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I’ve been busy elsewhere.

Posted on: May 15, 2014

I’ve been all over the place this week. Internet = awesomesauce. warning: clickbait has been shown to make some people’s TBR’s explode.

Head over to the Apex Publications blog for a nice little column I wrote about International Speculative Fiction that’s been translated into English (you know, Murakami, Lem, Tidbeck, etc). Whole bunch of links at the bottom to free translated short stories.

I was involved in a super fun Mind Meld over at SFSignal on our dream anthologies. This one was really fun to think about and play around with! Man, James comes up with the best damn MM ideas.Β  Some fabulous other bloggers on the panel as well, including My Bookish Ways, Dab of Darkness, Not Yet Read, and The Galaxy Express.

oh, and I was on TV.

Today Public Access tv, tomorrow the WORLD!

I was invited onto a local television show, Monday Night Live, to talk about historical fiction. Certainly not my area of expertise….. but I think I held my own pretty decently.Β  I totes name dropped Stephanie Saulter and Will McIntosh, whose last names I’m sure I mispronounced.Β  I may have also nearly given Keith, the show’s host, a near heart attack with all my talk of genetically modified people and psychic aliens.Β  Which of course have tons to do with historical fiction. πŸ˜‰

Show is about an hour, click here to view.

Monday Night Live 5-12-14



17 Responses to "I’ve been busy elsewhere."

Nothing like being on TV. I was on TV once, as a guy walking past a news interview. And I was probably on TV at a hockey game, as I was sitting behind the players’ bench.


hey, that counts as being on TV! and you were actually on a network, so that counts double.


The news interview I think was for a local access station, though. But the hockey game one would’ve been national TV.


Very cool. Does being on a kids’ T.V. show as a kid and not being called on count as being on television? Probably not πŸ™‚

Okay, off to the Apex blog!


Hoot! “make it. Make it have something to do with tonight.” LOL

Good job; love your patience and stamina!


hey, they asked! I coulda talked about science fiction ALL NIGHT.


I don’t have sound at work, but will look at it tonight. I’m so happy of proud for you. Love ya.


hmmm… i shouldn’t probably watch it myself one of these days. But you know that saying, how horrible it is to hear your own voice!


This is awesome, congratulations! Cool enough even for me to take a break from the highly time consuming task of being a terrible uncommunicative friend!


oh, I get it. I just needed to get on TV for your and Mark to come out of the woodwork and say hello? πŸ˜€


You are awesome. But you already knew that πŸ˜€


and by “awesome”, you mean lunatic who crazily says “ok, sure!” to everything. πŸ˜‰


Eeee! So awesome! I hope you have a great time with all of those things! (Sounds like you did, but even so. ^_^)


it was super fun. the weirdest thing is that right afterwards, I can barely remember what exactly I’ve said.


Andrea. You rock!!! Totally cool. You’ve been on this show before as well. I think that being a bff (lol) of someone who has been on tv also constitutes, practically, being on tv and almost famous yourself (especially if you’re absolutely camera shy). Or maybe not!! Okay – did anybody understand what I just wrote….
Lynn πŸ˜€


yes, I’ve been on this show maybe three or four times in the last few years. gets easier (and more fun!) every time.


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