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New Goodies

Posted on: December 13, 2014

As usual, I have attempted to not bring more books into the house and failed miserably. It might sound counter intuitive, but the more books that are piled up on the coffee table (and under the coffee table, and on the corner of the kitchen table, and on the table next to the bed), the less inclined I am to want to purchase more.

But, sometimes I can’t help myself. And then beautiful books show up in the mail, and before I know it I am surrounded by the happiness that is new books that have come to live in my house and be loved by me.

Here are my newest babies:


Galaxy Game

From Del Rey/Randomhouse comes  a gorgeous edition of The Galaxy Game by Karen Lord.  this is her follow up to The Best Of All Possible Worlds, but they can both be read as stand alones.  Stay tuned for January, when I’ll have not one, but two articles about her new novel. I’m more than a little excited!

The MechanicalFrom Orbit (you know, the folks who spoil me rotten?) comes The Mechanical from Ian Tregillis. I had no idea he had a new novel coming out! But I sure was excited to pull this ARC out of it’s envelope. The Mechanical comes out in March, and so far the only thing I know about it is that since it has Tregillis’s name on it, I want to read it.

kate elliott

From Tachyon, we have The Very Best of Kate Elliott. can you believe I’ve never read her? yeah, me neither. This baby comes out in February, so looks like I’ve got exactly 2 months to fix my “have never read Kate Elliott” problem.


silk mapPyr was kind enough to send me The Silk Map, which is the follow up to Chris Willrich’s The Scroll of Years. The third book in this series, The Chart of Tomorrow, comes out in July of 2015.



we’re not done yet!

the books of the warsThe Books of The Wars by Mark Geston *totally* doesn’t look like my kind of book. But it came highly recommended, and I’ve read the first (of three) short novels that it contains, and quite enjoyed myself.  Stay tuned for a review in January, for a story that is horribly bleak but not grimdark, Dying Earth-esque but not exactly. intrigued?  thought so!  I think my review of this will trigger a lot of conversation.


I also needed to fix my “Never Read any Kate Wilhelm” problem, so I searched out The Infinity Box. Infinity Boxit’s a “Tor Double”, which means it doesn’t have a back cover.  It’s got TWO front covers! it’s two short novels printed back to back. You finish The Infinity Box on pg 76, and flip the entire thing over and read He Who Shapes by Roger Zelazy! I wish publishers would go back to doing these doubles.  You can show off two authors, and maybe introduce someone to an author they weren’t familiar with before.

he who shapes


Which of these look most interesting to you? Which would you pick up to read?

17 Responses to "New Goodies"

Always fun to see new books. I got the Kate Elliot book recently, and I’ve not read her either, so that will be a nice way to give her work a try.

I’m hoping to get The Galaxy Game on the Kindle for Christmas since it comes out the 18th. I really want to read that one over the Christmas break.


I thought Galaxy Game came out officially on Jan 6th?


I thought Jan 6th too. From what I can tell, the e-book comes out on Dec 18th, and Print comes out Jan 6th.


I knew Tregillis has a new book coming out, but I had no idea until I got a package from Orbit too that the ARCs for The Mechanical were out so early. I was going to request it at a later date, so imagine my happy surprise when I pulled it out of its envelop. Orbit does spoil us rotten, I’m so excited about this book!


of the handful of publishers that sends me unsolicited ARCs, Orbit seems to guess the best about what I will like.


I started the Kate Elliot collection the other day, only one story in so far. I haven’t read anything by her either! That collection is off to a good start, though, so high hopes.


As you get further into her collection, let me know how it is! I know I won’t have a chance to pick this one up for a while, but it’s certainly on my get to sooner rather than later list.


I’m about 25% in now; she’s hardcore genre, her writing is engaging and fluid. So far in terms of imagination I haven’t read anything new or interesting, to be honest. A good comparison is Gail Z. Martin, if you’ve read anything by her, except with more feminist undertones to her writing.


interesting. none of the recent Gail Z Martin titles have caught my interest, but ” hardcore genre, her writing is engaging and fluid” is some brownie points.


If the recent Gail Martin hasn’t caught your eye, then more than likely the stories in here are going to be just okay. All depends on how much you like her writing style.

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I didn’t know Tregillis had a new book coming out either! That is great!


I know! squeee! 😀

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Oo la la, nice scores. I can’t wait to read the Karen Lord, have it waiting on my phone to dig into. I’ve been avoiding buying new books as well, hoping to make some kind of dent on my to-read shelves (which have now spread onto the floor), but then whoops my hand slipped and I ordered some things I’d been seriously pining over. Yum yum yum. But books in the mail are really the best thing.


“whoops my hand slipped and I ordered some things ”



I haven’t read any Kate Elliot either, so that Best Of looks like the winner of the bunch to me.


Okay, I’ve reached an all time low (even for me) – I haven’t read any of these authors (do I get a wooden spoon for last place!!!)
I do love to see new goodies though!!!!! It just never gets boring.
Lynn 😀


naw, don’t feel bad. These are some rather obscure titles. Although I will say – get yourself some Karen Lord! She is awesome!!!


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