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Got caught up a little bit, then new Goodies Arrived.

Posted on: August 25, 2014

and when I say “goodies”, I mean books.   It’s been one of those weeks where I just want to curl up in a ball with a book (or six) and hibernate.  So i did.


A business trip last week with lots of down time (not to mention 2 hours stuck on an airplane each way) meant I had plenty of time to read. Finished Tobias Buckell’s Hurricane Fever, and got half way through Nexus by Ramez Naam.  Was craving laziness, comfort reads, and aliens when I got home, so zipped through Issola by Steven Brust and got a good start on Migration by Julie Czerneda.

2014-08-25 20.43.24

2014-08-25 20.43.44

then I checked the mail, to find these beauties:

2014-08-25 19.36.57

Echopraxia I won from a giveaway over at Bibliotropic, and I’d requested Gleam from Jo Fletcher Books. The Watts I’ve been drooling over since I first heard about it (Blindsight will, as one blogger put it, will “blow your mindhole”), so yeah, I’m just a little excited about Echopraxia. And this Gleam book just looks hella fun.

Scale-Bright - Benjanun Sriduangkaew

Then I checked my e-mail and the twitters.  Accepted a review copy of Bastion Science Fiction Magazine #6, and was in the right place at the right time to get a review copy of Benjanun Sriduangkaew’s Scale-Bright.  And Scale-Bright? it’s gorgeous.  Do you like edgy, gorgeous prose, mythology that shimmers and glints like the surface of a summer stream, and frustrated deities? If yes, you’re gonna want Scale-Bright.

bastion-SciFi August

What does all this mean for you?  That hopefully I’ll be kicking out some smart reviews soon!  oh, and did I mention I’m frying my brain over my review of Robert Jackson Bennett’s City of Stairs?  Sometimes when I’m reading a galley, I’ll dog-ear a page that’s got something I want to remember. Here’s what the book looked like after 1st reading. 2nd time through I wrote down a list of page #s I wanted to remember. That list was very long, and didn’t include any of the already dog-eared pages.

2014-08-25 21.03.18

Here’s to hoping my brain is in high gear review writin’ mode pretty soon!


12 Responses to "Got caught up a little bit, then new Goodies Arrived."

Looking forward to your reviews on Nexus (which I’ve finished) and Hurricane Fever (which I’m in the middle of).


I can’t wait to read your review of City of Stairs. I just requested it from Blogging for Books. And wow Scale Bright has me very curious! I can always rely on you to introduce me to books I’ve never heard of (which is very hard to do!)


Your dog eared pages made me cry, just a little bit. But I shall be absolutely shocked if you don’t love City of Stairs. I read it in like three sittings, which is not something I get a chance to do much anymore.

Gleam looks like it would be just up my alley.


I’ll be curious to hear what you thought of Nexus (I read/reviewed it a while ago)!


My own new rivals post is currently up, Red. Mysteries. Big news for me is the new Louise Penny Inspector Gramache novel comes out today.


I’m also curious to see your review of Nexus! I’m going to be writing mine relatively soon, as I just finished it not long ago. I’ll be interested to see what you think of Echopraxia, too, and how it compares with Blindsight.


Lovely, lovely books! Just picked up the Bennett – so excited!!!
Lynn 😀


For some reason, everyone I work with is now reading/rereading Brust. We all must be overworked and overstressed.


and what does it say about us that when we want a comfort read we go for something starring a sarcastic and sometimes depressed assassin?


Haha the sarcastic and depressed parts most certainly fit. Assassin? I don’t think I want to know.


Never read Vlad Taltos? the horror! start here:

and then do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to a bookstore.


Oh yes, I am definitely in line to catch that bug next. Someone mysteriously ordered all of existing Brust omnibi for the bookstore shelves…


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