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Achievement unlocked! Bigger Apartment!

Posted on: April 21, 2015

We survived the move! mostly because the professional movers moved all the heavy stuff.  those poor guys, lugging everything up four flights of stairs.  if professional movers start charging a thousand dollars extra per outdoor flight of stairs, that’s our fault.

the new place is huge, with a nicer view than the old place.  I am not used to having to walk so far to the coffee pot. that could be a problem. 😉  if we ever get the place somewhat unpacked, I’ll post some photos. We were short a bookcase before the move, and our oldest bookcase didn’t survive the move. So there are a ton of book boxes sitting around until the new bookcase we ordered arrives. Maybe we should have ordered 2 bookcases?

status of book reviews and such, because #books:

books i’ve finished and need to, like, review sometime:

2015-04-05 20.33.31The Gabble by Neal Asher – if you like super alien aliens, you’ll like this.   as a collection, it’s got pros and cons, but it serves a good introduction to Asher’s Polity universe and his writing style.

2015-04-05 20.34.31Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson – this doesn’t come out till July. When am I allowed to start talking about it!?

american craftsmenAmerican Craftsmen by Tom Doyle – I really enjoyed how this started, and Doyle’s written himself the foundations for a series that he could have a lot of fun with. I had some issues with the action scenes, but I’m an action scene snob.

books on the horizon that I’m planning to read next:

superpositionSuperposition by David Walton.  David Brin and Will McIntosh blurbed it. ‘nuf said.

three bodyThree Body Problem by Cixin Liu – Husband is about two thirds of the way through and loves it. also? Hugo ballot.


11 Responses to "Achievement unlocked! Bigger Apartment!"

Books sound good, Two bookcases sounds wise. “Move almost over” sounds awesome!


when is it considered over over? because who knows when we’ll be done unpacking. we have a few boxes that are surprise boxes, have no idea what’s in ’em. open it up… surprise!


Talk about the Robinson one a little for us so I know if I want to read it.


If you tend to like KSR books, you’ll like this one. Robinson honestly and bluntly deals with issues a colony ship might face. The narrator is an unexpected character. sorry, i have to be vague still. I asked the publicist at Orbit when is the earliest I can post a review.


You managed to put many of my favourite authors in one list! Can’t wait about KSR.


i can’t wait to post the review! the curse of reading a book so early before release.


Grats on your new place! I can’t wait to see your review of The Gabble and compare to my own thoughts. I agree it has its ups and downs, but that’s the joy of anthologies. It was my first experience with Neal Asher though, and I found the weird aliens and the bizarre world of Polity really fascinating.


Gabble is the next review I’m going to work on, we’ll see how much i can get written tonight! Happy to hear that someone brand new to Asher enjoyed themselves, and didn’t feel thrown into the deep end.


Well done with your move. Looking forward to your pics – and lets face it – a girl can never have too many bookcases – REALLY!
Lynn 😀


the bookcase got delivered today! but we’re not sure where we’re gonna put it, so it’s just sitting in the corner looking lonely, no books on it yet.


If the bookcase is small enough to “sit in the corner”, I suggest you did indeed need to order two (three? four?). You can never have too many bookcases! I’m really glad you are moved in, it ends when everything is unpacked, but you aren’t sure where all the stuff is, yet. Or when you say “the hell with it” and decided to read instead of doing any more unpacking. Heh.

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