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on tumblr?

Posted on: July 23, 2014

so, apparently I’m on Tumblr now.  Here’s my link:

Surprising no one, the name of my tumblr thing is I Said A Bad Word.  there are bad words there.  The text posts are mostly me being a snarky (and maybe tipsy) asshole, and photos of my handwritten notes I take preparing for book reviews so you can enjoy some of my “process”*.  I liked a cosplay tumblr and kept reblogging all the pretty pictures, so that stuff is there too.

Are you on tumblr? leave your link in the comments, or send it to me privately if you prefer, and we can be tumfriends.


I’ll probably eventually figure out how to make a side bar “follow me on tmblr” thingy, but for now, this will have to do.


so, uh, anyone know what the hell I’m supposed to do with this tumblr thing? besides have another outlet for my snark?


*most of that process seems to be trying to read my own handwriting.


8 Responses to "on tumblr?"

My tumblr link is

I still haven’t figured out what to do with it, exactly. I had to (embarrassed sigh) corner one of my college-age nephews to figure out what it was exactly and how it was used. I think what I really need to do if I’m interested is integrate it into the stuff I do (yes, I’m incredibly methodical!).


I set it up, and tied the blog to it. And have done almost nothing since. I just don’t ‘get’ tumbler.


I dont get Tumblr, I have tied my blog to Tumblr as @steven has, and don’t do a vast amount with it. that being said I have 2 “blogs” 1 for me spouting nonsense and one for book reviews .lets be Tumfriends


Tumbler is – or used to be – just another ISP. One that was frequently unreliable, but maybe they fixed it.


Tumfriends… What a silly term… ヽ(ー_ー )ノ

Can I be your tumfriend?


I use mine to post gifs I make for my reviews. It's definitely a visual blog and not one I'd normally use for long-form writing.


My link is here:

I usually post links to my blog stuff, plus I do a lot of general reblogging of stuff I like or that amuses me. I should probably vary up my own posts a bit more. I look forward to your review notes, heh! Some of mine can be interesting*…

*A bit weird.


i have figured out how to reblog! so proud of myself!


Well I’m just crap – I have no idea about tumblr at all – I think I must have set something up because I seem to receive notifications?? But, yeah, I’m just abysmal!
Lynn 😀


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