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photo gallery of books.

Posted on: May 12, 2015

photo gallery of books, a.k.a. double stacking for the win.

except i don’t like books. or reading. #LOL

we had delusions of organizing our books as we unpacked and shelved them. We also had delusions that we had enough bookcases. I think a roadtrip to Ikea is in our future. Because the only thing better than more books is mismatched bookcases.

see how much i don’t like books? or reading?

this bookshelf has so many pretties!

this bookshelf has so many pretties!

History, Manga, graphic novels, and some SF/F paperbacks. because history books and manga should always be shelved together!

Mostly history and manga here. because history books and manga should always be shelved together!

hey look, it's more SF/F!

hey look, it’s more SF/F!

A mix of SF/F, foriegn language dictionaries, and i don't even know what else.

sort of the everything else bookshelf. if only there was room for cookbooks.

i think there are five or six boxes yet to unpack.Β  we were super smart when we moved, didn’t label hardly any boxes. so nearly every box opened is “surprise!”

17 Responses to "photo gallery of books."

For sure you need more bookshelves! Maybe you could use the kitchen cupboards. I mean, who needs dishes anyway, right? πŸ˜€


was thinking of running 2x4s across the top of the cupboards, make like a loft up there. for books!


Ohhhh, that would be cool. Maybe your cookbooks can live up there?


I’ve wanted to take pictures of my book collection for a while now. Problem is that most of my books are packed away in tote bins because I know I don’t have enough shelves to even hold everything I own, let alone neatly! And pictures of plastic boxes aren’t that exciting. :p


I totally agree that history and mange belong on the same shelf. Once you get to the cookbooks, you could shelve them with the horror books.


is that a comment on my cooking? πŸ˜‰

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So glad to see the bookcases! Zooming in a little, I’m not sure what your shelving system is (I do by author…) but hey, Books On Shelves! Yay! Thanks for sharing! If you’d like I can send pics of mine.


what is this shelving system of which you speak?

only mostly kidding. our dream is to organize by author. For practical reasons, we tend to organize by height, for ease of layering more books on top. which makes in a pain that most of my Vonneguts are of different printings and slightly different heights.

Yes, please, post pictures of yours! i need some organization inspiration. πŸ™‚


I’m gonna email some to you, instead of post, since I did a post on them long ago on the Broken Bullhorn blog (as opposed to my current blog,


pictures on the way. plenty of ’em. try to control your envy. πŸ˜‰

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omg, those photos are AMAZING. i am envious of your house, of your collection, of your custom shelving. but it’s friendly envy!


Almost all my books are in boxes right now. But when basement is done and shelves are set (around the bar) it will be the most perfect basement of all time! Bar and library, best idea ever.


“Bar and library, best idea ever.”

omg, YES!!!

you know those bookstores that sell coffee and muffins and such? I need a bookstore that has a liquor license.

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OMG – Bar and Library. Oh yes.
Anyway, love your pics – I’m just sad enough that I was desperately trying to zoom in to read all the books covers – saddo!!
Never mind.
I have no system whatsoever but this is set to change!!!
I’ve also taken to lying some of my books sideways on the shelves, that way I can stack them right up to the next shelf and stop the sagging!! I worry though – if I was just to pull out the wrong book. Well, there’d be a bloody awful mess!
Lynn πŸ˜€


Those Lady Trent hardbacks are gorgeous, aren’t they?

What’s up with the Japanese-English dictionary?


i bought the first Marie Brennan for the cover art alone. was in love with the story by page 5. Now i buy them the day they come out.

I took Japanese in high school, and husband is picking up a lot of conversational Japanese from watching Japanese TV. there’s also some Latin and Hebrew books on the that shelf. Berlitz FTW.


I love the Lady Trent (Brennan) books too, though I’ve been getting them from the library. Can’t wait for May 5, 2015 for the next one, which has a fabulous cover! Has a mother dragon and a hatching baby.


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