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My ConFusion panel schedule

Posted on: December 21, 2014

back to the confusion

ConFusion is a science fiction/fantasy convention held in Detroit every January. This year’s special guests include Karen Lord, Ted Chiang, Joe Abercrombie, and Steven Erickson.  Something I love about ConFusion is the huge variety of science, writing and literary panels: everything from building languages for your fantasy world, to optimistic far future science fiction, to romance in fantasy and scifi,  to writing good fight scenes, to demos for swordplay, to cosplay photography, to building colonies on Mars, to fun with liquid nitrogen, to remote control Daleks, to well, you get the picture. It’s one of those Cons where there are ten activities every day you want to go to, and three of them are happening at the same time, and in the end, exhausted, you end up at the bar having a drink with some author or other.  Learn more about ConFusion at their website, and at their Facebook page.


Five panels I am guaranteed to be at, because I’m a panelist. Here’s my panel schedule:


Saturday 6pm: What Should I Read Next?
Suggestions of what to read next, based on what you just read and loved

Saturday 7pm: Writers as Fans, Fans as Critics, Critics as Writers and Fans
Reviews are not for authors, they’re for fans. But many authors are engaged, critical fans. How can authors engage with fans without creating a chilling effect on criticism?

Saturday 9pm: Is Paradox Really So Bad?
So there you are, back in 2015, and you almost run right into yourself! But really, who cares? Is the universe really going to end? Or will you just walk away saying “Well, that was the most screwed up thing I’m going to see today?” How bad would time travel paradox be, really?

Sunday 12pm: Book Reviewing 101
Starting and running your book review blog, how to get ARCs, and more.

Sunday 2pm: Wait, There’s More to Comics than Superheroes?
Superheroes remain popular comic book characters — but comics can be any subject matter or genre. What are your favorite comics with unusual themes and characters?


wow, that’s gonna be a busy Saturday evening!   and an exciting Sunday!

the unscheduled event I’m planning to be at is  Saturday 10pm: the bar. Someone save me a seat.


Will you be at Confusion? Let me know, so we can try to meet up!

Are you on a panel with me?  Tweet me or comment below, and we can chat a little ahead of time. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

10 Responses to "My ConFusion panel schedule"

Those are some great panel topics. I know your time is at a premium these days, but I so do hope you do a recap of some of these. I’d be interested in your thoughts on Book Reviewing 101, Even after a couple years I am still learning as I go along, always love to hear advice from others 🙂


I’m still learning as i go along too. 🙂 I’m most excited to learn about the experiences the other panelists have had.

I compulsively take notes when listening to others talk on an interesting topic, but when I’m involved in the talking, I can barely remember what the heck I’ve said. It’s like when we were little kids, and you’d hear an adult (usually a Mom) tell a blabbermouth child “when your mouth is open your ears are closed”. That is me exactly.


My contributions to that panel will be laughable. “How to? Shit. Say crazy shit.”


and you have said some crazy shit!


Very cool, and sounds like you’ll be busy. I need to attend that book reviewing panel.


I’ll have to figure out how to record it.

I’ve got a mini-tape recorder around here somewheres… and then I can explain to tall the kids what cassette tapes are. 😉


Ha! Would you believe – yes, of course you would – I have a Sony Walkman 1 (the WLK 1) here that still works perfectly? I also have a much newer unit that plays tapes and CDs, of course.


those original walkmans (walkmen?) lasted forever, they were awesome. *happy memories*


Sci-fi conventions: A lot of fun… until the sensory overload makes my brain melt.

When you get back from this convention, please blog about it, for those of us who cannot attend. Those all look like interesting panels.


I get the sensory overload thing too. Usually takes me about 5 days to fully recover. You bet I’ll be doing a write up for ConFusion!

I’ve done write ups for most of the conventions I’ve attended in the last few years. if you’re interested, click “conventions” in the word cloud up top.


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