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What I’ve been reading . . .

Posted on: June 27, 2015

I read this stuff:

i read this stuff


I’m in the middle of reading this:

this alien shore

of those, here are the books I’ve already written reviews for:


oh, none of them?  blergh.

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10 Responses to "What I’ve been reading . . ."

I do this on a regular basis, and then eventually take a day and write all of my reviews at one. How’s the new NK Jemisin book?


i end up doing that too. maybe i’ll get a ton of writing done tomorrow?

the Jemisin is really, really good. and of course it is, because Jemisin! I need to wait a few more weeks before i can talk about it in detail tho.


I’m excited to hear your thoughts on it and for it to come out. She’s such an amazing writer. I’m hoping I get some writing and/or reading done today, but in all likelihood I’ll take a nap instead.


I have a preorder of Speakeasy coming, someday! I had no idea Sub Press did ARCs of their books. Cool!


Don’t feel bad about not reviewing! My own blogging has slowed down recently as well…


Some solid books there! 2 of them are on my To Read list, too, though I got e-copies rather than hard copies. Still, I can’t wait to dig into them when the time is right!


Maybe it’s Summer, or maybe it’s cat hair, or maybe it’s post-move syndrome, or maybe you’re not eating enough kale. Who knows? When the reviews come, they’ll be good ones, I’m sure.

I have one of these books here in the waiting room (used to be the TRB pile).


or any kale. 😉


I’m really looking forward to The Fifth Season and quite curious about Falling in Love with Hominids!


C.S. Friedman and Jack McDevitt are definitely on my to-read list! 🙂


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