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Four Days Off

Posted on: November 25, 2015

Starting tomorrow, I have four days off in a row.  Without even having to take a single vacation day. Corporate America, sometimes I love you.  There will be much turkey eaten, much pie consumed, much booze and chocolate inhaled. Also? Books.


Here are some reviews I’ll be working on:

books 11-22-15_2

fuzzy photo is fuzzy: they are A Fantasy Medley 3, edited by Yanni Kuznia, The End of the Story, the Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith, and Leena Krohn: Collected Fiction, edited by Jeff Vandermeer.


Once I’m done with that, my reward is to read these goodies!

books 11-22-15

I lied a little. I’ve already started reading RJB’s City of Blades, and will probably have finished it by Thanksgiving Day. Because RJB writes only awesomesauce.  The others are Downfall of the Gods by K.J. Parker, I Am Crying All Inside, short fiction by Clifford Simak (hello Vintage month!), and Fable: Blood of Heroes by Jim C. Hines. I’m hoping for some chicken kicking and gargoyle shooting in the Hines, btw.


If you are lucky enough to have time off this weekend, how will you be spending it?


21 Responses to "Four Days Off"


Our 4 days off starts with an early release today. Come on 3:00!

Tomorrow will be spent with my daughter and her in-laws, eating good food, playing games and watching football. Friday my daughter is coming over to spend the day doing our annual “put a puzzle together” day. Used to be Christmas when she lived at home, but now she does it for my birthday (which was last weekend). She bought me some cool puzzle from my Amazon wishlist (either Scott Gustafson or Kinuko Y. Craft art…can’t wait to find out which). We will spend the day listening to playlists online and chatting and putting it together.

I plan to spend time Saturday and Sunday reading and playing more of Fallout 4. I’ve got a few classics and a recent release at my recliner-side table just waiting for me.

Hope your 4 days off are wonderful!!!


my husband is playing Fallout4 too!


Happy Thanksgiving Days, Red!

Being retired means the whole week is time off (but the bad part is being retired means I’m old), so the Thanksgiving part is what’s different. Family is far away and travel is difficult these days (Wanna go to the airport? Nope.) so it’s just the wife and me. We do the turkey and stuffing and all the rest, though, and there’s football and reading and leftovers. I’m reading mostly mystery stuff just now, Holmes and Pons and Wycliff. But I have SF anthologies partly read and more lined up.

Oh, and in response to Carl, we always have a jigsaw puzzle going here, and will work on one tomorrow and over the weekend. We’re good customers at Puzzle Warehouse.


Oh, and Red, I bought the Christmas present for us yesterday: a carbon steel wok. It is our first.


If I were going to read on of the books you show it would be FABLE.


i just finished City of Blades, and immediately picked up a Kage Baker. but that’s half finishes, and FABLE is very soon in my future!


you are going to LOVE that wok!


Have a lovely four days off. Eat, drink and be merry – and read of course.
Ohh, I so want that City of Blades book! Nice to hear it’s alltheawesome.
Lynn 😀


“alltheawesome” it is! finished it last night and only cried a little. Review posts in February.

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Look forward to that review.


Happy Thanksgiving and happy reading 😀 I always try not to get too many crumbs on my books!


crumbs aren’t so bad. it’s the cranberry sauce and wine that i try not to spill on the books! 😉


Well – the wine dries up eventually!


I’m starting the holiday by reading “Slow Bullets”, a novella by Alastair Reynolds. The Second Foundation Reading group has picked Clifford Simak as the next author to read for late January’s gathering, so I’ll be focusing on him for the next couple of months.


i really enjoyed Slow Bullets! let me know what you think of that one!


Well, I have already gone off track (surprising no one).

Instead of reading Fable, I zipped through The Life of the World to Come, by Kage Baker, and got about halfway through The Dark Forest by Cixin Liu. Hubby has been bugging me for a while to read The Dark Forest, so we can do a joint review. But man have I been intimidated by that book! Halfway through, and I am still intimidated!


I am in awe of your book reading schedule. I plan to tackle Franzen’s Purity.


for what it’s worth, i wasn’t able to check much off my “to read” schedule. Ended up picking up something totally different, and haven’t finished it yet.

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Love your site. I shared the sci fi book stack article. It brings back memories of making my way through a box of sci fi paperbacks I found when I was fifteen. There is no better reading.

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I love that Clark Ashton Smith collection! Terrific stories! You’re in for some great reading!

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