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Apex Magazine launches Operation Fourth Story!

Posted on: April 3, 2014

fry APEXApex Magazine is know for feeding your need for weird, speculative, surprising, sometimes shocking, and always satisfying short fiction.

And now they want to feed that need even more.

Lesley Conner explains it best on the Apex Magazine website:

So far 2014 has been a good year for Apex Magazine. We have a new editorial team, led by Editor-in-chief Sigrid Ellis, submissions and web readership are at record levels, and yearly subscribers are on a steady rise.

With this in mind, we’ve decided we want to take the magazine to a new level. We want to make it bigger and better than it already is. We want to give you more.

Launch Operation Fourth Story!

Over the next two weeks (April 3rd to April 17th) we’re going to be showcasing Apex Magazine – and short fiction in general – here on the Apex blog and across the web. Every day we’ll have guest posts from authors, editors, and bloggers about the importance of short fiction. Several bloggers will be reviewing issues of Apex Magazine, and there will be guest posts and interviews with the Apex Magazine crew popping up everywhere.

Our goal is to get 250 new subscribers. If we meet this goal, then we’ll have the revenue to add a fourth piece of original short fiction to every issue. That means more stories from the authors we love, more new talent being found amid the slush piles. It means Apex Magazine will bigger and better than ever.

Click here to visit the Apex Blog and read the rest of the press release. There are links to subscription options,everything you need.



I’ll be posting about Apex Magazine, I’ll be linking to others who are posting about Apex Magazine, it’s gonna be an Apex themed party. (and Apex throws a hell of a party, trust me, I’ve been to one!)

so, discussion time in the comments:  what’s your favorite thing about short fiction? What are some of your favorite short stories?


5 Responses to "Apex Magazine launches Operation Fourth Story!"

Funny, I was talking a bit about short fiction last night when recording the podcast. I think its a heart of the genre, for fans who are well acquainted with the genre (I wouldn’t give an anthology, or Apex, to new readers of SF).

But for readers of genre? Stories can be the “200 proof shot” they are looking for.


Apex certainly does know how to throw a party!

I can’t wait to read all the reviews of recent issues of Apex Magazine and see the posts from the Apex crew pop up everywhere (That reminds me, I own someone a guest post).

Operation Fourth Story is going to be a blast!


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