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Interviews are cool.

Posted on: August 1, 2014

You read their book, and you thought it was really cool.  Why not learn more about the author?  Here’s some recent interviews online of authors whose work has received rave reviews.  Check ’em out!

apex book of world SF 3

SFSignal has an ongoing series of interviews of the authors found in the Apex Book of World SF. So far they’ve interviewed Karin Tidbeck and Athena Andreadis, Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Benjanun Sriduangkaew, Myra Cakan and Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas, and Fadzlishah Johanabas and Ika Koeck. You can check this link for updates!

Also over at SFSignal, Neil Clarke (editor and creator of Clarkesworld Magazine) gets interviewed about his new anthology Upgraded.

fiefdom dan abnettMy Bookish Ways interviews Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent about Fiefdom

Amazing Stories interviews Hal Duncan

Adventures of a Bookonaut interviews Michelle E. Goldsmith

Ebon Shores interviews Cheryl Morgan

Liberty Voice interviews Michael West

Dab of Darkness interviews David Lee Summers

Words and Pictures interviews Liz De Jager

The  Black Library interviews David Annandale

Randomly Yours, Alex, interviews Kathleen Jennings

Bloody Cake News interviews Sebastien De Castell


8 Responses to "Interviews are cool."

Thanks for the digest! A lot of these are new authors for me, so it’s nice to get a pointer to try out some new books…


Thanks for the link! The funny thing is, I visited your site for the first time the other day to read (and enjoy) your reviews of the Hugo stuff, and then today I see your site in my pingbacks! Synchronicity, I guess.

There will be a lot more interviews while the Snapshot is going on, I think we will crack 200, and they will all be collated at the end.

Enjoy 🙂


Yay for hopping the blog links! 😀 I didn’t get anywhere near as much Hugo stuff read/reviewed as I’d hoped.

Snapshot is absolutely brilliant, by the way.


It still has a week to go! 🙂

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Thanks for the mention! And for collating all the interviews. I really enjoy seeing what other authors say about writing.

Have you read the Book of World SF 3 yet? I got my copy the other day and am really looking forward to it.


but of course! I stumbled onto Snapshot a bit randomly, I looking forward to the whole collection. what a great project!

I did finish World SF3! It was so go, I did 2 blog posts on it. part 1, and part 2


Sorry, I should have searched before asking but was on my phone which likes to make these things cumbersome. I will bookmark those reviews to read after I read the book!

I’m finishing off ‘The Weird’ at the moment, then World SF 3 is next in the pile. Has taken me ages to read ‘The Weird’ because the book requires a couple of pillows to hold it up and is not very portable. I’d say it is worth it though.

I ordered the hard copy of World SF with shipping to Australia to go with the other volumes. I feel that expresses my love dedication to the project as few other things could. International shipping always stings!


my phone does the same. 😦

When The Weird came out, I got it from the library in hardback. It weighed a ton, and was so thick it wouldn’t fit through their return slot. I bought it in clothbound, and it still weighs about a hundred pounds.

yikes! shipping to Australia has got to be a fortune, and you got that right, paying for that kind of shipping is dedication! I’ve shipped from US to all over Europe, and it’s been $20-$30 per small box. Ouch.


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