz"

I loved this book too. It just had everything!
Lynn 😀


Doesn’t sound like one for me. I like to relax and enjoy what I read, not have it turn into a therapy session. Glad you liked it, but…nah.


I think a lot of people are just gonna get “super fun urban fantasy!” out of this book, and that’s great. maybe i was just in the right place at the right time to get something deeper out of it.


Hey, Red, check my blog Monday, OK?


This sounds amazing, I don’t read much urban fantasy, but I will give it a go. (Actually, I’m going back to FLEX and starting there.)


Flex has a weird opening chapter . . so, keep reading. 😉


I’m enjoying it so far. I’m really starting to rely on your recommendations! #BookBlogging4TW

Liked by 1 person

You sparked my interest. I haven’t seen this book yet.


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