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End of Year stats (boring!)

Posted on: December 28, 2014

I’ve done my favorite books of the year.

I’ve announced Vintage SciFi Month.  See the bottom of this post for an important message*. (I’ve even started reading ahead of time for Vintage Month! never done that before!)

not much else to do but publish some boring statistics of my blogging year.

I reviewed 91 books. about 10 of those reviews were over at SFSignal.

I conducted around 40 interviews, here, at Apex Magazine, and also at SFSignal.

I got to attend some really fun conventions: ConFusion, AnimeMidwest, Context, and Grand Rapids ComicCon.

I learned how to use Netgalley. I am *not* an early adopter, so this was a huge deal for me. Files magically showing up on the kindle is sorcery, i tell you!

Including book (and a few movie, manga and tv show) reviews and a few commentary columns about geeky stuff, I wrote approximately 104,000 words.  That’s slightly more words than Ender’s Game, and slightly fewer words than Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. nice.

The happiest of Happy New Years to everyone, and a huge thank you for goofing off with me on twitter, commenting on my posts, telling me about your favorite books and authors,  and putting up with me when I  simply would not shut up books I was excited about and geeky events I attended.

I’ll see everyone in January! when it’s time to turn back the clock!



* regarding Vintage SciFi Month radio silence: I am a jerk and didn’t e-mail back a lot of people who voiced interest in writing guest posts. I still would love to have you write something. Can be anything scifi-ish or fantasy-ish that is from 1979 or earlier: books, author bios, tv shows,  movies, book cover art galleries, radio shows,  award winners, geeky events, a short list of suggested books and/or short stories, etc. Send your guest post to me at redhead5318 at the gmail place. comment below or tweet me if you have questions.



20 Responses to "End of Year stats (boring!)"

Congrats on another year of wonderful posts and reviews, Andrea!


Another successful year. Huzzah!


Well done! It’s always a pleasure to read your posts. I look forward to seeing what you’ve got in store for 2015.

Happy New Year! 🙂


Happy New Year to you too, Red. Looking forward to your Vintage SciFi month stuff and I’ll try (New Year Resolution, here) not to be so jerky and opinionated in 2015 (yes, it still smarts).


please try to let it go. we had a disagreement over something tiny, and to me it was forgotten the next day.


Okay, gone. I feel overwhelmed with books (this happened last late December too), between the incoming Christmas gifts (see my post), the library books that keep popping up (5 right now) and the things which have been hovering on top of the TBR stacks. It’s a good problem to have, I suppose, but there is a weight to it that makes me feel pressured… Best get reading. Speaking of which I’ll post my reading stats at year’s end or on the 2nd.


My favs of the year is up.


Enjoyed reading you. Now I am curious how many words I have written and need to figure out how to easily find that.


i did it the tedious way: I pasted all my posts into a gigantic word document and checked the word count. If you find an easier way, please share.


Oh lord. I would have to manually open each an everyone of them? Gah.


yup. see why you need to find a better way? 😀


That’s how I would have done it too. Cab’t think of anything easier other than keeping track as you go in a table, or spreadsheet.


On the contrary, I find end of year stats fascinating. I can’t wait to write up mine. How did you find time for 90+ books read/reviewed?
I may be on for a guest post, but have been too far under water to email about it.


“How did you find time for 90+ books read/reviewed?”
I have no life, and spent 3 months unemployed.

no worries about a guest post, e-mail me whenever, and no biggie if you can’t get to it. I expect to be underwater all of January and February.


Hmm. My own unemployed month just crushed my reading. I was on track for 100+ until then.

Probably nothing special out of me this year – just trying to read a few old things and write about them. I can probably push something your way in late Jan.


You had a good year! Excited that you were able to attend all those cons. I knew you had done a lot of interviews, but WOW! That is great.

Hope 2015 is an even more eventful, exciting year.

(I’ve started my vintage reading early as well)


The stats aren’t boring, I always like seeing how everyone’s year went reading and blogging wise. I wonder how many reviews I wrote. I will have to check!


Happy New Year!

“Including book (and a few movie, manga and tv show) reviews and a few commentary columns about geeky stuff, I wrote approximately 104,000 words. That’s slightly more words than Ender’s Game, and slightly fewer words than Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.”

O_O Wow! Congratulations. 😀


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