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ConFusion, January 22-24 in Detroit, MI

Posted on: January 9, 2016

We interrupt this weekends’ regularly scheduled Vintage Science Fiction posts so I can talk about ConFusion  (and tomorrow, not-my review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens). For over 40 years, ConFusion has been home to Metro Detroit’s geek culture and mid-west authors. What was once your standard small scale regional scifi-fantasy convention has turned into a 1000+ plus fans with over 100 industry professionals including authors, editors, agents, artists, and more.


Really, ConFusion is freaking awesome.  You should go.  Because driving to Detroit in January is totally a thing now.  Like fezzes, but, like, cool.


fezzes are cool

Also?  i have a panel schedule!  And there will be silly cosplay!

Here’s my panel schedule:

Friday 5:00:00 PM Reacting to Fiction in Public
Book discussion today, predominantly online, has created a new phenomenon of public reaction. Whether it’s love of a work or the opposite, this public reaction has become a performance all its own. Does this new paradigm create a culture where perspectives that deviate from those with the most social capital are no longer valid?
Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Susan Dennard, Andrea Johnson, Amal El-Mohtar, Greg van Eekhout

Saturday 2:00:00 PM The Art of the Review
What makes the difference between a workmanlike review that tells us what we need to know, and a review which becomes a text worth studying in its own right? Under what circumstances does a review transcend its immediate subject, and become part of the wider conversation about genre? Who are reviews for: readers, authors, industry, other reviewers? How do authors go about getting more of them?
Andrea Johnson, Justin Landon, Amal El-Mohtar, Jenny Thurman, Sarah Gibbons

Saturday 4:00:00 PM SFF MadLibs
Audience members contribute nouns, verbs, and adjectives to fill in the lines in SFF MadLibs written by our panelists. Hilarity ensues.
Angie Rush, Andrea Johnson, Jackie Morgan, Mark Oshiro, Alex Kourvo

Sunday 1:00:00 PM A Blogger’s Conundrum
Ten years ago, blog became a predominant form of online communication, with energetic comment sections and regular, if sometimes half cocked, updates. Today, many blogs have shuttered and conversations have shifted to social media, while blog writing has become increasingly professionalized. Discuss how the science fiction and fantasy book blog remains relevant and what it might look like in the future.
Andrea Johnson, Jackie Morgan, Dave Robison, Natalie Luhrs, Alex Kourvo

I suspect that most of my Friday panel I’ll be mumbling something along the lines of OMGImatthesametableasPatrickNielsenHaydenOMG.

High Five to whoever put my schedule together, I get finished with paneling just in time for BarCon.

4 Responses to "ConFusion, January 22-24 in Detroit, MI"

Excited for you with all your panels and will be checking out all your updates – I hope you’ll be posting lots of updates! I don’t really get to attend cons so I have to enjoy them vicariously through others.
Lynn 😀


Wow, that’s super nifty. I’m afraid the day book blogging goes 100% Fbook, Twtr etc. I’ll be out, as “social media” without reins isn’t my culpa at all.


anyone who thinks blogging or book discussion will ever be 100% social media is incredibly arrogant.

My stance is that book discussion isn’t happening predominantly at fbook, reddit, twtr, etc. But people who are predominantly discussing books on Fbook, reddit or twtr will mostly see discussion happening in those places. funny, that.


Oops. “my cuppa” at all. Damn autocorrect thingie.


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