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Giveaway! The Best of Apex Magazine

Posted on: February 13, 2016

best of Apex Mag Antho

Isn’t that just some gorgeous cover art?


Want your favorite Apex Magazine stories bound in a dead-tree (or virtual dead-tree) volume?  Want one-stop-shopping for surreal, strange and shocking fiction?  Gotcha covered!


Best of Apex Magazine, Vol 1


Whether wandering down endless stairwells, searching for answers in the desert, or reaching out to the stars, for more than six years Apex Magazine has entertained readers with stories that are strange, beautiful, shocking, and surreal. Now, for the first time, editors Jason Sizemore and Lesley Conner are collecting the award winning and nominated stories, those chosen by readers as Story of the Year, and their own personal favorites into one anthology.


A Veil that wipes the experiences of war from soldiers’ memories. A witch who faces down both God and the devil to save a soul. A swaying dance that crosses the galaxy to transmit a message. A vampire caught in a web of politics and law by his responsibility to his family. Within this collection, you will find 21 stories that explore what it means to love, to regret, to be human.


With stories by Ursula Vernon, Ken Liu, Rachel Swirsky, Sarah Pinsker, Rich Larson, and more, Best of Apex Magazine: Volume 1 brings readers some of the best stories Apex Magazine has published so far.


Some of my favorite stories made it into this very special anthology, including “Remembery Day”, by Sarah Pinsker (seriously, my husband and I still talk about this story!), “Going Endo” by Rich Larson, and “If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love” by Rachel Swirsky.


And you can win a copy!  I’ve got one print copy to be given away to someone in the US, and a digital copy for anyone who lives on planet Earth (or at least has an e-mail address here).  This giveaway closes on midnight, Eastern Time, on Saturday Feb 20th.  All you need to do to enter the giveaway is, should I make you do something funny?  Leave a comment telling me something delicious you like to eat.  Make sure you leave me some way to get a hold of you (e-mail, twitter, etc), and let me know if you are the US or in a country that has a better tax system and better schools and probably better healthcare, so that I know to set you up with the print copy or the e-book copy of Best of Apex Magazine Vol 1.


26 Responses to "Giveaway! The Best of Apex Magazine"

All great give-aways are U.S. only, Canada sighs


Something delicious is really good California Mexican food where all the ingredients are homemade. Especially tostadas and tacos. And I live in the US. I am michele at mccarthy dot net.


I love eating pizza. Or maybe pasta. Basically, carbs. 😀 Thanks for doing this giveaway! I’m in the UK and you can contact me on twitter. 🙂


it’s about 5 degrees outside here in New Hampshire, time for some hot chocolate and a plate of madeleine cookies!


Just ordered some tart pans so I can make lemon tarts, but the best thing I’ve made this winter was chipotle/dark chocolate French macarons with marshmallow fluff filling.


Three little words: key lime pie.

(I’m in the US and you can reach me via email. )




And I’m the US and you can reach my on Twitter @LifeBooksEscape


Of course I’d love this, but I’ve already won a prize from you, so I’ll consider myself immune (or something). Still, I’ll say a chocolate eclair would taste just fine right now. Or any time.


I meant to say “ineligible”, not immune. Duh. Still wouldn’t mind that eclair.

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And……….Happy V Day.

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Chicago style deep dish pizza cooked outdoors over hardwood on my Big Green Egg!


[…] Giveaway! The Best of Apex Magazine […]


Something delicious that I like to eat? Oh, where do I start? Japanese curry, orange chocolate, pear crumble, a pot roast so tender that the meat practically melts in your mouth… So many tasty things to eat!

(I’m in the land of decent education and pretty good healthcare, Canada. 🙂 I can be reached at


i think we might be favorite food twins!


It’s an odd thing, but I really love eating tomatoes with dark chocolate. Gotta be the right kind of tomato with the right kind of dark, but oh wow it’s good.

Southern Californians are weird, OK?
@FleetSparrow on twitter and @ gmail.


Tonight I made Pizza with Green Chili as the sauce, then topped with Chorizo, light cheese, green onions, and cilantro. Almost a perfect meal.

I live in the US and would like this book.


Good is lobster tails. Great is lobster tails stuffed with crab. I’m in the US and you can get me on Twitter @jigsawkid7 thanks for doing the giveaway!


Oh something delicious to eat, and me here on a diet and away from what I would really like to eat. Because what I would really like to eat is this monstrous dinner (collected together in Houston, TX): let’s start with some queso and chips. Some fried mushrooms, okra and onion (with ranch dip please). Then, some mac and cheese. A hamburger fully loaded with steak fries. And a pecan pie as desert. Oh, and some biscuits and gravy the next morning please.
I’m in The Netherlands, far away from all this delicious food… 😦


My Homeland requires me to chose something traditional, otherwise they will probably take my passport away, so I’ll say risotto with saffron.

I mean, rice itself is quite good, but risotto is the red carpet version, intense and gold-dressed! And soft, and rich, and buttery, and precious. My precious risotto, my love.


A delicious thing I like to eat: open-faced fried egg sandwiches with mustard and sauerkraut. The best kind of sauerkraut for this is a (relatively) sweet kind a local company makes, with ginger and carrots added. Bread and butter pickles are also good in this.

I’m US-based.


you had me at Fried Eggs and mustard! YUM!


A breakfast blucy – which is a burger from The Blue Door Pub stuffed with gooey delicious cheese on the inside and topped with bacon and a fried egg.

US Resident here.


A breakfast blucy

Yum! any relation to a Jucy Lucy?


Sourdough toast, slathered with honey and butter. It’s my favorite, recently. You can reach me in the Twitsphere @victorian_soul and I live in a country somewhat exotic- one of the presidential candidates has some sort of roadkill pelt(?) glued to his noggin. (US)
~Litha Nelle


I’ve just been reading all your comments and I’m bloody starving now! Want a fried egg on toasted cheese bread. Or a bacon sandwich, or just messy nachos. Something I can get messed up eating!
Lynn 😀


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