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River Songing someone

Posted on: August 6, 2014

Yes, I just turned “River Song” into a verb.  and you can to!  In fact, you probably already have.


Has this ever happened to you?  You’re innocently surfing the interwebs, skimming through your twitter or tumblr feed, when you hit on an article, or story published online, or podcast. You read, comment, download, and then realize the article/story/podcast/cartoon was from two years ago.   But time has gone all wibbly-wobby, this is happening *right now* for you, so who cares that the information is at least a year old? So you e-mail or FB or tweet the person, letting them know how much you enjoyed the post/podcast/etc. You gracefully (or not) imply how much you are looking forward to their future work. You hope you don’t sound too stalker-ish.


If it was a face to face conversation, they might be looking at you a little funny.  The enjoyment of whatever it was, it’s your present, or your very recent past (like, yesterday).  But for them, it’s been months or even years since they even thought about how much that podcast was a pain to edit, or what their inspiration was for that blog post. It takes them a second to remember the specific whatever that you’re talking about, and then a smile comes across their face.


Your present is their past. in fact, your future is also their past, because you’ve got an entire season of podcasts to catch up on.


You’ve just River Songed them.
And because the person is very polite, they will patiently wait for you to catch up. To do anything else would  make it painfully obvious to you how far apart your time lines are. it would be impolite. it would give spoilers.
And spoilers wouldn’t be fun for anyone, would they?

river song spoilers

5 Responses to "River Songing someone"

I was thinking Firefly’s River, since I am waaaaaay behind in Dr. Who seasons. But yeah, I totally try to mark my spoilers, even for Tolkien, because there is a whole generation out there that came to his works via the movies and not the books, so to tell them how The Hobbit ends would just be rude.


aww crap. I just spoiled a bunch of Doctor Who stuff for you, didn’t I?


I was on Season 1. Perhaps in time, I will recall your wise words and then the spoilery will be complete. 😉


Oh, its a Dr Who thing? No wonder I didn’t get it.


This is awesome! And yes, I’ve done this more than once. Except I don’t usually go as far to contact them, though I might leave a comment afterwards. I’ve had this happen to me a couple of times for some old fanfic I’d written as well.


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