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November Reading Plans

Posted on: November 1, 2014

My bookshelves are overfull and sagging.  I’ve resorted to stacking books on top of the bookshelves, and against the wall in the bedroom. Here’s one such group of stacks:

10-29 stack o books

If you look closely, you can see there are stacks behind this stack.  I’ve read maybe half of these books.  My reward for getting through my reading plans* for November will be that I can start making progress on the unread books in this stack (highest priority is the Bear and the Watts).


As it’s SciFi November, I’ll be focusing on science fiction reviews and interviews this month, although we all know I’ll sneak in some fantasy, and probably some other random stuff too.  My November reading plans look like this:

Regeneration by Julie Czerneda and Hawk by Steven Brust


Regeneration by Julie Czerneda and Hawk by Steven Brust (I’m reviewing Hawk for SFSignal)

Nov reads 2

Unseaming by Mike Allen (did you see his guest post?),  Heretics of Dune (dust jacket was lost a long time ago) and Burning Paradise by Robert Charles Wilson

the genome (2)

And on the kindle I’ve got an eArc of The Genome, the newest novel from Sergei Lukyanenko.


*for those of you who don’t know me, “reading plans” usually go out the window as soon as I see something shiny. That Sergei Lukyanenko eARC is a perfect example of Shiny.


what are your  plans for this month? do they get upended by something shiny as easily as mine do?


14 Responses to "November Reading Plans"

My reading plans are to finish “Seeds of Earth” by Michael Cobley, continue reading the very promising “First Contact” by Michael R. Hicks, and start “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish” by Douglas Adams. If I get through that quickly, I’ll get to “3001” by Arthur C. Clarke. Very sci-fi month.


I guess I should start planning. I just kind of go wherever the muse takes me.


I’m a planner too, I kind of have to be with a full time job and family. But I am getting better at loosening up and veering away from review books. Especially this month during SciFi November! I’m excited to read a couple of sci fi TBR books that AREN’T for review. Hope you have a fantastic month!


Ah, November…planning… following through… ha ha ha ha!

I DO have a plan. I have two library books to finish (mysteries), then my plan is to spend the rest of the month reading short stories. I have stacks of short story collections here, some partially read, many more not, that I’d like to plow into and hopefully finish (well, some at least). It’s a mixed genre bag, general fic, SF, fantasy, mystery, pulp. If I can finish up even four or five of them it will be good. One is pulp tales set in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Another is a fat collection of Christmas mystery stories I want to finish and review early next month, another an anthology of early fantasy by Andre Norton, and there is a collection of Poul Anderson SF stories, and one of David Weber stories, and some Sherlock Holmes pastiche stories. I have a set of stories telling a coming of age tale of a boy in Fifties Cuba, and there are some stories featuring The Saint, and it just goes on and on. Gee, I’d better stop typing and start reading!

November is short story month for me!


I put together some plans for November last week, and I’m pretty stacked on sci-fi because I’m doing Sci-Fi Month as well. Currently reading the Watts book now, actually!


NaNoWriMoing this month, so I would be quite busy during night (hoping my son doesn’t decide to give me additional entertainment eheh). But on my virtual shelf I have the ARC of Dangerous Game (short story collection), Delany’s Nova (long overdue), and Norman Davies’ Vanished Kingdoms, which is a non-fiction history book, but it is as fascinating as one. Keep us posted with your month, and good luck!


[…] seems like a good month to have some kind of organized Reading Plan. Over on her fine blog The Little Red Reviewer, Andrea had a post about November reading plans, and I thought it was a grand […]


I have more of a plan this month than usual because of SF November. BUT, yeah, the shiny things. I always get distracted by the shiny things. It makes it really hard for me to participate in book clubs. But as of now I’m *theoretically* planning to read Zoo City by Lauren Beukes, Hotwire by Simon Ings, and to reread Mythmakers and Lawbreakers by Margaret Killjoy. We’ll see how that goes…


I’ve already fallen off my plans.

but it’s non-fiction, so that doesn’t count, RIGHT????


Looking at War Dogs, Greg Bear’s newest (reading right now actually), followed by Ancillary Sword, then Liu Cixin’s Three Body Problem if my hold is ready. If not, I should probably wrap up a book of Komatsu Sakyo short stories that I’ve been chipping away at for months, or maybe start Time Roads (or something) from Beth Bernobich. I will probably fail at minimum half of these.


How’s War Dogs? I got a copy, but haven’t prioritized it. I am *very* interested in your thoughts on Three Body Problem!


I get distracted by shiny all the time. Or I end up in a bookstore post happy hour and end up buying books that had been on my radar but didn’t own yet (oops!). My bookshelves are packed Tetris-style and have piles on top as well. 🙂


Some wonderful looking reads for November – glad you’re joining us for another year 🙂


I’ve gotten through a few of them, but my reading plans have mostly been derailed. SciFi November is so much fun, I’m so thankful to you for getting this started last year!


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