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11 and counting

Posted on: April 6, 2015

Big News! I’m moving in two weeks!

This blog isn’t moving, I am, quite literally, moving. Down the street. We’re swapping our crappy one bedroom apartment for a much larger and much nicer two bedroom that’s in our same apartment complex. So we are packing all our earthly belongings, lugging them down three flights of stairs, putting them in cars and SUVs and vans, driving across a small neighborhood, and then lugging everything up four flights of stairs.

Because we’re crazy.

and then the weekend after our move I’m going to a Convention.

because I’m crazy.

The sixtyfour million dollar question is:

How many boxes of books do you think we’ll have when we’re done packing?

I’m at 11 and counting, and that’s not even all the books that are just in the bedroom.

there’s book news too:

I finished reading Aurora, by Kim Stanley Robinson, but I can’t talk about it until closer to release date. I’m looking forward to reviewing it.
2015-04-05 20.34.31

I read Transmetropolitan, Volume 1, by Warren Ellis. It’s snarky and crass, and the further i got into it, the more I liked it. Review coming soon.

2015-04-05 20.34.44

I’m a few stories into The Gabble, a short story collection from Neal Asher. These stories all take place in and around his Polity universe, which I am only familiar with from having read The Skinner. I love the way Asher does scifi horror and aliens. Not everyone’s cuppa tea no doubt, but I freakin’ love it.

2015-04-05 20.33.31

and then this gorgeous baby arrived in the mail from Mythic Delirium, Bone Swans, short stories by C.S.E. Cooney. In the proportions and the angle of the person’s head, the cover art reminds me of Klimt.

2015-04-05 20.34.10

25 Responses to "11 and counting"

There is no way I could move. I don’t know which is scarier, my book collection or the thought of moving the pool table again.


I imagine leveling that table is quite the experience.


I’m looking forward to diving into The Gabble. Got it for review and I’m very intrigued by the horror sci-fi angle, but I’ve never read any books in that universe. I hope everything will make sense to me.

Good luck on the move!


The Gabble is fantastic so far, even tho the stories are a little formulaic. I’ve only read one Polity book, and I’m keeping up just fine with what’s happening in The Gabble. It’s your typical massive space opera universe: Lots of alien races, planets can be invited to join “The Polity” (which may or may not be run by humans? I can’t tell), and the aliens are really *really* alien. Weird stuff happens, weird plants and animals do weird shit. it’s fun. and sometimes gross.


Good luck with the move! I will randomly guess you will have 36 boxes of books and several pillowcases full of paperbacks that you will move with you. Haha!


and now i know what to do with our extra pillowcases!! great idea!

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I too, will be very much looking forward to your review of Aurora 😉
And try not to throw your back out lifting all those book boxes!


we’re hiring professional movers for the books and furniture and other heavy stuff. 😉

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Good luck with the move. That must be one hell of an apartment complex if it’s blocks long. I can’t imagine. When we moved from SoCal to Oregon, we had 44 boxes of books, but I may be misremembering, because my wife swears it was a lot more. Lucky for us it was single level in both directions except for inside this house, then one flight.


our neighborhood is only three buildings, but they are very long skinny buildings. it’s not far down the street, but far enough that everything is going in vehicles instead of just being carried or dolly carted over.

I suddenly see the allure of Ranch style homes.


I’m going to guess 21 boxes of books. Are you going to weed any out before you move?


I’ve already taken half a box to the used bookstore to trade in. It probably finally is time for me to dump my old college textbooks, isn’t it?


Good luck with your move. That sounds TIRING! A new place is exciting, though. 🙂


Hah, great – now you’ll have more room to spread the book love heehee!
Good luck with the move – you’re gonna have a metric shit load of boxes full of books – that’s a very technical term but I think you know what I’m getting at and yes, you definitely need to professionals to move the books!!!
Good times.
Lynn 😀


Just curious…any thoughts on the Hugo Awards brouhaha?


I was surprised that none of my nominations made the ballot. 😉


for those of you keeping count, we’re now at 16 boxes, just of books. and not even halfway through the bookshelves.


I think by the time my roommate and I were done packing our collective books, we had close to 2 dozen boxes between us. That includes graphic novels, textbooks, and blank notebooks, though, so that may not be an accurate count if you’re just counting basic printed fiction books. Ad that was after reducing our respective collections by about half, too! I had to get rid of so many books I loved, but I just didn’t love them enough to want to keep loading and unloading them after a 5+ hour drive to a new province. Some sacrifices had to be made.


Re: The Polity, I would say it’s The Culture written by Joe Abercrombie. Fun stuff, definitely gets better as you go.
I desperately want to be reading Aurora right now. KSR is one of my very faves.


i finished the Asher the other day, and was also thinking of The Polity as a grittier, hungrier, Culture.

I’m afraid my Aurora review is going to be mostly comparing it against 2312. Should be fun. I wonder when is the earliest I can start talking about it?


by the way, we are now up to 30 boxes. of just books.

and there’s still half a bookshelf yet to pack, of nearly all hardbacks and graphic novels.


30! Yay! Go girl, go. I have 41 in the box count pool. By the way, I checked and we had over 40 but I don’t have a accurate count.

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i gotta get more boxes…. the poor movers are going to have a stroke when they see the boxes and all those stairs.


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