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that is a lotta books

Posted on: April 14, 2015

We get the keys to the new place on Thursday, the professional movers show up on Friday.  Got just about everything packed up except the kitchen. Today we celebrated finishing packing the books.

That boxes in front? not books. All the other boxes in this photo? books.

That box on the floor in front? not books. All the other boxes in this photo? Books. Twelve boxes of ’em

Double stacked. Two boxes on top aren't books. Everything else is.

Double stacked. Two boxes on top aren’t books. Everything else is. That’s 18 more boxes.


these boxes? More books.

Oh, these six boxes? More books.

Congrats to Nrlymrtl, who guessed 36 boxes of books! Next time we move, I hope to be past Richard’s guess of 41 boxes.  Especially since a bigger place means…. room for more bookshelves!

Based on Nrlymrtl’s guessing methodology, that means I’ll be moving again in five years. As far as prophecies go, i like it!

And looking at these photos, i’m suddenly wondering if there is such a thing as owning too many throw blankets. *thinks about it for a minute*. Nope. no such thing.


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17 Responses to "that is a lotta books"

Damn that’s a lotta books.


Did you have anything else to pack?


have barely started on the kitchen…


I love how your solution to “too many books” is to move to a bigger place, rather than cut down the number of books. This is something non-readers will never understand.

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Throw blankets and books! Excellent combination!

I wonder how many books I had before I moved. I did 2 cullings in the past year, really, and donated at least half of my collection to charity and libraries. Based on how much I moved with, I probably come close to your final number of boxes you actually moved with.

…Which makes me jealous, and I want to get more books in my collection for next time I move! :p


Throw blankets can become emergency book packs in a pinch!


Wow that’s a lot of books. This makes me glad my nomadic days of relocating every few years are behind me. Good luck with the move!


I finally found the paperwork for our move in 2010. We had 44 boxes of books, each the book size the mover told us to use (16x12x10h). All those books are now on shelves (single book depth).

So… 44 boxes of books on the wall, 44 boxes of books…….

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i feel like i have a goal for my next move!


That is a lot of books! 🙂 Best of luck with the move 🙂


You need the throws to snuggle in when you’re losing yourself in a book. Simples.
Good luck today with getting your keys and a nice smooth move.
Lynn 😀


What she said, hope the move is smoooth.


And it’s time for a new photo of your move.


hopefully in the next few days I can post some updated photos. The place is a mess, and i’ve been working from sun up to sun down so far this week.


I moved this year, too; I needed more acreage. We moved ten gabillion boxes of books – I thought I was going to die. (After so many years of kung fu, I do not allow myself professional movers. My friends and family hate this.) Nightmares of boxed books for weeks! LOL (Also, may hardback books be cursed!) And then the unpacking…. Moving is hell, but I hope you love your new spot and everything goes smoothly!


we’re in the unpacking stage, and it’s worse than the packing stage.

because i want to keep my friends, we hired some pros. and after all those boxes and stairs, we tipped well.

New spot is fantastic, and HUGE! Alas, one of our bookcases did not survive the move, so we’re waiting for a new one to arrive before we can unpack everything. oh look, there’s a stack of boxes of books. Oh look, there is another stack. maybe we should have ordered two bookcases?

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This must be the moving season! You’re moving and Patti Abbot is moving and my daughter is moving. I’m with you on your book philosophy. A bigger place means more room for books.


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