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Posted on: July 3, 2014

Due to unforeseen circumstances involving dayjobbery, I will be taking a short hiatus from posting book reviews.  Do I have a ton of books (and Hugo stuff) I’ve read and desperately want to write up reviews for? holy cow YES.  do I have the mental energy to do so? nope. all my mental energy is going elsewhere right now, and it’s made me unable to write intelligent content that meets my standards.


the Hubby and I are attending Anime Midwest in Chicago this weekend, so you can expect some goofy tweets over the weekend and fun photos posted next week, but other than that… well, we’ll just have to take it day by day and see what happens.


dude, it’s July 4th weekend!  if you’re in the US, go see some awesome fireworks!  but don’t set off any in your backyard, I don’t want anyone to accidentally set a fire or get hurt.





12 Responses to "Hiatus"

Looking forward to your return. Along with the books, some of your links to other genre sites have been invaluable.


Enjoy the time off and I look forward to your return!


Sorry to here it, Andrea! Don’t leave it too long to come back though! 😀


Hope day job stuff gets worked out and quick. We’ve got more Inversions stuff to discuss. Have fun this weekend, I’m jealous.


As the man said. Inversions. Snap, snap 😉

That said, yeah, real life can be a real pain sometimes, eh? This blogging lark is meant to be enjoyable, so if it becomes another pressure then a step back can be well worth it. Hope everything evens out to your satisfaction sometime soon.


I prescribe an excellent weekend and some total easy reading (the sort you’re NOT going to review!!! LOL)
Lynn 😀


Hope to see you back soon, but enjoy the break!


Have fun at the anime con!!!


You take it easy and enjoy you 4th and trip to Chi-town.Don’t over do it at work or you head may explode.


Hope to see you back sooner rather than later. dayjobbery madness sucks. I’m suffering through some of that my dept was cut in half! …madness. Hope you had a lovely 4th!


Good luck with your dayjobbery. I go on periodic hiatuses as well when I just don’t have the time to do everything I want to. Hopefully things calm down for you soon. 🙂


I’m on a hiatus too, but it’s health reasons. Hopefully back in a few weeks.


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